24 Best Online Jobs To Make Legit Money
24 Best Online Jobs To Make Legit Money

Nowadays, people are earning money in different ways without even leaving their  home. For many years, in office jobs was a thing where people would sit at a computer all day but that’s not how it is these days. Now, you can get paid to do online jobs from anywhere in the world. 

Sounds good right? 

On this blog, I share companies that offers remote work to employees and independent contractors. Online jobs are in demand and it’s a great way to have a work life balance. 

This post will outline the different online jobs and explain the required experience and help you understand which is best for you. 


24+ Online Jobs You Can Do From Home


Lets’ start things off with the  best online jobs that requires no work experience. 


1. Take Surveys Online


This simple service job can not make you a full time income but downloading survey apps can help you earn some extra money on your free time. 

These surveys are easy and doesn’t require experience or investments. Most of these surveys are market research by companies looking for people to give their feedback. The amount of money you can earn from surveys really depends on how fast you can complete them and the location that you’re in. 

Here is a list of the best online survey sites to try out. The ones that are most popular are Swagbucks, Branded Surveys, InboxDolars and Survey Junkie. 


For each surveys you can find their reviews to learn more about their legitimacy. 


Branded Surveys


Branded Surveys is a market research platform that allows users to earn rewards by participating in surveys and other online activities. Users sign up for free and are matched with surveys based on their demographic information. By completing surveys, users earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards from popular retailers or cash via PayPal. The platform emphasizes transparency and user-friendly interface, making it easy for individuals to earn rewards in their spare time.


Read the full Branded Survey review 



Swagbucks is a popular rewards and loyalty program that allows users to earn points, called Swagbucks or SB, by completing various online tasks such as shopping, taking surveys, watching videos, and searching the web. 


These points can then be redeemed for gift cards to major retailers or cash back via PayPal. Swagbucks offers a wide range of earning opportunities and has a user-friendly interface, making it a convenient way for people to earn rewards while engaging in everyday online activities.


Read the full Swagbucks review

2. Complete Small Micro-Tasks


The next way to find a work from home job is to complete micro-tasks. You can find simple service jobs on sites like Microworkers, Appen, Clickworkers and Amazon Mechanical Turk. 


Starting theses tasks can be quick and easy because they require no experience. All that is require is to follow a set of instructions to complete each tasks. If you have a computer and basic skills you can do this work.


To sum things up, micro jobs are small tasks that gig workes do for random companies. Tasks may include, photo tagging, transcribing, captionin, surveys, researching, watching ads and data entry. 


Most of these mirco jobs are available worldwide. 


Online Jobs that are Flexible 

3. Virtual Assistant


As a Virtual Assistant you job is to help small business owners with day to day operations like email management, calls, appointments, customer support, administrative tasks and their social media. Most VA works on a flexible schedule, they are considered and independent contract and they set their own rates and contract terms. 


As a VA, you can charge between $20-$80 per hour depending on your experience or type of tasks. 


4. Transcribing 


Transcribing audio or video files remains a sought-after work-from-home opportunity due to the unreliability of automated solutions. Companies often outsource these tasks due to their demanding nature, requiring meticulous attention to detail.


The potential for earning a decent hourly wage through transcription hinges on your typing speed and the hiring company’s compensation structure. While your earning potential may grow with experience, it’s generally regarded as a modestly lucrative remote job.


Several platforms are accessible to anyone interested in transcription work:


– Transcribe Anywhere: Offers transcription opportunities and comprehensive training.

– Scribie: Requires passing an online test; potential earnings range from $5 to $25 per hour, though slower typists may earn as low as $3 hourly.

– Transcribe Me: Claims competitive rates of $21 to $22 hourly, but actual earnings may vary.

– Rev: Offers varied earnings averaging $156 monthly for 15 jobs, with top earners making up to $1,495 monthly.

– Go Transcript: Pays up to $0.60 per minute, contingent upon passing an assessment.

– Speechpad: Offers rates from $0.25 to $1.00 per minute, but demands high-quality transcribers.


Transcription can serve as a viable side hustle, potentially evolving into a full-time career with experience and specialization in lucrative industries.


5. Proofreading

If you possess excellent grammar skills but prefer not to generate content from the ground up, proofreading could present a more suitable option. It’s a straightforward remote opportunity with scalable potential – enabling you to focus on acquiring clients and expertise, and subsequently outsourcing proofreading tasks.


In addition to showcasing your services on freelance platforms, consider exploring job boards like JournalismJobs and MediaBistro. For comprehensive guidance on the craft of proofreading and establishing a business, I strongly endorse the Proofread Anywhere Course led by Caitlin, a trusted friend, where you can learn the ropes of building a successful proofreading venture from scratch.


