How to make $5000 per month as a Freelancer ULTIMATE GUIDE

make 5000 dollars a month

Download the 5k a Month Freelance Guide

Learn Step by Step How you can make 5-10k per month with my exact Blueprint.

Are you...

a Stay-at-home parent, mom, college student, or someone who wants to make $5,000 a month online?

In this guide, I'll show you exactly how you can:

Become a Freelancer and make $5000 a month

Steps you need to take in order to start making money online

How to have success in your freelance business

Where to Find Clients that will pay you thousands of dollars 

Screenshots and reports of my monthly earnings 

And I’ll show you the exact cold pitches I use to get clients to say YES!

This is NOT...

One of those ebooks that will ask you to purchase anything after you’ve invested in this guide

 A get a rich quick scheme guide that will promise you to make 5k in a day

For you, if you’re not willing to be disciplined or consistent in building your Freelance business.

This is For...

Anyone who needs to make a full-time income online with or without experience 

Stay at home moms who need to make $5000 a month to help with bills or pay off debt 

Someone who wants to know how to make $5000 a month as a freelancer 
Anyone who wants to make a passive income of 5k per month online 

My Story making $5000 a month as a Freelancer

I’ve been a freelancer since 2017 and I have worked my ass off! I’m a wife and a mom of 2 kids – a boy and a girl! I’ve had my ups and downs as a stay-at-home working mom but I’ll never trade it for my 9-5, which I hated.

During the years as a Freelancer, I have learned how to consistently make money online. I’m here to teach you exactly what I do and how you can do it too! 

I’ve had the privilege of working with multiple industries and top brands and have learned the ins and outs of creating multiple streams of income. 

I started out making $100 a week in my freelance business and that’s because I didn’t have a guide just like this one to show me what I need to do. Then eventually, I started making $250-$300 a week then after 2 years of freelancing I was making 2-3k a month! 

Because I’m consistent in my freelance business it led me to make between 5-7k each month and this proven strategy has provided ways for me to have multiple streams of income.

Facts about Making $5,000 per month online...

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Making money online quickly is never easy but it can be a simple process.   

The fact is, making 5k a month as a freelancer will take time but once you learn how to master your skills, and use some of the exact steps in the 5k per month freelancer guide, it will be simple.  

In my $5,000 per month freelancer guide, I do not only tell you what to do, I show you and provide screenshots of how I did it. 

I Created this 5k per Month Freelance Guide for...

People who are thinking about quitting their 9-5 job and need to know how they can make a full-time income online

People who are looking for ways to make more money online so they can save, and travel. 

People who want to make 5k a month so they can take care of their expenses and Family 

make 5000 dollars a month