Make an extra $1000 a month: How I Made $1420 in my side business online
Make an extra $1000 a month: How I Made $1420 in my side business online

Are you looking for ways to make an extra $1000 cash online or side hustles to make an extra $1000 cash per month? You’ll often see hundreds of strategies on how to make money daily, side businesses to start home-based, and ways to earn extra cash.


No matter where you are in the world, the internet has become a very convenient resource for you to make money online. 


Make an extra $1000 cash a month

Before I started my online business, I was working a 9-5  job with one child at the time. I know how difficult it is to balance work life and family time.

As things change nowadays, working from home or having a side business online has become very important. 


What can you do with an extra $1000 a month?

Being able to earn an extra $1000 or more per month can allow you to save money, pay rent, or buy more food for your family.


I know what being broke feels like, especially when you want to pay those bills or get a few items for the kids. Making an extra 1000 per month can help you with car payments, the mortgage, a plan vacation or even to help reach a saving goal.


In this post, I will share how I made $1420 in my side business online and ways you can make an extra $1000 cash a month.


|Earn Extra money today by signing up for these survey sites|


You can get cashback on your amazon purchases or you can choose PayPal cash. Sign up today and get $5. 


Earn up to $500 per month with Prizerebel. This survey site is great for persons who are looking for a plan to save money with a side business online. 


Earn extra cash with Surveyclub. You can make anywhere from 0.50 to $5 per survey. 


Great way to earn cash back on online purchases. 


This paid survey site allows you to cash out at a minimum of $1. You can take surveys and request a payout via PayPal. 


Get paid $1.50 to $2 to complete a simple 2-minute survey on paid view points. The minimum payout is $15 via PayPal. 


Formerly known as Clixsense, it’s a widely used platform with a lot of offers. You can receive work from sites like Appen through this site. They will send you survey invites into your inbox and survey payments vary. 


You can cash out via PayPal once you reach 20 OPTin or $2. 



If you invest some hours per day on InsaGC, you can make up to $20 with 2,000 points. 

Now that we’ve outlined survey sites that you can join to make extra cash, let me show you how I was able to $1420 in my side business online. 

income report

Above is a screenshot showing how much I made working 3 hours daily in my side business for 1 month.


You can start your side business by creating a free website on, click here to get started for free. Making money online is a simple process but it does take time to make a steady income or passive income. 


I shared this side income report to motivate you to start a side business online and to show you that you can make an extra $1000 or more per month. The fastest way to earn an extra $1000 online consistently is to become an expert in your job. 


Tips on Making an extra $1000 and more online

  • Understand who your customers or clients are
  • Always ensure that you’re available to provide help or give direction to a client 
  • Use Social Media professionally to engage with potential clients 
  • Meet deadlines and ask for testimonials 
  • Create winning proposals and show that you’re an expert in what you do. 
  • Follow up with clients to ensure that they’re satisfied and if they are, expect more business in the future. 

Can I make an extra $1000 a month without investment?

Yes, you can! A lot of the strategies that I will give in this post requires no investment and you can easily start a side income today. 


Here are 10 ways to make an extra $1000 per month 


1. Proofreading 


If you’re good at correcting misspelled words and can easily spot grammatical errors, you can start a side business as a proofreader. Proofreaders do require skills to make a lot of money. If you’re just starting out you can check out 20 online proofreading jobs that are beginner-friendly.


To make 4k and more per month as a proofreader you can sign up for the Proofreadanywhere course.  


2. Transcription

A transcriptionist is responsible for taking an audio file and converting it into text. You can make an extra $1000 per month as a transcriber. Signup for some free courses at Transcribeanywhere

You can find Transcription jobs on websites like Gotranscript, Rev, and 


3. Apply for Writing Jobs 

If you are good with words and can write perfect articles then becoming a writer would be a good side business to start. Check out my post on 25 websites to find writing jobs. 


4. Start a Youtube Channel 

A lot of us use Youtube to learn about things we’re not an expert in. If you’re knowledgeable about a particular topic that can help others then starting a Youtube channel would be an ideal side hustle for you.


Youtube does require that you reach 1000 subscribers and have a watch time of 4000 hours over a 12 month period. You would also need to comply with their policies and have an Adsense account. 


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5. Start a Blog 

You can easily get started with your blog by going to Bluehost and selecting your domain name. You can also migrate your existing WordPress website by clicking here. A blog is a great way to make an extra $1000 a month.


You may need to invest a lot of time and a little bit of money before you can start making a full-time income.  Starting a blog is not only a side business but a profitable business idea. 


How can I make money with my blog?

You can make money with your blog through displayed ads by Google Adsense,, or other ads networks.

Recommending other people’s products and receive a commission when someone purchases is another way you can monetize your blog. Also selling your own digital products is another way to monetize your blog.


6. Print on Demand 

Starting a side business creating artworks and placing them on products is a tried and true side business that can make an extra $1000 per month.


This business doesn’t require a lot of skills. You can join print on demand sites like redbubble, printful, zazzle, teespring, society6 and teepublic. 


7. Sell Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is a great marketplace to sell any skills that you have. You can use Fiverr for a side business income or for a passive income side business. 


Click here to start selling on Fiverr! 


make 1000 a month

What can I sell on Fiverr? 

Fiverr has so many talents and you can offer services such as:

Digital marketing 

Virtual Assistant 

Graphic Design

Web design 

Writing and Translation 

Proofreading and Editing 

Video Editing and Production 


And lots more! Check out Fiverr marketplace today and see what you can buy or sell. Read my post on How to make 5k per month on Fiverr


8.Teach English or become a Tutor 

Online teaching has become a vital resource in our world. A lot of people are investing in online education because it’s safer and maybe easier.

Read my post 18 online teaching jobs to see where educators or teachers can find work at home teaching jobs. 


9. Start a Dropshipping Business

A dropshipping business is a lucrative business idea with low risk. You’ll need to invest a few dollars first before you can start making money.


Check out How to start a dropshipping business and make money from it. You learn how you can get started with dropshipping and the tools you need. If you’re already dropshipping and need to grow, check out this software


10. Start a Consulting Business 

Consultants are paid by the minutes or hours they contribute on a call to resolve a problem or recommend a solution for a business. You can make an extra $1000 a month offering to help businesses or entrepreneurs. 


Final words on making an extra $1000 a month 

Earning money online can be done hundreds of ways but you must identify what works for you and become an expert in it in order to make consistent income.


Now that we’ve covered how you can make an extra $1000 a month, it’s time to start your side business online and make money, save money, and live happier. 

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