15 Well Known Things to sell to Make Money Fast
15 Well Known Things to sell to Make Money Fast

15 Things to sell to Make Money Fast

We are not strangers to emergency expenses and times when we just need quick cash to fill our budgetary gaps. There is nothing quicker than flipping something you own for money, but the real question is, what to sell to make money?

We own plenty of things we don’t need or can survive without. These things are around our house,  in front of our eyes, but we don’t see them until we put cash goggles on!

Below we provide you with a list of Things to sell to make money. Go through the items, circle the ones you have and start downlisting the things that can be sold. These are the best things to sell to make money; get going with 2 two or more of these options, and it will pump up your bank right then and there!

Here we go!

Things to sell to Make Money Fast

1. Books 

Whether or not you are a reader, you will still have a stack of books that are just there in your room doing nothing but covering space and collecting dust. Whether novels, fiction, comics, or books from your School, they can all be sold for a little extra cash with no hassle. Gather these books and put them up for sale!

2. Clothes 

You think you have no extra clothes, but trust me, you do! It can be the pants that you no longer fit in or the shirt that grew out of style, or the jacket that hasn’t seen winter in years. You will find these clothes lying around in the corner of your wardrobe or cupboard.

They are the perfect item to sell to make money. They are no longer of use to you, and they still have the utility, so they can still be used by someone else, so let them buy them from you. There are plenty of sites like thredUP or Poshmark that will allow you to list your clothes for sale.

3. Shoes 

I know you love your shoes and your sneakers, but these are desperate times, and if you don’t need them, they are eligible to go. Like clothes, well-maintained shoes are always in demand and can be quickly flipped for cash. 

If you have the branded ones or a limited edition article, you won’t need to sell more than a pair if it’s a few hundred dollars that you need. Your sneakers got you covered.

4.CDs and DVDs

CDs and DVDs were a constant need back in the day. But with the age of online streaming, they no longer serve the purpose they used to. The good thing is that they still have value for some people, and you can sell it to them to make money.

Put them up for sale in yard sales or put an ad in a Facebook group. If you want to sell them through an online platform, Decluttr or eBay are two very good options.

5. Video games and gaming systems

Video games and gaming systems are the most popular items that always make it to the list of things to sell to make money quickly. Gaming cassettes, CDs, consoles, and other accessories are always in demand, and some of them can go for a pretty good sum on eBay and Facebook Marketplace. If you need instant cash selling gaming items, you can go to GameStop and trade them there.

6. Sports and Gym equipment

Sports can either be your thing or not, but there will surely be some sports equipment that found a way into your house but hasn’t been used for long! And same goes for gym equipment bought for the new year’s oath of fitness but is now rusting in the garage.  It can be 

  • The old pool table or baseball bats and gloves
  • Sports safety equipment like pads and helmets 
  • Ice skates or roller skates
  • Dumbbells or bars 
  • Other gym machines

Have these cleaned up nicely and see the cash coming in.

7. Jewelry

If you own expensive jewelry, this can be the very life jacket that your drowning bank account needs. A high-quality piece of jewelry in your closet might solve your immediate financial problems.

If the jewelry holds emotional value, instead of selling it, you can just pawn it to meet your current needs and then have it back later by paying it back.

8. Furniture

Another popular class of items to make to the list of “what to sell for quick money” quite frequently is unused furniture. Well-maintained furniture has no shortage of demand or platforms to sell. The extra sofa or chair, the tables that are not needed or other decorative furniture items that don’t make a difference are all candidates to be sold out.

If the furniture you own has an antique piece, the right antique auction can bring in thousands of dollars for you.

9. Extra Vehicle 

If you have an extra vehicle that is no longer being used by you or anyone in your family, it is time for it to go. Be it a car, a van, a bike, or even a cycle that is just covering up the garage space. You can sell it on eBay or Facebook marketplace and even rent out the garage space that it is freeing up.

10. Baby Items and Toys

Newborns can be expensive, and because they grow fast, they outgrow things you get for them pretty quickly. With the growth, you have new things to buy, but the stuff that has already been bought is useless to you. So you can sell these to other parents going through the same phase. This can include:

  • The clothes that the baby has outgrown 
  • The toys that are no longer used 
  • Baby furniture 
  • Access stock of diapers or milk that you got for the baby

If you have toys that are in demand, you can get a pretty good deal around the holidays. 

11. Watches

Watches are up there with jewelry and can go at a decent profit if they are branded, vintage, and in good condition. If you have a watch that is vintage or is a rare piece, a few thousand bucks at an auction are easy for such an item. And just like jewelry, you can always pawn it.

12. Collectibles

If there are any sort of collectibles that you own, especially the ones that have a fan base, it is like sitting on a pile of cash. The right collectible can make you instantly rich. These collectibles can be:

  • Collectible coins
  • Cards
  • Vintage toys
  • Sports memorabilia and baseball cards
  • Antiques
  • Movie posters
  • Stamps
  • Toys

Platforms like eBay and Etsy will sell these out quickly and easily. Make sure you know the real value of the item that you are selling.

13. Wedding dresses/formal dresses

Your wedding dresses and suits were expensive, and since the wedding, you have never worn them again. Some people will pay you a pretty good sum for those dresses and formal suits. There is also an option to rent them, which can fetch a few hundred bucks. These dresses are of no use to you but for someone else, they can be a treasure.

14. Vintage Electronics 

Technology is evolving at an unprecedented rate. This means that a piece of technology that is new and exciting today can be old and slow in a few years. You are holding on to such pieces of old electronics which can still bring in good cash if you decide to sell them. 

In fact, out of the list of Things to sell to make money, old electronics are one of the easiest things to sell. If what you have is vintage, an auction on eBay can improve the outlook of your bank account.

15. Musical instrument

You likely bought your first musical instrument from someone who was selling it for cash, you had your time with it, and now that it is no longer used, it is time for it to pass on to a new home. Musical instruments are very easy to sell and can even make you a profit on your purchase price.

Where can I sell things to make money?

Some of the good options that will help you sell all of the items that are listed above are:

  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Craigslist
  • eBay
  • Etsy
  • Amazon
  • Pawn shops

Some applications serve this purpose

  • Decluttr
  • Gazelle
  • LetGo
  • OfferUp
  • Poshmark

If you are currently hanging on a tight budget, a small amount of $50, $100, or $500 can make all the difference. Just identify the things that you can sell that make use of all the platforms listed above to make a quick sum for yourself.

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