10 Freelance Job Websites to Work Remotely for Beginners and Pros

10 Freelance Job Websites to Work Remotely for Beginners and Pros

10 Freelance Job Websites to Work Remotely for Beginners and Pros


One of my favorite topics to discuss on this blog is using freelance jobs to help you find financial freedom, and save money. 


Whether you’re looking for the top freelance websites to earn money full-time or while you take care of your kids or attend school, I am here to give you exactly what you need. 


Freelancing is making it possible for me and millions of people around the world to set their own schedules, make six-figure incomes, and start their own businesses. 


Why Freelance Jobs Websites?

In 2020, we’ve seen that a lot of businesses had to transition to remote work settings and most companies hired freelancers throughout the pandemic to work on hourly, part-time or full-time freelance gigs. 


Is freelancing work right for you? I’m sure one of the questions you may have is, can these freelancing websites make you wealthy. 


Over the years I have seen many people using freelance jobs websites to make 6 -7 figure incomes. 


Working as a freelancer can have its ups and downs but before I get into the nitty-gritty of it all I’d like to answer some of the common questions I get about freelance. 


What are the best Freelance Jobs Websites for beginners? 


When I introduce people to freelance gigs, they usually ask what’s the easiest freelance work they could do. Well, my answer would be, that there are many freelancing jobs that are beginner-friendly and can still make you extra cash. 


Entry-level freelance work like data entry or research is a common freelance job for beginners. 


How to Find The Best Freelance Jobs? 


With so many scams out there, I’m sure one of the questions people usually ask is what are the best freelance job websites. Legitimate freelance sites don’t ask you to pay for work. They’re there to connect talents with companies that are looking for help. In return they take a fixed percentage commission from the transaction you have with a company. 


If you’ve been searching for top high-paying freelance jobs that can make you money, I show you step by step in my ebook, how you can make $5000 per month consistently as a freelancer. 

What types of Freelance work can I do from anywhere in the World? 

Which Freelancing site is the best

Where can I find quick Freelance Jobs for beginners?

How Can I get Freelance work quickly? 


In this post, you’ll learn 10 quick ways to find freelance jobs while living anywhere in the world. 


 Best Freelance Jobs Websites to Work Remotely in 2022 


1. Fiverr 

Fiverr virtualbossmindset



If it’s not your first time reading my blog, you know that Fiverr is one of my top recommendations for freelancer opportunities. I have been on Fiverr since 2017 and have made thousands of dollars helping companies remotely in sales, marketing, and business development. 


In my past posts, I shared some of my Fiverr revenue reports to motivate and show my readers how they can work as a freelancer on Fiverr.  


Check out: 3 Fiverr Gigs that can make you 5k a month 

  How to start selling on Fiverr & Make $100 a day

Fiverr is one of the best places to find real freelance jobs online. I know many freelancers who are making 6 figure incomes and have started their brand through completing Fiverr gigs.


Fiverr is a simple platform to use, and even beginners with no experience in freelancing can join. They offer some great courses you can do to improve your freelance skills and stand out in the marketplace.  


With the Fiverr algorithm, you have to properly optimize your gig tiles so buyers can find you in searches. There are over 3.4 million buyers on the platform and more than 4 million freelancers. Fiverr takes 14 days before funds can become available to you. 


 You can offer just about any services on Fiverr and express your work by creating Fiverr gigs. 


Fiverr allows you to grow and will recommend your gigs to their clients. They also have a level system that will help push your freelancing career so you can make more money as a freelancer. 


No need to worry if you don’t have experience as a freelancer. But keep in mind, you must understand that it will take a lot of work to become a top-selling Fiverr freelancer. 


Fiverr loves when Freelancers (Sellers) and Clients (Buyers) keep all communication and transaction on their platform, hence, if you want to get more gigs bought, then you’ll have to comply with their terms. 


Nowadays, Fiverr has made some changes to its platform and for some gigs, you may need to take a short test. 


Apart from that, Fiverr is considered one of the best freelance job sites to make money from home. Once a freelance job is completed, the buyer can mark the delivery as completed and provide a review. The review means a lot to freelancers as this helps to increase their gig ranking and also provides opportunities for them to sell more gigs. 


 For every transaction or order completed, Fiverr takes 20% from freelancers. 


