20 Websites to Find Online Transcription Jobs that are Worth it!

20 Websites to Find Online Transcription Jobs that are Worth it!

Looking for online transcription jobs that pay well?  Perhaps you’re interested in transcription jobs to do as a stay-at-home mom, student, or someone looking for a flexible side hustle. 


My first transcription job was on Rev.com as a beginner. I was so happy that I actually passed their transcription test and was able to actually make money from transcribing.

I would say Rev is a really great transcription company for beginners and pros that pays well. However, to date, Rev is only hiring in a few areas. Here’s my welcome email from the Rev recruitment team back then. 

transcription jobs online

Rev pays every week via PayPal and that was one of the reasons why I liked transcribing at Rev. Revers are awarded for their hard work on the platform and there are a lot of opportunities for growth doing online transcription jobs on Rev. 

What is Transcription? 


Transcription is the process of converting an audio file into written text. A transcriptionist or Transcriber is responsible for taking an audio file and simply typing it into text. Transcripts can be typed as clean verbatim or as full verbatim. 


A clean verbatim means that you will exclude all the false starts, slangs, and filler words. Some clients require transcripts with full verbatim, which means, you should transcribe or type everything that is being said in an audio file. 


Requirements for Transcription Jobs Online


  1. Proficient in MS Word, and simple transcribing tools 
  2. Be able to type at least 40 wpm or more 
  3. Proficient in the English language 
  4. Great listening skills 
  5. Ability to use initiative a research 


Transcription jobs are very in demand and this is because there are a lot of people producing audio every second of the day. Transcription jobs are classified into different categories; Medical transcription, Legal transcription, and General transcription jobs. Although transcription jobs don’t pay a high income, a lot of transcribers benefit from transcription jobs online.


There are many transcription jobs that are beginner-friendly and allow people to work from anywhere in the world. These transcription work are great for stay-at-home moms, this is because it allows them to have the flexibility needed. 


Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners 


I’ve compiled a list of the 20 best Transcription jobs paying well that hire worldwide and are beginner-friendly. If you’ve ever wanted a career in Transcription I highly recommend taking the Legal Transcription Course and the General Transcription Course at Transcribe Anywhere. They will give you theoretical and practical steps on how to become a successful transcriber. 


Now that we’ve covered that, let’s get into where you can find transcription jobs worldwide that are beginner-friendly. 


1. TranscribeMe


This transcription site hires beginners worldwide and pays via PayPal each week. You’ll be required to take their transcription test before you start working.

Once you’ve completed the transcription test, you’ll receive an email from the Transcribe team with the results within 24-48 hours. 


2. Daily Transcription 


Daily transcription offers higher payer rates and allows you to work flexible hours. This transcription website is a great way for anyone to earn while spending time with their family and also a great side income. 


Daily transcription jobs are opened to stay-at-home moms, dads, part-time teachers students, and anyone looking for work-at-home jobs. 


To date, they are only hiring Transcribers in the US and Canada but there are still opportunities available for Non-US residents. They will hire non- US residents for Captioning and Translation Jobs. Daily transcription pays weekly via PayPal.


3. Appenscribe


Appen offers global transcription jobs and also micro jobs you can do if there are no transcription jobs available. You can apply for jobs here and work flexible hours on part-time and long term projects. 


4. Accutran Global 


This transcription website hires beginners and accepts worldwide applicants. They’re a seasonal transcription company and pay twice per month via PayPal. You’ll need to pass their transcription test in order to start working with them. 

5. Casting Words 

Casting words transcription jobs offer flexible and convenient work at home opportunities. You can get started by going here then scroll to the end of the form to apply as a freelancer. 

online transcription jobs


You’ll need to take the transcription audio test after completing their form. This will determine if you can join the casting words transcription job community. 


The transcription audio test contains short audio of 90 seconds to 6 minutes. You’ll need to study their transcription quick start guide in order to be successful. 


6. Net Transcript 


If you’re looking for Transcription jobs that handle law enforcement Net transcript is the leading site for legal transcription.

To acquire the skills needed I highly recommend taking the legal transcription course at Transcribe Anywhere. You’ll need to complete their application form and attach a resume in order to get transcription jobs.


7. Babble Type


Here is a transcription company that’s always looking to hire transcriptionists. They will take you through a short demo about their transcription work ethics.


 They have been around for two decades and are looking for applicants that can not only type but have the characteristic to think effectively and provide an accurate transcription. 


To be considered at Bable type, you’ll need to go through their transcription jobs application process which includes a transcription audio test, to ensure that you can meet the community guidelines. The next step in the application will be a phone call (or interview) from a Babble-type recruiter. 

You’ll also go through a detailed assessment to ensure that you’re a good fit for the babble-type transcription community and its clients.   Click here to start the process. 

8. Speechpad 


Get paid to type with no experience at Speechpad, they pay twice per month by PayPal. You can work flexible hours and pick your own transcription jobs to do. 


The estimated pay for a Speechpad transcriptionist is 0.25- 2.50 per audio minute. Click here to sign up for transcription jobs online with Speechpad. To date, Speechpad and SpeechInc are joint communities that offer transcription jobs online. 


9. Crowdsurf


Crowdsurf is accepting US, Canada, and International Transcribers to work with. You must have basic typing skills, the ability to speak and write excellent English and have a reliable PC. 


