25 Places to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs
25 Places to Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

 Find Virtual Assistant Jobs

Do you want to invest your communication and organization skills from your home? You can now do that by knowing  where to find virtual assistant jobs.  Virtual assistant jobs are a successful career and are in demand as it gives businesses to balance their personal lives and work. In this post we will cover 25 places to find virtual assistant jobs. 


Who is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is an individual offering services in multiple areas, such as  admin support, bookkeeping, design, email support, and more. There are hundreds of sites,  This is the fast-growing industry creating endless opportunities for people who wish to work from home.


How much can a Virtual Assistant make per month 

There is no set figure as to how much Virtual assistants can make. There are Virtual Assistants that are making $1000, $5000 and up to $10,000 per month. Virtual assistants can make up to 10k per month if they have the right strategies in place. 

 Your hunt to search for virtual assistant jobs, ends here in this list offering 25 places to find Virtual assistant jobs.



SitesStaff is a company offering the services of Virtual Chat Agent. This chat site hires virtual assistants having an internet connection and a computer. They also look for chat agents typing sixty words/minute. The payment is $10/hour.


Another place to find virtual assistant jobs is Outplex, this is a widely recognized call center and customer care service provider. If you have the ability and skills to function effectively as the call center or customer service representative, you can stop hunting ” “

Fancy hands

Fancy hands have a variety of tasks that it hires virtual assistants. The tasks include data entry, making phone calls, finding hotels, scheduling appointments, and so on. The requirement is fast internet connection and capability of using software and common websites.


Appen provides artificial intelligence products and machine learning development. The virtual assistant jobs include data types such as natural language data, speech, video data, image, alphanumeric data, and text.


Belay is a company providing virtual solutions to its clients. They hire virtual administrative assistants, copywriters, webmasters, and bookkeepers. It hires a remote team completely. 


FlexProfessionals is a recruiting firm with privately-held staffing. Its specialty is flexible work arrangements. FlexProfessionals offer part-time and project-based work. It helps businesses in finding qualified talents. On applying, 


This is one of the sources that have freelance virtual assistants’ jobs. This company looks for at least 5 years of experience in hiring applicants. It is not a rule, but a preference.



Byron caters to jobs for virtual assistants in bookkeeping, data entry, customer support, and so on. The applicant should be at least 18 years and should have experience of at least three years. There is an assessment test and interview to get hired. 

Virtual office VA

Another good place to find virtual assistant jobs is with Virtual office VA. It handles the real estate leads, the calls of the buyer and seller, appointment setting, bookkeeping, property management, guerilla marketing, and so on.



Boldly supports a range of businesses. It is a remote virtual business to 100% offering virtual support to successful businesses throughout Europe and North America. It offers virtual assistance in bookkeeping, project management, marketing, executive assistance, and more.

Okay relax

OkayRelax is a virtual assistant organization where you can find Virtual Assistant Jobs.  It helps in completing daily work effortlessly. It is a new task-based company in Florida assisting clients in managing business and personal tasks. They keep on hiring new team virtual assistants. 

Assistant Match

Are you bored going through job boards and are unable to know where to find virtual assistant jobs? Here is one that matches you to your skills. Assistant Match is the right choice for beginners as they are given training and are valuable.


Upwork is a freelance job website dedicated to various jobs and recently the virtual assistant jobs have more openings. You may sign up and create an account to browse and understand There is a huge number of jobs, give them a try!



Fiverr for virtual assistant jobs is a prominent platform where buyers and sellers meet. This is the largest freelancing marketplace online that has hundreds of thousands of Virtual assistants. This platform is for free to get started. You can set your price and multiple skilled people can go on with add-ons. See how Fiverr works and how you can make 5000 per month. 


Vasumo is a VA US-based agency. They offer quality assistants as they give training in various skills and certify the assistants. Apply for virtual assistants’ jobs such as cold calling, data entry, taking live meeting notes, and setting appointments.


Red Butler

Redbutler is a provider of VA service. A US-based company hiring dedicated virtual assistants as part-time workers, freelancers, independent contractors, and more. The jobs include online research, making travel arrangements, scheduling appointments, sales calls, document processing, etc.


Trusty Oak

Trusty Oak offers a plethora of virtual services. This US-based company can fulfill anyone wishing to outsource their workloads. You will find virtual assistant jobs  here if you have a dependable phone, high-speed internet access, a computer with Microsoft Office to work. 


Remote.Co offers various remote opportunities that will fulfill the VAs qualification. There are full-time jobs for US citizens as virtual assistant jobs. Here the VA jobs include various admin tasks.



  Aquent is a recruiting agency providing permanent and contract jobs in expertise areas such as marketing, online marketing, graphic design, interactive design, and information technology.

Flex jobs

FlexJobs is not a free site but is offering remote jobs. It is legitimate and they offer opportunities for high-quality. You need to sign up and browse the listing. Check for a good fit. It is a curated site and it is worthy of paying a fee.


A reputable Jobsite is Peopleperhour. The joining process is simple for the Vas and freelancers. Create your profile, set an hourly rate for the VA services you can provide and they will contact you. 


This is one of the biggest job portals and keeps on looking for virtual assistants. Freelancer is easy to get started with, they have a free and paid membership. You can browse, and apply on this portal for VA jobs.


Workana connects freelancers to clients on this platform. The clients here are SMEs and Startups. There may be big companies and personal projects looking to hire virtual assistants.


  1. Truelancer

An online platform is Truelancer.com hiring professionals. They can create an account, and post a project on this site. You may use social accounts also such as Google, Facebook, and LinkedIn to sign this email account. Fill the profile and showcase your skills.


GoLance is Delaware-based. It connects freelancers and employers from anywhere around the globe. They are flexible, efficient, and offer a virtual workplace that is transparent. 


Final Thoughts

This was 25 places to find  Virtual Assistant Jobs. Virtual assistants can make up to 10k per month if they have the right strategies in place. This is a very profitable business and a lot of companies are hiring VAs daily.   Good luck on this virtual journey!

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