How to Make Money on Tiktok

How to Make Money on Tiktok

How to Make Money on Tiktok in 2023: Tiktok Money-Making Ways

Do you want to make money from Tiktok? 


If you have been trying to figure out, how people make money on Tiktok, I’ve got. 


When I just heard about Tiktok, I was on the edge about it. 


I was thinking that it’s just another social media site, maybe something like Twitter or Instagram. But after joining Tiktok a year ago, it really isn’t just another social media site. 


If you’re one of those people who has gotten addicted to Tiktok, you’re not alone!  


Apart from the dances, you can find some really nice sounds on Tiktok.  But most of all what stands out is how creative Tiktokers are these days. 


When I watch Tiktok videos, there are literally videos that will crack me up 🙂 No kidding! I have watched so many inspired, funny and educational TikTok videos.


At first, I was also wondering how to make money on Tiktok but eventually underwood that it’s not just a social media platform but it’s a way to engage with your customers through short video clips. 


Do you need a lot of followers to make money from Tiktok?


The short answer is no. There are so many people going viral on Tiktok overnight with no idea that they would. You can still make money from Tiktok even if you’re just starting with no followers. 


Let’s talk about ways to make money on Tiktok.


The fact is, you can monetize your TikTok through different ways so you can make money while you have fun. 


Finding the right sounds for your Tiktok videos is also important if you want to create an engaging video that will go viral. 


You can discover trending sounds in your feed by looking at the videos that have a lot of likes and shares. Also, your message must hook your viewers. 


If you’ve noticed, there are Tik Tokers who are making some simple videos about what they’re up to for the day and they’re getting a lot of Tiktok followers and likes. This is because their situation or personality is unique and relatable to the persons that saw their videos. 


7 Ways to Make Money on Tiktok in 2022


#1. Affiliate Marketing 


This is one of the best ways to make money on Tiktok and you don’t even need a large audience. What exactly is Affiliate marketing on Tik Tok? 


Affiliate marketing involves recommending other people’s products using a special link and you get paid once some make a purchase. You absolutely need no money to get started with affiliate marketing. 


When I scroll through my “for you” page on Tiktok, most of it is loaded with Tiktok videos recommending products. 


How to make money on Tiktok with Affiliate marketing? 


First, you’d need to sign up for an affiliate network, like Flexoffers, Clickbank, or Amazon. You can also search for Affiliate networks on Google to find a list of affiliate programs. 


Once you’ve been approved, then you can start using your affiliate links in your Tiktok bio. If you are promoting more than one affiliate product, it’s wise to use platforms like or 


Next, it’s time to create TikTok videos for your affiliate products or services. 


#2. Make Money On Tiktok with Paid Sounds 


Do you need a lot of Tiktok followers to make money with paid sounds? No, you don’t. You can use big tiny sounds to monetize your Tiktok videos and get paid. Big tiny sounds are currently accepting only USA and UK creators.


#3. Donations 


If you explore the Tiktok settings and privacy menu, you’ll notice an option called “Balance.” This will allow you to recharge your account so once you want to support another Tiktoker on their live stream, you’d send them a gift or coins. 

make money on Tiktok

This is an ideal way to make money from TikTok. Once you go live, and start answering questions, users may send you gifts or coins and you can redeem them as PayPal cash. Tiktokers also use this opportunity to sell their products. 


#4. Make Money On Tiktok as a Consultant 


You can make money on Tiktok by becoming a Tiktok consultant. This is typically a good idea to make money from Tiktok when you’ve grown your account to more than 100k followers. 


When you share your TikTok growth strategies, this may interest TikTokers who need help to grow on the platform. 


However, you’d need to show people that you can grow their Tiktok accounts through storytelling, how you got started, tips, and a call to action. 


People appreciate transparent information so they can use it to help develop their strategies. 


#5. Make Money from TikTok Ads Platform 


With ads, you can monetize your Tiktok account and make money. If you go here, you can register or log in to get started. This is a good way to make money on Tiktok because of its popularity. There are so many people that are using Tiktok for inspiration and for new ideas. 


#6. Grow and Sell Tiktok Accounts


If you understand how Tiktok works and can grow accounts quickly then you can make money from selling Tiktok accounts you’ve grown. This makes more sense if you create Tiktok accounts in the eCommerce industry.


 Let’s say you develop a Tiktok account that reviews lamps on Amazon, you can easily get this account sold to people who are selling lamps on Tiktok. This is one of the best ways to make a lot of money on Tiktok. 


#7. Sell Your Courses and Make Money from TikTok 


Tiktok has a huge audience of mostly Gen Z and Millennial users, ages 12 to 40 years old. 

You can sell your course on Tiktok and make money from it. All you need is to consistently post new and valuable videos around your course. You can use Teachable or Udemy to set up your course for free. 


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