7 Jobs like Instacart to Make Money Delivering Food
7 Jobs like Instacart to Make Money Delivering Food

7 Jobs like Instacart to Make Money Delivering Food (2023)

Delivery jobs like Instacart are a nice way to make money as a gig worker.

 Ridesharing workers enjoy the benefit of working their own schedule and earning tips from customers.

Many gig workers like to use Instacart for earning money when they want to.  It’s no surprise that a lot of people are able to pay off their student loans by working as a driver. In my previous posts, we looked at How much Instacart pay, and even provided a breakdown of shoppers’ earnings. 

You’ll find the best delivery apps to make money daily even without skills. Most delivery jobs require you to be proactive and provide good customer satisfaction. Rideshare drivers depend on tips to increase their pay.  Ensuring that the communication with the customer and delivery is done right is key to success. 

What Is Instacart?

Instacart is available in over 5,500 cities with over 40,000 food chains. The Instacart app allows customers to place their orders and have them delivered to their homes. 

 Instacart allows you can make money delivering groceries as a full-service shopper. You will pick up items from supermarkets and places like  Albertsons, ALDI, Costco, CVS, and Kroger. 

Instacart shoppers are paid depending on the number of batches they complete and how long they take. 

Types of Instacart shoppers 

Depending on the type of job you want to do with Instacart, you can get paid in-store or be a full-service shopper.

 In-store shoppers are responsible for picking up and scanning groceries for customers, they do not take groceries to the customer. Full-service shoppers would pick up, scan, and deliver the groceries to customers. 

Instacart is one of the highest paying delivery jobs with full-service shoppers making an average of $18- $30 an hour. If you work in busy cities like California, Pennsylvania, and New York, there is much more potential for you to earn more even up to $300 a day hour on a 9-12 hour shift. Get paid every Wednesday and cash out limits per day is $3000 for a fee of 0.50 per transaction. 

Here are the Instacart Shopper Requirements 

You must be 18 years are older

Hold a valid driver’s license and up-to-date insurance 

Provide Proof of Address

Pass a Background check 

Have a reliable motor vehicle 

Must be able to attend Orientation if necessary based on your location 

Become an Instacart Shopper 

7 Best Driver Jobs Like Instacart

Although Instacart shoppers are paid well, there are some others to consider. Here are 7 job alternatives forInstacart shoppers to make money as delivery drivers. Let’s explore some other jobs like Instacart.  

1. DoorDash 

DoorDash is a well-known food delivery service that’s available in 7000 cities throughout the United States and in other countries like Canada, Australia, and Japan. 

Customers can use the Doordash app to order food from their favorite restaurant. 

A Dasher is responsible for taking food from an approved DoorDash outlet to a customer’s home or office. 

The requirements to become a DoorDash driver are as follows are the same as Instacart. 

Read the full guide on how much Door Dashers make 

2.  GrubHub

Grubhub may not be the most lucrative delivery job like Instacart but it’s still a great way to earn money as a driver. The process for a Background check takes longer but you need to do the same steps to start working like Instacart. Your Grubhub card will be used to make purchases if a customer order hasn’t been paid for. 

Grubhub revenue grew by 39% during the pandemic, which increased work for delivery drivers.  You can find Grubhub in more than 300,000 restaurants. Customers can enjoy ordering Chinese food nearby without leaving their houses. 

Grubhub drivers make an average of  $11-$15 an hour. Drivers are affected by the long wait time that food takes to be ready for deliveries. These are sometimes affected by long lines at fast food restaurants like Starbuck, Chick-Fil-A, or Burger king. 

In August, GrubHub and Amazon recently partnered to make food delivery free for their prime members, which is definitely great for drivers. This may result in more orders for GrubHubers hopefully. 

Like Instacart, GrubHub drivers can get instant cash out for a fee of 0.50 per transaction. The maximum to cash out per day on Grubhub is up to $500 and you get paid weekly through direct deposits.

3. Shipt Shopper Delivery 

Like Instacart, Shipt drivers get paid to shop and deliver groceries. If you’re more into grocery shopping, choosing this app would be a great alternative for Instacart. The more you shop, the more you earn. Like Instacart and other delivery apps, you get to keep 100% of customers’ tips. 

Shoppers on Shipt are making an average of $16-$22 per hour according to Shipt’s website. You’ll earn a base pay of $5 and a 7.5% tip of the total order. 

As a Shipt Shopper, you can make up to $130 per day working an 8-hour shift. 

