10 Underrated Side Hustles that Pay 10k/mo in 2024

10 Side Hustles that Pay $10,000 per month in 2023 (#3 &4 Pay $600 in 1 hour)


Looking for the best side hustles that pay $10,000 per month? No worries I’ve got you covered. I have personally done some of these side hustles and I’m here to break them down for you.





Let’s start with side hustle number 1 and it’s creating high-income gigs using Fiverr. I’ve been working on  Fiverr since 2017 and it has made me a full-time income. That has allowed me to invest in other streams of income.  Not only that Fiverr is one of the best gig economy marketplaces where beginners can grow their skills and make money. Some of the most profitable niches on Fiverr are Sales, Social Media  Marketing, Resume writing, Logo design, and Digital marketing.  


User Generated Content

Let’s go to the next side hustle and that is User Generated content otherwise known as UGC. With this side hustle you don’t need to have a lot of following. Most  UGC creators can be found on TikTok. To get started all you need to do is create a portfolio in Canva showing some videos of you using popular products or unboxing videos. With this side hustle you can make $600 by spending 30-60 mins creating a  UGC ad. You’ll also need to have a contract in place so you can protect your rights as a creator.  



The next side hustle is becoming a copywriter! And now more than ever creating copies has become easier because of a tool called ChatGPT. Freelance Copywriters can make 10-30k a month working on sites like Fiverr and Upwork. But with the introduction of ChatGPT, freelancers can 10x their sales because they can ask ChatGPT to write the content and they will be the editor instead of sitting 2 hours to write 2500-word content. Think about it like this, if you charge $100 for a 500-word copy, you can make ChatGPT write the content that will only take 5 mins. You’ll then go through and edit that which will take about 10 mins. So you can make $150 in 15 mins and times that by 4 clients that’s $600 per  hour  



Selling Print on Demand T-shirts on Etsy

To get started with this side hustle you’ll need to sign up for Printify, then connect your Etsy store.  Selling Print on demand items is low risk and you don’t need to hold inventory. Once you create your artwork using Canva, you’ll place them on Printify’s shirt. Printify will do all the fulfillment and shipping on your behalf. To have success on Etsy Ensure that you upload atheist 20 designs in low competitive keywords. 

There are many sellers making well over 10k a month selling on Etsy print-on-demand items.

Video Editor

The next side hustle on the list is being a Youtube video editor. With the growth of video content, more and more people are looking for YouTube editors to help finalize their raw footage and make them polished for viewers. When I just started this channel, I explored multiple Youtube editors on Fiverr,  some charging $50-60 to edit 10 mins of raw footage.  This side hustle does require a degree, and you can learn this by watching videos on YouTube.  

Real Estate Wholesaling

Side hustle #6 is real state wholesaling. With this side hustle you’ll search for distressed homes or vacant lands in your area and then contact the owner to see if they’d be interested in selling. What you’ll be doing is negotiating a low offer for these properties about a 70% discount minus any repairs or liens Next, add your profit of 10k-20k on it then find a cash buyer or investor that will usually purchase these homes. You can use systems like prop stream and batch leads to gather the leads and data.  

Now if you enjoy side hustles in real estate here’s another one for you:  

Airbnb Arbitrage

This one is called Commercial Airbnb Arbitrage. With this side hustle you will rent out other people’s property and do short-term rentals to business owners that are looking for a place to stay while they’re on business trips.  

You will need a binding contract that stipulates you will be renting the property on a short-term basis.  Most people that I’ve worked with look for a specific price range, and the area; is the most popular city.  

Social Media Management

side hustles

Now if you are interested in being on social media every day, you can actually get paid for it. There are a  lot of businesses that need help with creating and managing social media posts for Facebook, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok. Now the key is to niche down and be an expert for one of these social media platforms then find the clients that are looking for this.  

Affiliate Marketing

#9 on the list is creating a niche Affiliate marketing website. An example of what you can do is go to  Amazon then sign up as an affiliate and choose a product, let’s use the example of Coffee. You can create  50-100 articles on Coffee, types of coffee, and coffee machines. We’re using Amazon because they are the most well-known and trusted e-commerce and even if someone clicks on your link and ends up buying something else you will still receive a commission.  You can create a website using the link below in the description below, you’ll need to purchase your domain, activate your SSL and create your website.  

Selling Digital Products

Number 10 is a side hustle that requires only 1 -2 hours of your time, it’s easy to create multiple listings,  there is no shipping and you can sell this product over and over again. This side hustle is selling digital planners, Canva templates and journal covers on Etsy. Now no you don’t need any experience doing this. However to make 10k plus a month doing this, you’ll need to invest time in creating the best SEO  titles, and descriptions so you can be found on Etsy. Some of the tools I recommend are EtsyHunt, and  E-rank  


Now that we’ve covered side hustles that pay $10,000 per month. Which one will you be trying?

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