18 Small Business Ideas To Start Your Own Business

18 Small Business Ideas To Start Your Own Business

18 Small Business Ideas To Start Your Own Business in 2023

Have you been thinking about small business ideas?

 Entrepreneurial is a great way to become wealthy.  Having a business idea that will help people function better in their life is the first thing to decide on. Ask yourself these questions when you’re planning  to start your own small business from home: 

What is the best small business to start from home?

Best Online Business to start from home 

How will I finance a small business from home? 

Do I need to get any legal paperwork for my small business idea? 

If you’re unsure what are some small business ideas you can start from home. I’m here to guide you. 

In this post, we’ll cover the first steps on starting your own small business from home, discover different types of home business ideas, and why a particular business idea may be good for you. 

Starting a small business from home may or may not require an investment depending on the type of home business you choose. 

Let’s say you are starting an online business, it may require no start-up cost but if you are starting a business that needs raw materials then you will need to start with an investment for your small business from home. 

A small business idea may derive from your passion, and other business ventures may be established because of a demand for a certain product or service. 

 Best small business ideas 

Below are some great ideas you can start from home. For most, you made need little to no investments to start your small business.  

1. Dog Care Services 

If you are someone that enjoys the company of pets such as cats or dogs then starting a Dog Care service would be one best small business ideas to start at home. This business idea requires little to no investment depending on how you want to go about starting a dog care business from home. You can decide to start with no investment by signing up on Rover.

You will be required to do a background check if you wish to work as a Rover dog sitter. The dog sitter onboarding process is simple, once you fill out your details, add your hourly rates and preferences, you can start accepting clients for your dog sitting business. 

2. MakeUp Artist

The make-up industry has become dynamic. A lot of people want the best look for their weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries or other events. This business idea requires a little investment as you’ll need to get a few products to start working in your business. 

Colourpop Cosmetics is a great place to order all your make-up products and they are a widely known make-up supplier. 

3. Event Planner

small business ideas

Do you like to plan and organize parties? An event planning business is a good idea if you like helping people plan and organize their special events. This is exactly why people hire event services. They are looking for someone to find the right catering services, the best location for their event, and to ensure that the decor is top-notch.

To start an event business, you must identify the type of event you want to help with. There are many areas to choose from. You can become an event planner for weddings, cooperate events, or baby showers. Whichever event planning niche you choose, this is a nice small business to start from home with little to no investment upfront. 

4. Baker or Cook

Starting a baking business from home is a nice way to turn your passion into profit. To get started, you’ll need to come up with a nice name for your baking business, get your business registered, and buy raw materials. This is one best business Ideas that you can do from home using the skills you already have. 

5. Driving or Delivery Business

If you own a vehicle, you can start a driving business and deliver items or food for people. To start a business as a driver you’ll need to complete a background check, register your driving business, and have the legal documents based on the state you reside in. 

Your driving or delivery Business should have a clear business plan to help you create a feasible idea of how your business will be functioning daily. 

 Small Business Ideas You Can Start At Home

6. Online Bookkeeping Business 

The internet has made it simple to use your knowledge or education to start an online business. Starting a small business from home as a bookkeeper is a nice business idea if you’re knowledgeable in accounting. There is little to no start-up cost and you can start your small business as a bookkeeper in a day. 

To get the best out of your small business, you must understand who your customers are and how to find them. You can use Linkedin or Facebook groups to find new clients for your bookkeeping business. 

7. Carpentry Business 

Carpenters are some of the most skilled individuals. I know because I have a very impressive carpenter husband and he makes beautiful furniture, designs some of the best pools and homes in my country. Being a carpenter is certainly one best business ideas to start from home. You can create all your customer’s furniture in a dedicated space in your home. 

8. Photography 

If you are still thinking about which business idea is great to start, being a photographer is a good business Idea.  You can start by promoting beautiful shoots on your Facebook or Instagram business page. You’ll need to invest in a good camera set and be able to spot great positions when taking photos. 

To get clients for your photography business, you can do cold outreach to event planners, hotels, and other companies to see if they’re having any upcoming events and if they’d be interested in using your service. 

9. Online Tutor

small business ideas

If you’re a lover of Math or English, becoming an online tutor would be the best business idea you can start from home with no investment. Teaching something you already know would be one of the easiest business ideas to start and you can work whenever you want in your business. Many Tutoring websites are looking for help to teach their clients and this can be a way for you to start your own business from home or online. 

10. VoiceOver Artist 

Voice Actors are some of the most in-demand services and are good for a small business idea. Companies pay good money for voiceovers to promote their products through a professional and clear voice. Starting a voice-over business needs little to no investment depending on the project. 

11. Fitness Coach 

A lot of people are searching for ways to stay healthy and fit every day. This is a great business idea to start from home and you don’t need any start-up cost. To promote your fitness business, you can post your fitness tips on Instagram and create small workout videos on Tiktok or Pinterest. 


12. Financial Consulting 

If you’re good with keeping good finances and can budget effectively then helping others do the same would be a nice business to start. As a Financial Consultant, you’ll figure out your customer’s financial setbacks and how they can get to better financial goals. 

13. Start  a Blogger 

Starting a blog is a simple process once you have an idea of what you want to write about, however, it’s a business venture that is profitable but it takes months before you can start generating income. 

You can start by getting your blog business domain and hosting for cheap by using namecheap.com  The next step is to set up your google analytics and Google search console that will help index your URL blog post once you are ready to write your post. 

Now that you have purchased your domain name and submitted it to Google, it’s time to set up your Wordpess account and create your website. 

To have success with your blogging business, you need to create valuable content and be consistent. Adding affiliate links and selling digital products on your blog is one way to monetize your blog business. 

14. Start a Dropshipping Store 

business ideas

Starting a small business selling products online is one best business ideas you can start from home. Dropshipping involves you being the middle man in an eCommerce transaction, this means you will not hold any inventory and the supplier will ship a product to your customer on your behalf. 

You’ll be responsible for marketing the product and adding your profit. 

15. Sell Craft On Esty 

If you’re a craft person who understands how to create items like necklaces, handmade items, and ornaments then starting your own business selling on Etsy is a good business idea. 

Etsy has millions of visitors monthly that come to the site for handmade items and this will allow you to get clients quickly. You’ll need to research the best keywords and how to position your products so you can sell more products. 

16. Start a Nail Tech Business from home 

If you are just starting and you’re still trying to figure out what business idea you can start, a nail tech business is a good business to start from home.  To get started as a nail technician, you’ll need to first get certified. After you have been certified, you can start promoting your business on social media. 

17. Become a Landlord 

Buying a house and renting it can be a nice business investment to start. You can also rent out a room in your home if that’s feasible for you in terms of your budget to start a business. There are other ways of owning a rental property business, such as taking out a loan or doing creative financing where you’d mark up the rent and put a renter in the property. 

18. Vlogging 

Creating videos and adding them to Youtube and Tiktok is a good business to start from home. Your videos must be valuable and relatable so your business and audience can grow. 

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