How to Be a Pet Sitter? All you need to know
How to Be a Pet Sitter? All you need to know

How to Be a Pet Sitter? All you need to know

Pet sitting is a nice side hustle to do if you are a dog or cat lover. I have spoken about how to make money as a pet sitter on Rover in my previous blogs. If you want to know how to be a Pet sitter, I’m here to guide you on the process of what pet sitters do. 


Becoming a Pet sitter can be a great way for teens to also make money in their free time. Everyone has their own preference in what pets they’d like to sit with. Most people want to know how to be a pet sitter for Dogs while another fraction may like Pet sitting for Cats. 


Let’s get started! 


What do Pet sitters do? What skills are needed to become a Pet sitter


A Pet sitter’s duty is to take care of a pet while its owner is away at work or traveling.  It may seem like an easy job but understanding the basics of animal behavior, how to care for the pet, and scheduling their meals, walks, and playtimes are required.  


A house Pet sitter will ensure that a pet is kept safe and in most cases understands CPR, first aid, and how to deal with an emergency if the pet gets ill. Pet sitters are caregivers or babysitters to a particular animal. 


Let’s look at what Dog pet sitters do:


Take  Dog out for walks and playtime 

Feed your Pet  and give them water

Basic house duties  like taking out the trash, turning on lights, and watering the plants 

Bath, clip the nails, and Dress your Dog 

Take your pet to vet appointments 

Administer medication 

Cleaning boxes, or cots for dogs  


There are some cases where pet sitters can be a friend or neighbor that visits to feed the animal but if you want to become a professional pet sitter, and make a living from it, these are some requirements of a pet sitter: 


Knowledge of First Aid and CPR

Understanding how a particular Pet behaves 

Efficient Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Great Problem Solving Skills 

The ability to use Initiatives 

Practice Patience, Understanding the Anxiety Pet Owners may have 

Be Kind and Trustworthy 

Great Organization and Time management skills 

Be Reliable 


How to be a Pet sitter


There are a few ways to be a pet sitter. You can do it as a service by registering your business name and getting your pet sitting license. You can also offer pet daycare services in your home for people around your area. There is also the option to get pet sitting jobs on sites like Rover.  


Becoming a Pet sitter from home helps you earn extra cash daily. You can start off by offering to care for the pets of your families, friends, and neighbors. This will help you get references if you are planning to be a pet sitter in the long run. 


 Checklist to become a pet sitter: 


Ensure you have references to show others 


If you’re starting a Pet sitting business, be sure to become a member of an association that’s related to pet care. This can help you standout 


Get a License that is insured and bonded. This will legally protect you and also your client’s pet in the case of unforeseen events, or injuries. 


Get CPR certified. This will make you show professionalism. 


Arrange a meet and greet events to invite pet owners for happy hours and to learn more about your services. This is where excellent communication plays an integral part. If you’re an introvert, you can try small meetings. 


Use a diary or app to track daily activities, pay, and prices for your services.  


Steps in becoming a Pet sitter: 


The first step in becoming a pet sitter is identifying if pet sitting is for you. Take into consideration your environment, look at what pet amenities you need, and keep a diary to record activities to do each day. There are pet sitters daytime and overnight. Depending on which pet sitting services you offer, you can make money day or night. 


If you want to start a pet sitting service, you’ll need to get a business name, and your pet sitting license and have a secure space for keeping pets. Nevertheless, you’d need to have toys, cots, and other pet supplies to make them feel loved. 


Some dog daycares will offer photos or an app to keep track of the pet when owers are away. 


Types of Pet Daycare Services: 


There are some options available for pet care. A pet owner may consider: 


Dog Boarding Services: 


With this pet sitting service, owners that wish to go on long trips, or on vacation can do pet boarding. It includes dog daycare, indoor and outdoor play yards, Lots of TLC, grooming,  fun activities, and overnight dog care. 


Some Dog care centers even offer live webcams or an app that shows real-time videos of what the pet is doing. This completely offers peace of mind for pet owners. 


The cost for boarding services costs way more than visits as these are usually done throughout and overnight pet sittings cost more.


The cost of overnight or boarding pet care is between $20-$75 per night. 


In-Home Pet Sitting: 


This is can be a stand-alone service of visits in the daytime or overnight stays. It can also be dog walking, feeding, and vacation visits. 


The difference between boarding and In house sitting is the conditions. The In house sitting is where the individual offers the services in the home while the boarding is done at a daycare center. 


With in-house pet sitting, you are responsible for light or basic house duties and keeping the pet safe. You will be responsible for giving meals, water, baths, walks, and keeping the company of the pet. 


How much does a pet sitter charge? 


Pet sitters charge an average of  $25  for each 30 minutes visit, $75 per night, and $250 per week. Depending on the type of service, for example, if it’s only dog walking, expect $30-$40 a day. A Pet sitter’s average salary is between 14,400- 20,000 per year.  You can expect to make $1000 per month as a dog sitter. Pet sitters charge an extra $5-10 if it’s a major holiday. 


How to Find Pet sitting Jobs?

be a dog sitter

Rover is a popular app to find jobs as a pet sitter. You’ll need to do a background check, provide proof of Identity, and agree to their terms. Rover requires that you download their app, set up your profile, and set your availability. You’re able to set your own schedule and rates. 



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