6. Freelance Writing


Freelance writers have the flexibility to work remotely from home or any preferred location, delving into various writing avenues such as content writing, ghostwriting, copywriting, or technical writing.

To maximize your success in the freelance writing realm, specializing in a niche is crucial. This not only enhances your expertise in the subject matter but also enables you to craft more compelling pitches.

Content Writing involves creating blog posts and web content for businesses or websites, offering abundant freelance opportunities, especially in content-driven marketing strategies and SEO optimization. It serves as an ideal side gig for bloggers or established content creators, utilizing existing blog posts as samples for prospective clients.


Ghostwriting entails writing content for others to publish under their name, a common practice in books, blogs, politics, and academia. This avenue can be lucrative, particularly if you bring tangible value to your clients.


Copywriting boasts significant earning potential by assisting companies in selling products or services through persuasive sales emails, product descriptions, and advertisements. Proficiency in design enhances the appeal of copywriting projects.


Technical Writing, a highly profitable niche, involves crafting owner’s manuals, user guides, and other technical documentation. This field requires a rare blend of technical expertise and writing prowess, making it a lucrative option for those with suitable qualifications.


Finding freelance opportunities can be pursued through various avenues, including creating profiles on platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, or Freelancer, or scouring job boards like FlexJobs, BloggingPro, and ProBlogger. Earnings in freelance writing can vary widely, ranging from as low as $0.01 per word to well over $1 per word.


7.Social Media Manager


Social media managers specialize in managing social media platforms for businesses that already have an online presence but require assistance in optimizing their accounts.


Numerous businesses have established social media profiles but struggle to maintain an active presence and effectively engage with their audience. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok demand significant time investments for effective marketing and customer interaction, presenting an opportunity for social media managers to provide valuable support.


Typical tasks for a social media manager include uploading content, responding to messages and comments, addressing brand issues, and providing basic customer service. Compensation typically ranges from $15 to $40 per hour. With consistent clients, this role can offer lucrative earnings as a legitimate online opportunity.


8. Start a Facebook Ads Business


With nearly 3 billion users, Facebook stands as one of the most potent marketing platforms globally. Crafting a Facebook Ad is accessible from any location, and mastering the process is relatively straightforward.


My acquaintance Bobby offers a Facebook Ad Side Hustle Course designed to instruct individuals on running effective Facebook ad campaigns and establishing a thriving Facebook Ad business. The course covers acquiring clients, accessing a supportive community group for learning and business growth.


9. Become a Blogger


Entering the world of blogging holds far greater financial potential than many realize. Discover the various avenues for monetizing your blog beyond traditional advertising. You’ll explore opportunities such as affiliate marketing and selling digital products like online courses or personalized coaching services.


With a blog that gains traction and popularity, the earning possibilities become virtually boundless. Achieving a six-figure income from your blog is feasible, even without continually churning out new content.


Yet, it’s essential to temper expectations. Building a profitable blog requires consistent effort over time, typically at least six months of regular writing, ideally with multiple posts each week. Success may not be immediate, and there’s no guarantee of achieving widespread popularity or reaching a six-figure salary.


Nevertheless, blogging presents an attractive option for those passionate about their chosen topic, capable of carving out a lucrative niche, and willing to invest the necessary time and effort, with patience for the potential long-term payoff.


10. Ebook Publisher


If you possess strong writing abilities and the knack for self-promotion, bypassing intermediaries to become an eBook publisher could be a promising venture. Even established authors are increasingly drawn to eBook publishing due to the higher profit margins achieved by selling directly to readers on platforms like Amazon.


While uploading a Word document to Amazon’s Mobi generator is feasible, it may not always yield the desired format. Familiarizing yourself with the necessary software to properly format your book for Kindle is advisable. Kindlepreneur offers valuable insights for those looking to delve deeper into this field.


Additionally, a compelling cover is essential, even for eBooks. Unless you’re adept at graphic design, hiring a freelancer to create your cover may be necessary, incurring some additional expense. However, eBook publishing isn’t a quick fix for immediate financial gain; it demands time to write a book, and without a substantial following, rapid sales are unlikely. Nonetheless, eBook publishing holds the potential for lucrative passive income.


Online Jobs For Specialized Skills


11.Graphic Designer


Many individuals without formal graphic design training or extensive Adobe Creative Cloud knowledge often overlook the possibility of pursuing a career in graphic design. However, a bachelor’s degree is not always a prerequisite for entry-level positions. Not all companies require intricate logos crafted by seasoned graphic designers; some simply need graphics for basic platforms like Canva and PicMonkey.