 Funds will be available or cleared in 14 days if you’re a new, level 1 and 2 seller. For top-rated sellers, funds are available in 7 days. 


Fiverr pays via Paypal, Direct Bank transfer, or through Payoneer. 


2. Upwork 

quick freelance jobs

Upwork is my go-to high-paying freelance website. It’s great for beginners and professional freelancers. With Upwork freelance jobs, you can set your own hourly rates, enjoy long-term contracts, and get paid very quickly. 


Upwork jobs are usually on an hourly basis and they allow their clients to provide their hourly budgets. The earning potential on Upwork is high and provides more opportunities for freelancers. In 2020, the CEO of Upwork stated that a lot of companies were using the platform for hiring remote workers. 

There are different opportunities to help you grow when freelancing on Upwork. One of the benefits I enjoy freelancing on Upwork is the decrease in freelancer fees. Whenever a freelance contract has earned over $10,000, Upwork charges a 5% fee instead of their regular 20% fee. 

When it comes on to KPI on Upwork, freelancers are given badges for their performance levels. There are other benefits that will help you grow as a freelancer on Upwork such as their Availability batch, and boosted proposal bidding. 


Learn how to make $1000 a week on Upwork 


Having a successful freelance career on Upwork involves writing intriguing proposals and bios, keeping your availability accurate, responding to invitations promptly, and keeping your clients satisfied. 


Upwork pays via Paypal, Direct Bank transfers, or through Payoneer. 


3. Guru


Similar to Upwork, Guru is a freelance site that will allow you to create a profile and bid on the job posting. A Guru Freelancer pays smaller fees after safe pay has been provided by a client or buyer. 


While it can be a competitive marketplace, a lot of freelancers are still able to make a full-time income from this freelance site. Find just about any skills are listed on this freelance site and there are also many clients that post jobs daily. 


The job posting can be done hourly or on a fixed basis. When a buyer pays an invoice, the funds are released to the freelancer in 7 days. 



freelance sites

Let’s say you’re a contractor or local designer looking for a job in your city, Thumbtack is one of the greatest freelance sites to actually meet local clients. 


It’s easy to get your profile up, although you may need to provide a background check and also provide some decent information to get started. You can charge your own rates, grow your freelance career and make money when you want to. 


One of the advantages of listing services on Thumbtack is that people are constantly searching for local services and this freelance site makes it easy for clients to find your services. 

5. Task Rabbit


Another great freelance work site to find local jobs is through TaskRabbit. Apart from computer-based gigs, I’d like to show people who are on the side of repairing items or providing other services a way to also get freelance work. 


Taskrabbit will allow you to list your handyman services, food deliveries, hairdressing, electrical installation, plumbing, moving service, Pet sitting, and much more. 

6. People Per Hour 


PPH is a freelance job site with mostly UK-based freelancers. Freelancers enjoy higher rates per hour than Upwork, Guru, and Fiverr. 


There is a paid membership after 3 months of being on this freelance site. However in the beginning they will send you daily alerts of jobs that fit your profile. You can also browse job listings that are posted throughout each day on this freelance site. 


Their membership rate is $14 per month which allows you to have your job proposal featured and also be able to see the lowest and highest job bids. 


7. Fancy Hands


This US-based freelance site hires Virtual Assistants to work on small tasks that are provided by their clients. Thus, if you’re a Virtual Assistant looking for freelance work, Fancy Hand is a great place to start. They will pay per task in Administrative support, graphic design, and branding. 

8. ZipRecruiter 


Looking for remote jobs to do full-time or freelance work from home jobs? Ziprecruiter is a well-repeatable remote job board that will send you daily alerts of remote jobs according to your profile. 


9. Jooble 


This freelance site lists remote entry-level jobs and you can do part-time or full-time in any state. You can also sign up for their daily job alerts where you can be notified when an employer posts a job that is matching your skills. 


You don’t need to have the experience to find a job here which is great for job hunters that have not yet worked with an employer. 

10. Indeed 


Like Jooble and Ziprecruiter, you can find remote job postings in any state on Indeed. This is a great place to find freelance jobs in healthcare administration, remote nursing or telemedicine, freelance writing, and more. 

Now that we’ve discussed the 10 quick ways to find freelance jobs.  Please share this with a friend on social media. Remember to join our network of remote workers and never miss out on freelance work from home jobs. 


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