50 Virtual Assistant Services to make $3,000 per Month
50 Virtual Assistant Services to make $3,000 per Month

 Ever wondered what are some of the services you can offer as a Virtual assistant?  There are so many services that  Virtual assistants can offer, I’ll be listing only 50 in this post.   Here are 50 Virtual Assistant Online jobs to make $3000 per month.

Virtual Assistant Online Job Services:  

1. Social Media Manager:

A social media manager offers services to their clients, such as posting on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. They’re responsible for keeping their client’s followers engaged. You can see how social media managers on sites like Fiverr are making a high income of $5000 per month, How to make $5000 per month with these 3 Fiverr Gigs

2. Email Marketing:

This job entails setting up MailChimp, Converkit, ConstantContact, or any other email marketing tool and sending out emails to prospects or subscribers. 

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3. Website Content

Some of the tasks include writing compelling copies for the service page, the product, and the overall website details.

4. Whiteboard and Animators Explainer Videos:

Some businesses do well by displaying their offers through whiteboard animated videos. A Virtual Assistant’s job is to use creative animations with the right sales tone to make these infomercials appealing to viewers.

5. E-Commerce Marketing:

The tasks would include setting up e-commerce stores, like Shopify, BigCommerce, Amazon, eBay, etc., adding products and optimizing the store.

6. Legal Writing

 This involves writing legal terms, conditions, privacy policies, disclaimers, contracts, etc. for a business or a website.

7. Creating Chat Bots

Chatbots are critical because they act as an immediate assistant for people visiting a website at any time. So, for example, creating a Manychat bot for your Shopify store would help customers with general FAQs.

8. Voice Over

Voice Actors provide commercials greeting, voicemail greeting, and IVR configurations to help callers get to the right department. Ultimately, if you have a great voice, you can offer voice acting services as a virtual assistant.

9. Logo Design

Companies will hire creative designers to make logos for their brands. There are a lot of websites where this is service is in high demand and virtual assistants make a lot of money doing logos. 

10. Domain Research

Choosing the right domain for a business is very crucial, and clients will hire Virtual Assistants to research High Authority or expired domains they can purchase.

11. Converting Files

Clients will pay Virtual Assistants to change a file to another format, for example, PSD to HTML or changing an image file to a URL link.

12. Spokesperson Videos

The Spokesperson Video is different from the animated explainer video. It will involve a real person making a video to talk about a product or service, more like an introduction, what the product is and who should get it. These Spokespersons use their studio and tools to make the commercial real. This is one of the most in-demand services that companies hire virtual assistants to do online.

13. Market Research

Companies will pay Virtual Assistants to conduct surveys or feasibility studies so they can know if their business would be worthwhile. It can also include analysis, reports on competitors, and product research.

14. Translation Services

There are a lot of companies that will hire freelancers to translate for their clients. Translation Services may include phone conversations, translating a book, content  or an audio fil

15. Creating T-Shirts

Creating t-shirts is also another service you can offer as a VA. You can look at sites like Printful and Tee- Spring, these website allows you to create T-shirts that you can sell or make for clients or customers.

16. Transcription Services

If you can type fast and accurately, then being a transcriptionist would be one of the services you can offer as a Virtual Assistant. A transcriptionist takes an audio file and turns it into text. There are different categories of transcription jobs, Medical, General, and Legal transcription. Being a transcriber does require skills if you’re planning on making a full-time income. You can take the General Transcription Course that will help you leverage the skills you need.


17. Consulting Services

Providing companies with financial, legal, career, or business tips for hourly fees.

18. Presentations

Providing presentations for a company is another service you can offer as a Virtual Assistant. Keynote Speakers or businesses use presentations in their meetings to convey details.

19. Writing Articles and Blog Post for Websites

There are many authors, bloggers, and freelancing websites that look for creative writers to write their contents. A Virtual assistant would be responsible for creative writing, ghostwriting, and writing SEO friendly articles for clients. 

20. Graphic Designs

You can offers services, such as poster designs, brochures, invitations, flyers, and menu designs. You can use a free tool like Canva.com or Crello.com.

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21. Resume and Cover Letter Writing Services

If you’re good at writing appealing cover letters and setting up winning resumes, you can offer these services to a lot of people. See how you can make $5000 per month with this service

22. Packaging and Lable Designs

Some of the tasks include designing E-book covers, music album cover, or book covers.

