Legit Online Jobs from Home that are Easy and Pays Well Without Investment

Legit Online Jobs from Home that are Easy and Pays Well Without Investment

More people are looking for legit online jobs to work from home because it’s becoming a popular way to earn a full-time or part-time income. 

Just imagine waking up without the need to rush to an office for a 9-5 job. 

I’ve been there. Rushing to catch the bus so I’m not late for work. It can be tough especially if you are a mom. 


We know that being a mom can be a struggle when you have a demanding job. I used to feel terrified and frustrated when I missed out on special mommy duties like taking my son to a doctor’s appointment or spending time with him on his birthday. 


My Story Working From Home


I decided to quit my 9-5 job in December of 2016. I had NO side hustle, just a mindset that I WILL find a job online.


When I landed my first online gig it was just a few years back and it wasn’t sufficient in supporting my bills so that’s what made me have a 9-5 job in the first place. But things changed because I was treated unfairly in my Cooperate job. 

On January 21, 2017, I got my first client through Freelancing on Fiverr. Ever since I have been doing online jobs.  

Now you must be wondering, what types of jobs do I do?  

I help my clients with business development and sales, sales scripts, cold calling, virtual assisting, lead generation, and more. 

Ultimately my sales gigs are what paid me 90% of my income because companies are always looking for someone who is great at selling their products and services. 


Here’s a recent article by FlexJobs that featured my voicemail script. 


I’m a firm believer in the Creator God, being family-oriented, women entrepreneurship, hard work, and staying humble. I believe we’re going to evolve into a digital workforce and the pandemic has proven that many people will be adjusting to working from home. 


Working from home doesn’t mean you’ll have 100% freedom. If you are looking for online remote jobs that will pay you full time, you will have to work a considerable amount of hours.  The jobs that I’ll be listing are legit, flexible, and profitable.  Also, you can start as a beginner, college student, or teen. 


How to Find Legit Jobs Online that Pay well?

online jobs from home that are legit

Many people think that there’s no real money working from home and you need a bachelor’s degree. Yikes! That’s not true. Many people work 2-4 hours per day and are making 6-7 figures online without having a bachelor’s degree. 

There are some jobs that pay by the hour and some paying fixed rates. Depending on your goal and work-from-home job opportunities, working online can make you part-time income or full-time income. 


What is an Online Job? 


Simply put, an online job is a work that is done remotely or from your home.

These jobs are offered by recruiting companies or individuals needing help virtually. Tasks are given to freelancers or independent contractors to do from these companies or entrepreneurs.

The recruiter gives the independent contractor instructions and both parties agree to a rate and deadline. 


There are different categories of work. There are easy online jobs like surveys, entry-level data entry jobs, and complex jobs like project management, WordPress coding, or sales manager work from home jobs. 


 Online Jobs that are easy


If you are looking for simple entry-level jobs that pay daily or weekly by PayPal and require no experience you can try survey sites like Swagbuck, Prizerebel or Surveysavvy . These online jobs pay little and won’t make a full-time income. You can redeem PayPal cash or Amazon gift cards from accumulated points from these online survey sites. 


There are other easy online jobs that will pay a little better than taking surveys. You can get paid to be a transcriptionist by applying on Gotranscript, Rev, or TranscribeMe. Transcribers are paid by the audio hour. If you have great typing speed, you can make $1000 per month as a transcriber. 


There are many other entry-level online job opportunities available in transcription, you can find them on Freelancing sites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Guru. 


Check out 20 transcription jobs here 


Legit Online Job with no investment or experience


Here’s how you can earn money from home without any investment. If you have some experience in customer service, setting up Facebook ads, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, or perhaps freelance writing, you can learn these skills doing entry-level jobs that require little to no experience and no investment.

There are a lot of online sites where you can apply and work for good pay with little to no experience. Some of these best online jobs will pay $6-$11 per hour for entry-level jobs. 


You can also work from home as a social media manager. There are many remote companies offering online job opportunities for entry-level workers to do small tasks that include, commenting, and posting on social media. If you like to be on the camera, you can even start a Youtube channel.


If you love writing, you can get paid to write, there are many online job sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, Monster, Ziprecruiter, and simplyhired.com that post remote work for entry-level or experienced writers. 


On the other hand, you can use your everyday skills and get paid for these tasks. One example is teaching kids ages 4-12 English online. Isn’t that wonderful?


Check out this post on 15 real online jobs


Why is Online Jobs  Popular? 


Nowadays, online jobs are becoming more and more available. The reason remote companies offer these opportunities is to reduce the cost of utilities and to hire talents from anywhere. The aim of virtual recruiting companies is to use technology and the right talents to simplify a job so they can become successful. 


