12 places to find Freelance Graphic Design work
12 places to find Freelance Graphic Design work

12 Best Places to Find Freelance Graphic Design work 


Are you a creative graphic designer looking for freelance graphic design work online? Here are 12 best places to find freelance graphic design work you can do just about anywhere in the world. These freelance graphic design websites have clients that are looking for people to create logos, flyers, brochures, invitations, business cards, and more. 

There are many places to find freelance graphic design work, however, in this post, we’ll be focusing on 12 best places to find freelance graphic design work. 




Freelancing graphic design website

This freelancing website is one of the largest marketplaces that offer freelance graphic designers the opportunity to work with clients worldwide. There is a free membership on upwork.com where you are giving 20 connects per month to bid on projects. Once you have used all connections, you have the option to purchase more at 0.15 per connect or upgrade to their paid membership for $14.99 per month. You can make anywhere from $20-60/hour as a graphic designer. To get started, go to upwork.com and create your professional profile. 



Freelancing graphic design website  

This is my favorite freelancing website because it has grown very fast with a lot of opportunities for graphic designers to also find jobs worldwide and grow their freelancing business. Fiverr has been around since 2010 and is also one of the largest freelancing websites to find freelance graphic design jobs. This website is free to join, easy to get started with, and start making money full time. See how to make $5,000 per month on Fiverr with graphic designing being one of the services mentioned.  To get started go here to set up your Fiverr gigs and start making money online. You can start making money as a graphic designer on Fiverr anywhere from $10-50 per hour or at a fixed price depending on the project, you can earn as little as $50 for a simple business card design or logo. 


Freelancing graphic design website  

This website is very similar to Fiverr and Upwork. You will create a profile with your skills and bio, then bid on jobs. You can also create hourlies that are similar to gigs outlining an offer or service you can provide. They have a free membership for 3 months, if you were not awarded any jobs within those 90 days they will ask to upgrade for their paid membership at $14 per month. There are mostly UK freelancers on peopleperhour.com but their freelance graphic designer pay scale is high. It’s a very competitive market but you can earn anywhere from $20- 60/ hour doing graphic design. 


Freelancing graphic design website

Similar to upwork.com and peopleperhour.com, this website is another large freelance marketplace that posts graphic design jobs you can do anywhere in the world. You can start by creating your profile and submitting proposals for jobs. This is a free platform but it also offers the options to upgrade. You can earn $15-$45 per hour. 


Freelancing graphic design website

Another freelancing website to find a graphic design job is freelancer.com. You can start by creating a profile, setting up your skills, and bid on projects. As a graphic designer on freelancer.com, you can make anywhere from $20- 50 an hour doing graphic designing or at a fixed rate depending on the size of the task.  

99 Designs

Freelancing graphic design website

Hires top-notch graphic designers, not really ideal for beginners. They are free to sign up with but most of their jobs are awarded through contests. The client will choose the winner and the contest money awarded to the designer. 


freelancing graphic design job

 They offer freelance graphic designers the opportunity to work anywhere in the world. Dribble is free to get started with and they work with top brand companies, like Facebook and Shopify. 


Freelancing graphic design website


This is a freelance platform that provides multiple services. To get started, you’ll need to fill out an application form on their website, in the application, you’ll be required to submit a video answering why you wish to work with them. 


Freelancing graphic design website

You can find creative job posts from clients that need freelance graphic design, illustrations, UI/UX designer, and more on behance.net They are open to freelancers worldwide. 


Freelancing graphic design website

This freelance marketplace lets designers create a portfolio website.  They have a 14-day free trial then afterward it’s $8.25 per month. Their features include Instagram integration, a custom domain, customized CSS, google analytics, no hosting is needed on this platform and it’s very easy to launch.



Freelancing graphic design website

Designhill is a great place to sell creative work. Once you sign up, they’ll ask you to create a profile with your work. There are four ways you can earn money, you can join their contests, create services, and sell on your own terms, sell through their printshop or work one-one with clients.


This website connects freelance graphic designers with clients that are looking for talents. They only hire top 3% freelance talents to work on their platform and they will hire worldwide. 


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12 places to find freelance graphic design work
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