How to Make an Extra $1000 per month on Rev
How to Make an Extra $1000 per month on Rev

How To Make $1000 Per Month Typing With No Experience

Are you a stay-at-home mom or dad looking for ways to make $1000 per month typing with no experience?

I will show you exactly how you can start making 1000 dollars a month typing. If you have excellent typing speed, you can make even more than $1,000 but for right now let’s get you started.


How to make money on    

You can work as a transcriptionist or as a captioner. The transcriptionist takes an audio file and turns it into an accurate text. As a freelance transcriber, you will work with customers like teachers, speakers, podcasters, and other business owners.  

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How to make $1000 on Rev 

Rev has guidelines that are mandatory to follow in order to stay on their team. Such guidelines are also instructed by clients that come to their website and need transcribing done.

An example of guidelines would be transcribing a file in verbatim and to name each speaker. Verbatim means typing exactly what was said by a speaker, for example, if the speaker said: “umm, this-this is awesome guys, am gonna try.”

 They might also ask to transcribe the file in non- verbatim. With non-verbatim, the audio needs to be transcribed by cleaning up the stutters or false starts, for example, “This is awesome guys, am gonna try.” Easy right? By following Rev’s guidelines you can excel on their team.

When you sign up, they will ask you to do a basic English test to see if you are able to communicate well. After you’ve completed the test, they will give you a tour of their platform.

Google will be a major asset to you as a transcriber. If you listen to an audio file and a particular word or name is not familiar, then it’s recommended by Rev to research the information to preserve accuracy.

There will be difficult audios, where the speaker’s mumbles and words are difficult to figure out. In this instant, Rev recommends using their tool for inaudible, usually symbolized based on where you are in the file, for example, [inaudible:00:00:35].

After the tour on their platform, you will transcribe an audio file and submit it for review. Once accepted, this is where the work starts.


How to get paid 

Payment on Rev is every Monday via Paypal. The payout is 0.36 -0.65 per audio minute. An audio min is the actual length of the file, not the time you take to transcribe. Let’s calculate how you will make $1000/mo. Given that you do 2 hours of audio file per day for 6 days per week. As a beginner, you might take 6-8 hours to complete this. That would be $43.20*6*4= $1036.80,  Nice!

When you’ve become an expert, you are likely to do 4 hours of audio files per day with a pay scale of 0.65 per min


Final Thoughts:

This was how to make $1000 per month typing online with no experience. If you found this post useful, please subscribe for more work at home opportunities, follow me on Pinterest, and share this post with your friends. 


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