Opinion Outpost Review: Is it Legit?
Opinion Outpost Review: Is it Legit?

Opinion Outpost Review: Is it Legit?


Is Opinion Outpost legit? Yes, Opinion Outpost is a safe way to earn by sharing your opinions. It is an online surveying site where you complete surveys and earn money. 

Opinion Outpost has no mobile app, but the surveys can easily be taken on mobile phones, tablets, or laptops while navigating on browsers. 


How Opinion Outpost Works


opinion outpost get paid for your opinion

Outpost is used to help businesses decide if their product or service is good for the market.

Opinion Outpost also helps businesses gain insights into product development and marketing. All you need to do is fill surveys, polls or take opinions from groups. As a result, you can get rewards via Amazon, Visa, PayPal, and many more. 


You will get “Opinion Points” on each survey that you will take. After that, you can redeem these points to your eCards and get cash. According to the survey of Opinion Outpost, on average, a user can get 50 points for each survey. In addition, it also claims that a complete survey can let you earn up to 250 points. 


There is also a membership tier system upon which the platform runs. The more you complete the surveys, the more possibilities are there for you to gain advanced tiers and add them to your personal profile. There are mostly five badges or levels in Opinion Post, which are as follows:

opinion outpost badges


If you want to unlock the top tier that is known as diamond, you will need to complete 100% of your profile and complete at least 50 surveys.


With the increase in levels, your achievement points will also be increased. All your records can be found on the survey history page.



Opinion Outpost – Scam or Legit

As online work is not credible most of the time. So, people question whether Opinion Outpost is legit or a scam. It is definitely legit. Dynata LLC owns this platform, and it is a Texas-based market research company. 

There are 2 million users of Opinion Outpost all around the world. Many Opinion Outpost’s users confirm that it is a legit platform. 

Safe Platform

Opinion Outpost is one of the safest survey platforms. It will not make you a lot of money just a few bucks on the side. If you’re looking for free and instant ways to make Paypal money or rewards, this site will help.

Mobile verification is necessary if you want to redeem the rewards. You will get a 6 digit code as a confirmation to make sure that your money is safe. After confirmation, you will get the cash. 

The best part about Opinion Outpost is that it claims that all information about the client and you are safe and secure. This platform uses a safe and secure online portal for users. 

How much does Opinion Outpost pay?


opinion outpost

According to sources and users of Opinion Outpost, the estimated payoff is almost between $1 to $2 per hour. The average estimate is almost $1.50 per hour.

$1 – $2 by Opinion Outpost each hour

There are a lot of online platforms that pay relatively less. According to research, you can earn a lot through Opinion Outpost. At first, the earnings are pretty low. 

The pay for each hour by Opinion Outpost depends upon two major factors. These factors are:

  • Survey Length
  • Personal Profile

The point system depends a lot on the above two mentioned factors. Below is the average pay for the estimated points:

  • $5 for almost 100 points
  • $0.50 for almost 10 points
  • $0.05 for 1 point

But there are several users that earn comparatively low as compared to the time they spend. In addition, the users also report that the surveys reduce after a few weeks. 

At first, the users faced issues regarding their accounts. The accounts were frozen after a few surveys. But now, the glitch in it is over. You will get emails in which you will get the duration of each survey and your payout as well. The information is not available on the main site. 

Sign up for Opinion Outpost 

Points to Ecards

The points you will earn can be used as money. All you need to do is exchange the points for eCards or cash. There is an option of rewards on the dashboard that you will click. Then you will see a filter to toggle between online and physical rewards. Within 24 hours, you will get an email of online vouchers that you can then redeem. 

The reward partners will have different payouts from each other. For example, Amazon offers the lowest payout, which is $2.5 for 50 points. Similarly, for 100 points, PayPal offers $5 as a minimum reward. There are many other reward partners of Opinion Outpost, including Nike, Target, CVS, etc. 

The points are awarded after the survey gets completed. It will take up to almost 6 weeks for the arrival of the point for those users who participate in product diaries and focus groups. 

Accounts Crashing Out

The major issue that Opinion Outpost users face is that the account usually crashes out, or their accounts get blocked. But the customer care team is working on this issue, and they help out the users who face such problems.


If such a thing happens to you, you can contact customer support on Facebook and ask them to resolve your issue. 

Reporting process takes only a few minutes. Right after that, you will get an email of confirmation and then the next one of adding the profile details.


Many people ask if they will get any rewards or bonuses; well, there is no signup bonus at all.

Final Thoughts 

With the increase of technology, the earning sources are also increased. Opinion Outpost is the best platform through which you can earn a huge sum within a few hours. 


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