Working virtually has been going on for decades but technology is evolving which means that companies are investing in them so they can hire virtual talents. You can easily find remote work that pays well.

With basic computer skills and a good internet connection, one can also create an Etsy store to generate passive income. You would need to use social media platforms to get your brand, and products or services out there. This side hustle is just one way to make money full-time even while you sleep.


How to Spot Online Job Scams when Looking for an Online Job

online work

Always research a company to ensure that they’re offering real online jobs. Never pay a penny or wire funds to get a job online. Read from creditable blog posts such as this one to get legit work-at-home jobs online and legit companies hiring remotely. 


Never send your personal information such as your SSN, bank information, login information to your e-mail, or anything that will breach your personal details. Any company that will hire you and has a legit online job will not ask for personal information. 

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Where to Find Legitimate Online Jobs for Anyone 


You can find work to do from home by searching job boards like Indeed.com, FlexJobs, Fiverr, and Upwork. I’ll outline some places where you can find work to do as an individual, a stay-at-home mom, student, or teen. 


Online Jobs In Sales and Customer Service Representative


Everything we do involves sales. Remote Companies will hire virtual talents that speak excellent English and have experience in sales to sell their product or services. You can find customer service and sales online job opportunities through these  remote job boards: 

WeWork Remotely











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As an experienced sales rep, you can earn around 76k per year but the average sales rep will make 48k per year. The hourly rate for sales reps ranges from $13-$26/hr. 



online jobs

A Freelancer is an independent contractor who works simultaneously on projects. Their schedules are typically flexible. Companies hire Freelancers to do remote jobs because it is said to be less expensive than hiring an employee. Freelancers can make 6-7 figures if they use their freelance skills as a business. 


You can find freelancers on websites like 







There are many legitimate online jobs you can do as a freelancer, such as; website & Graphic design, virtual assistant, Freelance writing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, digital marketing, customer service, sales, copywriting, photography, data entry, and lots more! 


Some of these online freelance jobs require no experience and are offering entry-level work. If you are a student looking for exposure or work then freelancing would be a great option. There are also some easy jobs available that are flexible on these Freelance websites. 


Freelancers charge both fixed and hourly rates to complete online tasks. This ranges from $5-$60 an hour depending on your experience and the type of job. 


 English Tutoring 

online tutoring

If you can speak and write excellent English, here is an easy online job that requires no experience. You can get paid $14-$26 per hour to teach Chinese kids English. You will be required to be TESOL certified. The TESOL for $20 can be easily acquired  here

Here are some Online Tutoring Jobs From Home

Check out these 18 places to find online Teaching Jobs 


Online Jobs For College Students and Stay-at-Home Moms 

at home mom jobs

Being a working mom can be challenging but with these online jobs, you’ll love working from home. These online jobs for moms are easy, flexible, and profitable. There are some data entry jobs that will be worth the time. 

These data entry jobs for moms can also be done if you’re a student that’s looking for online jobs that are part-time or flexible.  

 There  are non-phone jobs and ones that can be done at night, here are some online jobs to consider: 


  • Graphic Design Online Jobs. With this type of job, you will be responsible for creating graphics for clients. You can use a tool like Canva that is designed for persons with and without experience in Graphic Designing. As a Graphic designer, you can charge an hourly rate of Fixed rate. Depending on your experience, you can charge up to $60 per hour as a graphic designer. Here are some places you can find Graphic Design work;99design, Designhill Upwork, and Fiverr 

Check out these 12 places to find Graphic Design Work 


  • Social Media Manager. As a stay-at-home mom, you can manage social media accounts for busy entrepreneurs. This means that you’ll be responsible for creating social media pages, creating Facebook ads, and posting content as well as liking and engaging with others on social media. Find online jobs as a social media manager through websites like Fiverr and Upwork. You can also find these jobs online through Facebook groups. Get paid $20-40 per hour.

Check out these 14 Online Jobs for Moms 


  • Transcription Jobs. If you can type with speed and do it accurately then you can make $1000/mo as a transcriptionist. There are thousands of online jobs available in transcribing and these companies are hiring worldwide. 

Read more about these 20 transcription jobs online for more information. 


  • Proofreading Jobs. As a proofreader, you will be responsible for reading books, manuscripts, contents, and emails to check for errors. If you love reading and understand grammar, you can make up to$4000 per month as a proofreader or $35 per hour. To leverage the skills and start your own proofreading business, you can take the Proofread Anywhere course by Caitlin Pyle. 