Given the time-consuming nature of creating and managing online images, many businesses seek external assistance. If you possess basic digital skills, you can offer these services as an independent contractor. Mastering Canva, for instance, can be achieved in just a few hours. Graphic design stands as a future-proof skill worth acquiring; regardless of your current career path or remote job aspirations, ample opportunities exist in this field.


Similar to other freelancing endeavors, you can market your graphic design services on popular platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, and Flexjobs. Mechanical Turk also features graphic design job listings. Of course, graphic designers with advanced skills command higher incomes, with the most proficient artists potentially earning up to $100 per hour.


12.  Bookkeeper


Employing your skills as a budgeter or bookkeeper from the comfort of home presents a reliable option provided you maintain organization and possess a keen aptitude for numbers. 


Typical responsibilities in these roles encompass managing accounts payable and receivable, reconciling payments and revenue, assisting with financial reporting, and offering support to internal accounting departments as required.


You have the flexibility to offer these services to individuals or businesses by directly reaching out to potential clients or promoting your services on freelancing platforms. Utilizing platforms like LinkedIn can be fruitful for connecting with small businesses and individual clients. Additionally, browsing job listings on freelancing websites can lead to potential opportunities.


13. Website Designer


Becoming a web designer may seem daunting if you lack coding skills, but this notion is outdated. Website creation has never been more accessible, and it’s a necessity for businesses of all sizes.


Many companies opt to hire individuals who can utilize drag-and-drop website builders, as this cost-effective solution yields results at a fraction of the cost of hiring a coder. Platforms like Squarespace and Wix offer intuitive drag-and-drop tools that are easy to learn. Mastering these tools can quickly elevate you to specialist status.


For those seeking rewarding work-from-home opportunities, acquiring website-building skills is invaluable. Additionally, exploring WordPress, a widely-used content management system for building websites and blogs, is highly recommended.


14. Photographer


Earning a living as a photographer has become increasingly accessible. Thanks to the impressive quality of smartphone cameras, owning a professional camera may not even be necessary.


Simply upload your images to a stock image platform like Shutterstock or Getty Images. While significant earnings may not materialize immediately, amassing a substantial volume of approved photos and possessing an understanding of market demand are key.


Monetizing your photo collection is a straightforward process if you already have a passion for photography and a sizable portfolio of high-quality images stored on your computer.


15. Voiceover Artist


If you frequently receive praise for your speaking skills, venturing into the realm of voiceover artistry could be an enticing path. In this role, you’ll lend your voice to scripts for audiobooks, videos, and films, tapping into a growing demand fueled by the rising significance of video marketing.


Learn more about how voice actors make per hour 


Online Jobs in Teaching


Here are the best online jobs for good teachers and instructors:


16. Become A Tutor


For remote educators seeking alternative avenues, tutoring in subjects beyond English can prove financially rewarding, particularly for those with extensive education holding at least a bachelor’s degree.


Chegg offers opportunities for online tutoring via video calls across diverse subjects, with starting pay at $20 per hour.


Studypool specializes in homework assistance, where students post questions requiring help and set a price, varying based on complexity and urgency. Studypool asserts on its platform that tutors have the potential to earn up to $7,500 monthly.


17.Online Coaching

Coaching presents a mutually beneficial opportunity, offering not only substantial financial rewards but also the satisfaction of guiding individuals toward personal and professional growth. Specializing in a specific niche enhances the effectiveness of coaching endeavors.


Some of the most sought-after coaching niches include career coaching, health coaching, financial coaching, life coaching, relationship coaching (or counseling), and business executive coaching.


To attract clients, utilize social and professional networking platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Establishing a professional website detailing your services and showcasing client testimonials can further bolster your credibility.


Once established, many coaches rely on word-of-mouth recommendations to expand their client base. The autonomy of owning an online coaching business allows you to set your own rates, providing flexibility and control over your earnings.


18. English Teacher

Becoming an online English teacher presents a straightforward remote opportunity for any native English speaker with internet access. While prior teaching experience is advantageous, it’s often not a prerequisite for many online teaching positions. Numerous platforms exist to connect you with students eager to engage in paid English conversations.


Platforms such as iTalki offer flexibility, allowing you to set your rates as a ‘community tutor,’ primarily catering to adults rather than children. 


For those interested in teaching young learners (ages 4-12), Magic Ears provides opportunities with earnings ranging from $20 to $26 per hour. Additionally, VIPKid specializes in online English instruction for Chinese children, offering hourly rates between $14 and $18.


Miscellaneous Online Jobs


19. Website or Application Tester


Earning income as a website or application tester offers an opportunity to conduct usability assessments, evaluating the functionality and user experience of various apps and sites.


Interestingly, not being overly tech-savvy could work to your advantage, as companies seek feedback from individuals representative of diverse user demographics.


Several platforms offer compensation for testing:


– UserTesting: Offers potential earnings of up to $60 per test.

