Jobs That Pay $20 an hour that requires no degree or experience

Jobs That Pay $20 an hour that requires no degree or experience

Have you been looking for jobs that pay $20 an hour? 


There is a lot of work from home jobs that pay $20 an hour with little to no experience. Nowadays, you can get plenty of jobs that pay $20 an hour without certification. 


Having an idea and a  strategy in place can land you jobs that pay 20 dollars an hour. 


You’ll learn how to make $20 an hour and find jobs that pay $20 an hour online. 


You will also find jobs that pay $20 an hour near you.  These are flexible job opportunities that are paying $20 an hour. 


 Jobs that pay $20 an hour Online


Below are jobs that pay $20 an hour or more. I’ll list jobs that pay $20 an hour for stay-at-home moms, introverts, and people who are social butterflies. 


1. Dog Walker


If you’re one of those people who enjoy spending time with pets such as cats and dogs you can actually make $28 an hour on Rover


This job requires you to do a background check but the signup process is easy. You can also make $20 every time you refer someone that signs up with Rover as a pet parent or $50 if they are joining as a sitter. 


This is a good job that pays $20 an hour and you can choose your own hours and even start your own business as a dog sitter making a full-time income. 


2. Freelance Writer

jobs that pay $20 an hour

There are freelance writers that are making 6 figure incomes every month! I’ve done my own due diligence and know a few people who are writing articles and ebooks and they are making a lot of money doing it. 


Freelance writing jobs can pay you $100/hour for people who are experienced and can write a 500-word article in an hour. To find freelance writing jobs, you can join sites like Fiverr or Upwork



3. Proofreading


Being an online proofreader means that you’ll be responsible for spotting grammatical errors and correcting them. In a previous blog post, I discussed 20 online proofreading jobs you can do from home and make $4000 a month. 


If you’re looking for a flexible job that pays $20 an hour working from home, working as a proofreader would be a top recommendation. This job is great for people who are looking for jobs that pay $20 an hour while traveling or taking care of their kids. 


Proofreading jobs are also great for people who like reading. So if you’re one of those people who read books a lot, you can make 20 dollars to $35 an hour correcting errors. 


How to make $20- $35 an hour as a Proofreader


To get started as a proofreader, I recommend taking the Proofread Anywhere Course where you’ll leverage the skills needed and become certified.

If you’re looking for jobs that pay $20 an hour with no certification or experience, you can sign up for freelancing platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

Proofreaders with no experience make good money freelancing. If you prefer setting up your proofreading business and getting clients directly, you can take the Proofread Anywhere Course and make  $4k a month. 





4.   Online Tutoring 

jobs that pay $20 an hour

Magic Ears is an online tutoring site that pays its English teachers up to $26 an hour. Before you can start teaching kids ages 4 to 12 years old, you’ll need to complete their 12 Tesol Certification that will qualify you to start tutoring. 


You really don’t need a lot of experience to start teaching Magic Ears.  They also provide their teachers with the materials they should teach to their students. 


As an online tutor, you can set your own working hours and decide how much you want to make per week.





5. Make $20 an hour Freelancing 


This is a great way and one of the ways I make over $100 a day. As a freelancer, you can do jobs that pay 20 dollars an hour. You will be able to travel or work while you care for your kids. There are many types of freelancers and they are paid based on their skills and type of project. 


If you’re looking for ways to make $20 an hour working flexible hours, freelancing is recommended. 


Check out my ebook “The 5k a month Freelancer Guide” where I went into details step by step with the exact pitches I use to get clients to hire me. This guide is a great investment for people who really wants to start a freelance business and make $500 or more per month. 



6. WordPress Website Developers 


Businesses and individuals are constantly building or trying to resolve issues with their websites. WordPress Web developers make a good income by fixing bugs on people’s websites per hour. 


This is another job that is easily paying $20 an hour and it requires some skills too. Youtube has made it possible for people to learn these skills. And you can find jobs that pay $20 an hour and start working as a WordPress Web Developer. 



7. Driving For DoorDash 


Delivering food for Doordash requires no experience but you’ll need to have access to either a  car, scooter, or bicycle to do drop-offs. They will require a background check and your driver’s license number in the application process. 


Once you’ve been approved, you’ll need to download the DoorDash app where you can select the areas you want to deliver food in, and work anytime you want. As a dasher, you can make up to $1000 a week delivering food. Therefore, being a driver for Doordash is a good way to make $20 an hour with no degree or experience. 


8. Virtual Assistant Jobs that pay $20 an hour


Virtual assistants are becoming more popular and just like freelancers they can set their own schedule and make passive income. There are many jobs that $20 an hour for Virtual Assistants to help them plan and operate in their business daily. 


Virtual Assistants are multitaskers and they normally help businesses with multiple areas in their business, such as emailing, answering phone calls, updating blog post, handling their social media account among others. 

In my ebook, I also showed how I worked as a VA outside freelancing on Fiverr. I also gave details on how I use LinkedIn and Fiverr to drive clients to my virtual assistant website. 




9. Jobs that pay $20 an hour in Graphic Designing


As a Graphic Designer, you can make up to $60 an hour creating posters, business cards, invitations, and brochures.  Graphic designing jobs that pay $20 an hour require no degree and you can get started with some experience designing. 


Check out my post on 12 places to find graphic design work 


10. Resume & Linkedin Profile Writing 


People are looking for ways to stand out during an interview. or maybe on LinkedIn. This is because they can get better opportunities with a well-written resume. 


You can pitch your resume writing services by marketing on LinkedIn. And you can find clients on Fiverr or Upwork.  


Where to Find Jobs that pay $20 an hour near me? 


If you’re looking for other jobs near you that are paying $20 an hour. You can check out local jobs paying $20 an hour on Simplyhired. You’ll see local jobs such as Guestroom Attendants that pay $20 an hour or healthcare jobs that pay $20 an hour. 


Final Thoughts

Now that we’ve discussed jobs that pay $20 an hour. What job most interests you?  Leave a comment, share it with a friend, and subscribe to my weekly newsletter to get more work-from-home job opportunities. 


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