Check out these 20 proofreading online jobs 


  • Virtual Assistant. Stay-at-home moms or college students can do online work as Virtual assistants. You can set your own hours and work as little or as much as you desire. There are many different types of VAs. You can help local businesses with admin support, data entry, Facebook ads, research work online, e-commerce, Etsy store or Shopify store management, amazon store manager, personal trainer, and lots more. 


How to start your own Virtual Assistant Business and Get Online Jobs 


  • Create a Website. Creating a website will allow you to show your portfolio if you have experience working with online jobs. You can also create a website to acquire new online jobs you can work on from your home. 

 Go to wix.com and set up your website with their drag-and-drop feature. They are one of the cheapest and easy ways to get a website up with hosting and creativity. 


  • After creating your website, it’s time to work on your Social media presents for your website. In order to help get more online jobs for your Virtual Assistant business, creating social media pages for your business is super important. This helps with your SEO as well. Create your Facebook, IG, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. Posting to these pages will help you increase your brand awareness. 


  • SEO. It’s important that you work on your website’s internal SEO, also known as on-page SEO. This is important because it helps you to rank and get noticed on google. Use the right keywords that will help your Virtual Assistant rank on Google. 


  • As a Virtual Assistant, you still need to sign up on credible websites like Fiverr and Upwork so you can introduce clients to your website privately. This will help you to get clients and also reviews on your website. 


  • Join Facebook Business Groups. There are many online jobs posted on Social media groups on Facebook daily. You can find online work from local businesses job posts for, graphic designers, social media management, personal training, affiliate marketing, bookkeeping, online data entry clerk, customer support, freelance writer, and Virtual assistant jobs


Check out these 25 places to find online jobs as a Virtual Assistant


 Voiceover Actors 


You can get paid with your voice. Fiverr, Backstage and Voice.com  are just a few sites known for professional voice actors. As a voice actor, you’ll be given a script and your job is to professionally read that script for commercial use. There are some free tools like Audacity that will allow you to edit and create authentic voice drops. 

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Online Jobs as a Writer

online work from home

Being a writer is a lucrative business idea and there are thousands of remote companies that are hiring writers online. There are different types of writers, and each has its own writing style. 


Sales copywriter

Press release 

E-book writer 



I’ve seen interviews from freelance writers making 6 figures per year by writing blog posts for websites, press releases, and content for Ebooks. There are so many online jobs in writing and the key is simply mastering the art of writing and being persistent. 

Check out these 25 places to find writing jobs online


Frequently Asked Questions:


What are the best websites to find online jobs? 

It’s important that you research a company that offers online jobs. Here is a list of companies that are creditable and are on the top list of providing work-from-home jobs. 







People Per Hour 










What are the Highest Paying Online jobs?

Here are some online jobs that pay well:

Social media managers

Website Development


App developers

Sales Managers

Logo Designers


How to know if an online Job is safe


When an online job is legit, it means that you can work confidently knowing that the recruiter will pay you for work that’s done. It’s always recommended to research unknown companies to ensure that you can trust them before working with them. All remote companies and freelance sites listed on this website are safe to use. Some of these websites, I personally have worked on. 


How do I work for Amazon from Home? 


Amazon has remote jobs listed on its website. If you go to www.amazon.jobs, then click on view remote jobs, and you’ll be able to browse a list of work-from-home jobs by amazon. You can filter by location, Job type, and category. 

Some of these Amazon remote jobs may need you to have the AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification or AWS Solutions Architect – Associate Certification, but not required for all. 


What is Amazon AWS? 


AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. It’s a cloud computing software by Amazon. Read more about the AWS solution here 


How to Get Online Jobs? 

how to get an online job

  • Start by Creating a Profile on any of these recommended Job boards or Freelance websites. Sign up for 3 or more. 
  • Position yourself professional and write a great bio about yourself 
  • A complete test is available on the job website 
  • Always show available and sign up for Job Alerts 
  • When applying or writing a job proposal, ensure you understand the job and can provide the best solutions for the client. Never copy and paste generic proposals and apply to different jobs because some job requirements are unique. Always read carefully.  
  • Never give up. 


Ready to start working on online jobs? 

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Are you looking for real ways to make money online? There are many companies offering jobs for moms with flexible hours. Browse our list of  legit online jobs you can do part-time or full-time from home. Find the best freelance work-from-home job leads in graphics design, content writing, sales and marketing, proofreading jobs, transcription and translation job opportunities.    




Easy Online Gigs to Earn Quick Cash Now

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Here are just 3 survey websites that will pay you to share your opinion. These survey websites are easy to start with and you can apply from any location. You can receive cashbacks from purchases made through popular sites like amazon, eBay or Target. There are options available to redeem cash to your PayPal account. 

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