23. Writing Business Plans

24. SEO services

A lot of businesses need SEO to strive online. Search Engine Optimization is very crucial to anyone offering a product or service. The task includes researching the best keywords to use on pages, setting up Google Console, doing on-site and off-site SEO.

25. Proofreading and Editing

Clients will hire Virtual Assistants to make sure their contents are error-free, that includes their books, transcripts, articles, newsletters, blog, website, etc. Proofreading does require skills in order to be successful and make a full-time income online. You can get started by taking the Proofreading anywhere online courses where you can leverage the skills you need.

26. Lead Generation Sevices

Many Businesses hire Virtual Assistants to find Business leads (B2B) or Customer leads (B2C), so they can connect with them through email or cold calling.

27. Cold Calling or Telemarketing Services

Cold calling is the process where a sales rep calls a business or person who has never made contact with them about a product or service. The sales rep or Virtual Assistant uses a script to pitch a product or service to the business or person and tries to sell them the offer. Cold calling is also one way of collecting emails to follow up further or do email marketing on customers. You can see some of the top-rated Telemarkers on Fiverr

28. Event Planning

Planning events for companies to have conferences with different organizations or prepare event ideas is also another Virtual Assistant service.

29. Website Design CMS Via WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace Joomla, etc.

About 60% of websites are built using WordPress, 1.9% are on Wix, and about 5% on Joomla. If you have experience creating stunning websites, a lot of businesses hire Virtual Assistants to do this.

30. Data Entry

Data entry jobs vary, a company can hire a Virtual Assistant to scrape details from one website to another or to do Microsoft excel work.

31. Editing Youtube Videos and Creating Banners

32. Podcast Editing and Promotion

33. Writing Press Release

34. Business Citations

Tasks are posting to business directories like yelp.com, clickblue.us, nextport.com, find-us-here.com, yellow pages, etc.

35. Research, Essays, and Summarise

These virtual assistant online jobs are in demand. Virtual assistants are hired to help students or companies with their research. 

36. Product design, editing and removing Backgrounds for an image

37. Create Online Lesson, Quizzes or Courses

38. Speech Writing

A Virtual assistant would be responsible for writing a Proposal, Wedding vow, Anniversary, or Keynote speech for his or her client. 

39. Become a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

The task includes helping agents with listings on the MLS, creating agent’s bio, create brochures, and keeping them organized. Help real estate investors with finding discounted properties, cold calling, and texting.

40. Offer Creative writing services

Some Virtual Assistants help authors with Ghostwriting or create stories for companies. There are many websites you can join online that wants creative writers, such as Fiverr.com and Freelancer.com

41. Write Sales and Email Copies

This is another Virtual assistant online job that is in demand, companies will hire talented sales minded people to create sales copy that they will use for marketing their products. The sales copy is written to persuade a customer to purchase a product or to convince a client to partner with a company. 

42. Social Media Marketing

Social media manager Vs. Social Media Marketing. While Social media Management focuses on the use of the accounts and making sure content is added continuously, social media marketing focus on running ads to generate leads.

43. Pinterest Marketing Manager

The Pinterest VA will be responsible for account growth and making sure that pins are continuous. They are also expected to create the Pins using designing software like canva or pickmoney. They will also be responsible for joining the right group boards, using tailwind, and joining tribes.

44. Mobile App Development

45. Bookkeeping Services

46. Calendar Management

Thes virtual assistant online jobs include handling a client weekly and monthly schedule.  

47. Skip Tracing Services

Skip tracing is the process of finding phone numbers, emails, names, or addresses for a person or property. This term is used in Real Estate and can be a standalone service.

48. Customer Service or Answering services

Taking Inbound call for offices and providing general details to callers.

49. Customer service Chat

These virtual assistant online jobs are done to assist customers with questions about a product or service. A lot of E-commerce businesses hire Virtual assistants to chat with their customers about their products.  

50. Medical Billing Assistant

Private MD specialist hires Virtual Assistants to help with claims, CPT codes, and call insurance providers on behalf of them.


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Final words:

This was a list of Virtual Assistant Online jobs to make $3000 per month.I hope you enjoyed this post. I will be publishing more content to help you start your work at home business, subscribe to get these updates on legitimate work at home jobs. 




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50 virtual assistant online jobs
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