52-week money challenge to save $6000 in 2021 

52-week money challenge to save $6000 in 2021 

Most people dream of making money, or at least, saving just enough to be proud to have a bigger bank balance. However, lack of planning or spendthrift habits makes them end up blowing their income so much, as to be unable to enjoy good savings. Here is the 52-week money challenge, to be able to save $6000 in 2021. 


How to do the 52-week money Challenge to save $6000 in 2021


Take part in research studies

You can consider taking part in research studies, which can help you to make money easily. You can sign up for User Interviews, and make anywhere between 200 and 400 dollars per study. You may register for Respondent.io, and be able to earn 50 to 400 dollars per study. 


Take Surveys and earn cash daily 


You can get cashback on your amazon purchases or you can choose to redeem PayPal cash. Sign up today and get $5. This is one of the best ways to make money easily while doing the 52-week money challenge to save $6000 this year.


Earn up to $500 per month with Prizerebel. This survey site is great for persons who are looking for a plan to save money. 


Earn extra cash with Surveyclub. You can make anywhere from 0.50 to $5 per survey. This can help you do the 52-week money challenge to save 6000 dollars 


Great way to earn cashback on online purchases. And definitely save money as you go along 


This paid survey site allows you to cash out at a minimum of $1. You can take surveys and request a payout via PayPal. 


Get paid $1.50 to $2 to complete a simple 2-minute survey on paid viewpoints. The minimum payout is $15 via PayPal. These surveys are easy to complete and you can set aside a few hours per week to gain some money for your 52-week money challenge. 


This is a widely used platform with a lot of offers. You can receive work from sites like Appen through this site. They will send you survey invites into your inbox and survey payments vary. 


You can cash out via PayPal once you reach 20 OPTin or $2. 



If you invest some hours per day on InsaGC, you can make up to $20 with 2,000 points. This also means that if you’re looking for additional ways to pump up your side hustle, you can use this to help with your 52-week money challenge. 


Earn by Testing Websites and Apps

Many companies require feedback on the experience of users while using their apps and websites, which are improved as per those opinions.

You can get paid for sharing your feedback. Per test, you need to invest about 15 to 20 minutes of your time but can make $10 in the process. Today, for each test, you can get paid up to $60. 

The more that you test apps and websites, then you can also develop an alternate career. You may open up your own review website or blog.

When it earns decent traffic every month, you can publish AdSense or similar ads from major networks to monetize your content. You may also try using some affiliate ads or even request visitors to contribute to your account using Patreon or a similar form of membership platform. 


Go for a Cash Back Credit Card

While many people advise against the use of credit cards, it is a fact that using them intelligently can actually be useful for you. It can be possible for you to earn good money, which can be used for savings.

You can use the Chase Freedom credit card on all purchases, given that the more you spend the higher the cashback that you can get. 

To avoid the payment of interest, it is a good idea to pay off your monthly statement every month. This is the sole way you can avoid interest payments on your credit card. Unless you are able to afford it, do not spend your hard-earned money.

You can get a bonus of $150 when you register for the Chase Freedom Credit card if you manage to spend 500 dollars in the initial 3 months after getting it. When you use it on all your purchases during this period, it can be easier to spend so much than you think. You can put the 150 dollars, that you get as cashback, in your savings account. 

Automate the savings process

While the 52-week money challenge for money saving can be inspiring and fun at the outset, you are likely to lose your excitement in a few weeks as you focus on other things in life. You might not wish to or even forget to, transfer some of your money to the savings account. 

It is a good idea to add a savings account at the place you work in, and directly get your funds deposited to your savings even before seeing the money. You may consider opening up a high-yield savings account and get around a 2% Annual Percentage Yield, which is among the highest that you can find. This is an easy and smart way to earn from the amount that you save. 

Reduce your Bills 

The more you lower your monthly bills, the more you can save money. Make a 52-week money challenge list of all those areas where you can cut down on costs, and it can be easier for you to save thousands of dollars as fast as possible. 

Home / Auto Insurance

You can save as much as 500 dollars every year when you increase your deductible to $500 from  $250. Opting for $1000 deductible could save you as much as 1000 dollars on an average every year. 

Internet/Pay TV

Are you paying over 100 dollars every month for satellite or cable TV? Going for YouTube TV, or similar internet-based streaming service can help save you as much as 1000 dollars annually. You may also shop for an entirely new service or choose a lower cost plan from your existing provider.  

Cell Phone Service

Whether you opt for a basic plan or unlimited data, when you choose to go with a smaller carrier such as Total Wireless, Mint Mobile, or Cricket Wireless, it can be easier for you to save on expenses. It could be that you have signed up with a major wireless carrier, and are using its unlimited services at the moment at $80. However, when you use any of its sub-brands, you will have to pay around half the amount. 

For instance, the unlimited plan of Verizon is $70 per month on a single line but opting for its sub-brand Visible will cost you $40 for the same duration. You can save 360 dollars every year. 

Housing Costs

In many states across the nation, you can shop freely for the best electricity and /or natural gas rates, given that there is deregulation in the energy markets. Regardless of your location, you can reduce the insulation expenses for your home in a great way. Choose a programmable thermostat. It can reduce your bills by as much as 25 – 30% in the summer and even the winter months when you get this low-cost equipment. 

Watch your daily expenses

The more you save, the more you have money in your pockets. There is a limit to how much you can earn, especially in today’s times. But you can save in all seasons, and you should do that because every dollar saved is a dollar earned. When you are mindful of the small expenses, you can find that your annual savings can be large enough. 

It is time that you check your bank statement to look for all the recurring charges. It could be that you are still paying for a streaming service that you never use today or are making payments for a subscription to a magazine that you never really read. You will be able to save money when you give those up. 


Download the Printable

This is a 52-week money challenge printable that you can use in order to have a guide on how to save enough money every week in the course of your 52-week duration and be able to have $6000 in your savings account at the end of the duration. You can put in the deposit that you will be able to make every week comfortably, as per your own situation. 

52-week money challenge



Above all, you need to evaluate your expenses and find out where all your money is going. Determine which expenses you can cut-off, to be able to have that money and put it in your savings. You should use or fill out the 52-Week Money Challenge Printable as a guide. Try to keep your saved money in a High-Yield Savings account, get your savings automated and make some extra income. Stick to the routine. When you follow these steps, it can be easier for you to win the Money Savings Challenge. 


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