The requirements of becoming a Shipt shopper are the same as Instacart.  

4. Uber Eats

UberEats is among the popular jobs like Instacart. You’ll be required to be at least 18 years of age with a valid driver’s license, do a background check, and attend an orientation. Working on this app is similar to the Grubhub pay model. You’ll earn money through your base pay, customer tips, and promotions. 

Uber Eats Drivers earn an average pay of $14 per hour.  

How to get started? 

  1. Download and install the Uber Eats Driver app. It’s available for both Andriod and iOs
  2. Provide consent to a background check.
  3. Submit your Drivers license, your proof of Identity, and insurance 
  4. Uber Eats will send you an email notifying approval

How to work on Uber Eats 

  1. Open the Uber Eats Driver app menu.
  2. Tap the blue “GO” button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Review and accept the delivery terms.
  4. To accept the delivery, tap the box with the blue flashing button at the bottom of your screen immediately. 

You can drive a car, ride a bike, ride a scooter or even walk to deliver food to your customers. But it’s best to have a vehicle so you can manage your time and earnings better. 

Before accepting an order, you can see how much you will get paid to deliver it. You can also see how much customers tip you in-app.

When you drive with Uber Eats, your earnings are automatically transferred to your bank account once every week. You can even use Instant Pay and cash out your pay up to five times per day.

5.  Amazon Flex 

Drivers looking for Instacart alternatives that don’t require delivering groceries can choose Amazon Flex. There is no long waiting to deliver packages. 

To work as an independent Amazon flex driver you must be 21 years old, have a mid-size truck for deliveries, and can take orders in advance. 

Amazon Flex drivers earn $16.50 per hour and are paid bi-weekly through direct deposit. 

6. Caviar

If you’re looking for a delivery app that deals with high-end restaurants and is no long waiting for delivery, Caviar is a great alternative to other apps like DoorDash or Grubhub.

To be a driver for Caviar, you need to be 18 years of age and have a car, truck, scooter, or another vehicle. Remember that each city has its own preference regarding what types of vehicles you can use for delivery. 

Caviar is available in a variety of markets across the United States. Here are the top 10 areas where it’s currently available:

  1. New York City
  2. Los Angeles
  3. Dallas
  4. San Francisco
  5. Seattle
  6. Washington, D.C.
  7. Portland
  8. Chicago
  9. Philadelphia
  10. Boston

Their driver requirements are similar to Instacart and DoorDash. You’ll need to have 2 years’ experience as a driver. Caviar drivers make an average hourly rate of $17. They are not paid per delivery but through a cash app.


7. Drizly

This is a nice delivery app like Instacart but you would be delivering alcohol instead of groceries. With many bars, restaurants, and hotels demanding beers, wines, and spirit drinks, Drizly makes this a nice way for gig workers to make money driving.

The Drizly app is available in 100 United States Markets across 24 States. Drivers make an average of $12 per hour delivering alcohol to local restaurants. In some States, you have to be at least 21 years old before you can sign up for this delivery job. 

If you’re looking for a low-stress delivery job to make money on the side, then this is a nice way to do it. As a driver for Drizly, you’ll be assigned to one store at a time and make easy deliveries. 

The requirements for Drizly are slightly different than Instacart. 

You must be able to lift 160 pounds weight as most deliveries are in crates and large boxes.

Meet the minimum age for delivery based on the laws of your State, some 18 or 21 

Have basic knowledge of Alcohol beverages. 

Jobs Like Instacart Compared 

Company Hourly Rating
Instacart  $18 4.6
DoorDash $16 4.8
Grubhub  $15 4.6
Shipt $16 4.4
Amazon Flex $16.50 4.7
Uber Eats $14 3.4
Caviar  $17 3.8
Drizly $12 4.1

FAQs About Delivery Apps Like Instacart

Which Driving App Makes the Most Money?

Our comparison shows that Instacart, Amazon Flex, DoorDash, Shipt, and Caviar delivery apps make more money. You can sign up for 2-3 apps at a time to try them out. 

Look at the advantages of each delivery service to choose which one is good for you. Amazon Flex is for those who want to deliver packages instead of Food. Shipt and Instacart are grocery shopping apps and you can make money on your own schedule. 

Caviar on the other hand is for those who want to deliver alcoholic beverages only. 

Can you make a living as a Delivery Driver?

It depends on which city/ state you’re in. Some people do make a decent amount from their delivery jobs like Instacart. while others will earn less than minimum wages. For example in large cities like California and Washington, drivers can earn $18+

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