You’ll be required to complete their transcription test before you can start working as a transcriber. Click here to view the requirements for persons living outside of the US and Canada. The transcription pay at Crowdsurf ranges from 0.03 to 0.20 per audio minute. 


10. 3PlayMedia 


3Play Media is a Boston-based transcription company offering work-at-home transcription jobs. You must possess excellent written communication skills and the ability to meet deadlines. 


You’re an independent transcription worker at 3Playmedia, which means you choose your own schedule and submit each work within a given time frame. 3playmedia transcription pays weekly via PayPal. Click here to apply for online transcription jobs with 3Playmedia 


11. GMR Transcription 


GMR Transcription hires beginners with no transcription experience. You can work from home at your own schedule and get paid every week. A transcription test must be completed before you can start working with GMR Transcription. They offer other services, such as proofreading, editing, and translation. Click here to sign up for GMR Transcription jobs online. 


12.Transcription Outsourcing 


This online Transcription site offers Legal, Medical, and General transcription services. If you’d like to make more money as a transcriptionist, I’d recommend taking the FREE mini-course for General Transcription and the Legal Transcription at Transcribe Anywhere. 


13. GoTranscript


Gotranscript is a global transcription job site that requires no experience. They will ask that you study and pass a multiple-choice assessment then complete an audio test to join their transcription community. 


You’ll be emailed daily (optional) of transcribing jobs available at Go transcript as per the screenshot below


transcription jobs worldwide

 Once you’re accepted in Gotranscript you’ll work as an independent contractor, which means you can choose to work whenever and on as many or little transcription jobs. 


Gotranscript pays 0.60 per audio minute and you can make up to $1200/mo or more working each day. 

Click here to apply for Gotranscript Transcription online jobs. 




Upwork is one of the largest freelancing websites in the world and is open to freelance transcription jobs for anyone. 


Upwork is free to join, all you need to do is; fill out their sign-up form, with your email and password. They will ask you to create a portfolio or professional profile with your skills, experience, and availability. 


Every day, transcription job opportunity are posted on Upwork as shown in the screenshot below

transcription jobs


You’ll see that this client is looking for 4 freelancers to complete 2000 (500 each) minutes of Audio. They are also looking for a long-term transcriptionist based on their performance. At the top, you’ll see that this client will hire “Entry level” transcribers. 


Getting transcription jobs on Upwork can be competitive but it does provide an opportunity for long term work and lots of opportunities to gain experience and become noticeable. 


Below, you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about when I say, transcription jobs can be rewarding on Upwork. 

upwork jobs


15. Bam! Transcription 


This transcription website has been around for 20 years and hires freelance transcription workers.

 Bam transcription offers Legal, Entertainment, and General transcription services. To apply, send them an email to bam@bamtranscription.com 


16. Scribie

Scribie offers home-based transcription jobs online and requires no experience. You’ll receive short files to transcribe 10 minutes or less and pay is $5-$25 per audio hour.


 Scribie will award a $5 bonus for every 3 hours of transcription accumulated per month.

You’ll work as an independent contractor by choosing the files you want to transcribe and also when you’d like to do transcription work.  Click here to apply for online transcription jobs at Scribie. 


17. Tigerfish Transcribing Services

To apply at Tigerfish transcription, you’d need a little experience in transcription. They require that you complete their transcription test before you can start working. 


18. Verbal Ink 

Verbalink.io is always looking for beginner transcriptionists. If you can distinguish between similar-sounding speakers, open to learning more, and be able to meet deadlines then they’ll be interested in hiring you. 

To apply for transcription jobs at Verbal Ink, click, email them at jobs@verbalink.com.


19. Fiverr

Fiverr is a great marketplace that has made a lot of people 6 figure income. It’s also one of the ways I make 1000s of dollars on the side with the skills I have.

 A lot of people love Fiverr because it provides lots of opportunities where you can create your own studio or agency. You can find just about any transcription gigs on Fiverr. 


20. Voxtab Transcription 


Voxtab is another leading industry in transcription, translation, captioning and voiceovers. Their transcription service is 99% accurate because they choose skillful transcribers to work with.


To apply, hover on their “about us” and select their career section. You’ll be forwarded to their application where you are able to fill out and submit. 


Start Working as a Transcriber from home


With every successful job, tools play an integral part in the process. Here are some transcriptionist tools you can use that are free. 


  • Otranscribe: This is an easy-to-use transcription tool with features that can fast track or slow down the audio speed. There’s also an option to insert time spans and inaudible 


  • Speechnotes.co : To get an accurate transcript it’s always good to do human transcription and a lot of these companies I’ve mentioned prefer that you do human transcription rather than using software. The Speechnotes is a transcription tool that will do that. However, to ensure that the transcript is accurate, you must proofread the document. 


  • Google Docs: This is a widely used business tool and it’s a great tool for transcribing files.


  • Grammarly: This is the best free proofreading tool on the market. You can add the chrome extension for Grammarly as well as sign up for their free plan. 


You’ll also need a good headset, you can purchase this one on Amazon. 


Final thoughts 


I’ve just outlined 20 transcription jobs online that are beginner-friendly and can do anywhere in the world. Have you tried any of these? What was your experience like? Would you recommend a friend or family to try transcription jobs online? 


If you need training for transcription jobs, sign up for the free mini-course on Transcribe Anywhere.  


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