– UTest: Provides $10 per test.

– UserFeel: Also offers $10 per test.


20.Online Juror

Becoming an online juror for mock trials is a lesser-known opportunity. In this role, you’ll assist attorneys in trial preparation by offering valuable feedback. Securing online juror positions can be competitive, and eligibility is limited to U.S. citizens.


Several websites offer opportunities in this field:


– eJury

– Online Verdict

– Resolution Research


21. Website or Application Tester


Earning income as a website or application tester involves conducting usability assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of an app or site.


Interestingly, lacking extensive tech knowledge could be advantageous, as companies seek feedback from individuals representative of diverse user demographics.


Various platforms offer compensation for testing:


– UserTesting: Promises potential earnings of up to $60 per test.

– UTest: Offers $10 per test.

– UserFeel: Also provides $10 per test.


Online Selling Jobs


If you excel in sales, these online jobs are ideal for you:


22. Amazon FBA 


Amazon FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon, offers a convenient way for individuals and businesses to sell their products online. With FBA, sellers can store their inventory in Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and Amazon takes care of the picking, packing, shipping, and customer service.


Here’s how it works: sellers send their products to Amazon’s fulfillment centers, and when a customer places an order, Amazon handles the rest. This includes picking the product from the shelf, packing it securely, shipping it to the customer’s doorstep, and providing customer support.


FBA provides sellers with several benefits, including access to Amazon’s vast customer base, Prime shipping options for their products, and the ability to offer Amazon’s renowned customer service. Additionally, FBA sellers can save time and money by outsourcing the logistics and fulfillment aspects of their business to Amazon.


Overall, Amazon FBA is a powerful tool for sellers looking to streamline their operations, reach more customers, and grow their business on the world’s largest online marketplace.


23. Etsy Store 

Consider exploring Etsy if you’re interested in crafting your own products to sell. Owning an Etsy store can offer a promising avenue for entrepreneurship. While Etsy is commonly known for handmade crafts, you can also market and sell digital products like printables. 


While Etsy does take a percentage of your profits as a third-party platform, if your overhead costs for raw materials are minimal or nonexistent, this venture has the potential to be profitable. Launching a printables business on Etsy is particularly straightforward, making it one of the simplest online opportunities to pursue.


24. Drop shipping 


Drop shipping enables you to market goods without ever handling the physical inventory you sell. Platforms like Shopify act as intermediaries, managing products, deliveries, and providing online space to showcase your offerings, making entry into e-commerce hassle-free.


While Shopify does take a portion of your profits, they offer a comprehensive dropshipping guide to aid your understanding of the process. Your potential earnings hinge on factors such as the value of your items, your pricing strategy, and the scope of your business operations.


How To Avoid An Online Job Scams?


Despite the widespread availability of remote employment and the growing population embracing this mode of work, a significant portion of individuals still harbor reservations about divulging their time and personal information to newly encountered clients or unfamiliar websites. Their apprehension stems from fears of falling victim to scams or deception.

However, amid the plethora of fraudulent schemes and dubious job offers, exercising basic discernment can effectively steer you clear of potential pitfalls.


Tips to avoid Online Job Scams

When considering a company offering remote employment, conduct a brief online search to gather insights. Reviews on platforms like Glassdoor or Trustpilot can provide valuable information about the legitimacy of the organization.

When engaging with potential clients directly and harboring concerns about payment, consider requesting 50% of the payment upfront rather than awaiting compensation upon completion of the work.

For freelancers utilizing third-party platforms to connect with clients, it’s advisable to remain within the platform unless a solid rapport has been established with the client. While it may be inconvenient that the platform deducts a portion of earnings, it also ensures both safety and payment assurance.



As an online contractor, payment is typically facilitated through platforms like PayPal, Wise, Payoneer or Venmo. However, for substantial projects, some companies may opt to issue payment via mailed checks or direct bank transfers.

Occasionally, you may have the flexibility to select your preferred payment method, with the choice often influenced by the nature of the work being undertaken.



What Online Job Works Best For You?

The online jobs you select should align with your skill set and financial goals.

Do you prioritize immediate earnings, regardless of the effort required, or are you a student willing to invest in ventures that may initially yield little profit but promise long-term passive income? Are you viewing online work as a temporary solution or aiming to transform it into a sustainable lifestyle? Are you open to juggling multiple online endeavors?

These fundamental considerations shape your choice between low-reward, low-effort opportunities and high-reward, high-effort commitments. Exercise caution with propositions promising substantial rewards for minimal input.

Numerous legitimate online opportunities exist, many of which require no initial investment. If you’re a teenager seeking online employment, explore my compilation of Legitimate Online Jobs For Teens.


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