46 Easy Ways For Teenagers To Make Money In 2024
46 Easy Ways For Teenagers To Make Money In 2024

If you’re a teenager looking for ways to make money, I get it! As a child growing up, I was always passionate about entrepreneurship. At the early age of 7, I served in a grocery store with my aunt. As a teen, you might be interested in finding some of the best or even easy ways to make money.



46 Easy Ways For Teens To Make Money In 2024


If you’re 13 and up, these jobs are great for teens to earn money on the side while going to school. Even on holidays like Christmas or in the summer, you can still get paid as a teenager.

Most teenagers like to manage their own money and help out their households; if that’s you, then you can try out this list of ways to make money as a teenager.

But according to this post by CNBC, 54% of teens feel unprepared to finance their future. So I think it’s good to know how to make money starting as a teen.  

Let’s drive in!

46 Things You Can Do to Make Money as a Teen

1. Participate in Surveys for Teens to make money:

One of the easiest money-making jobs for teens is to take part in focus groups and get paid for their opinion. No experience is needed, and they can do this anytime. Here are some top recommendations for surveys teens can do to make money.

Branded Survey

Prize Reble



2. Pet sitting

If you’re a teenager that enjoys spending time with cats or dogs, you can get paid to stay with them during the day. House Pet sitting includes feeding, playing, bathing, and giving the pet water to drink. This is also a nice way to make money for teens who are on holiday. However, if you are looking for jobs on the weekend, this is also a nice one.

3. Social Media Management

One of the most proven Ways For Teens To Make Money is to become a social media manager. This will include posting content consistently on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can become a social media manager by using a platform like Fiverr or even asking local businesses in your area to manage their social media accounts.

4. Car Washing

You can make quick bucks washing cars for people. You’ll need a bucket, a washcloth, and soap to start. Consider a few things to do before washing a car, such as clearing out items or any small pieces of garbage. If you want to make quick money as a teen, ask around car wash centers for work after school, during the holidays, or on weekends.

5. Lawn Care Business

Getting into cutting-edge and mowing loans can earn you money as a teen. Some people might be looking for help near you. You can use Thumbtack, Bark.com, or Task Rabbit to pick up some of these jobs.

6. Offer Math Tutoring

A lot of people struggle with math, even teens too! If you’re an excellent teenager in mathematics, consider tutoring math after school or even on the weekends. You can ask your school principal or teacher’s permission to hand out flyers for your math tutoring sessions.

7. Work at Fast Food Restaurants like Chick Fil A

Fast food restaurants hire teens to serve meals, take orders and clean their kitchens after school. Check out some of these companies that hire teens near you. KFC, Burger King, Chic Fill A and Starbucks are popular places that hire teens.

8. Research for Cash

Companies will pay you to do research, and you’ll make an hourly income. Some of the ways you can make money are through conducting online research.

9. Sell Old books and Toys on Facebook Marketplace

You might have old books and toys you no longer use, this could be a way to make money without a job. All you need to do is list your gently used items on the Facebook Marketplace for a few bucks.

10. Set up Christmas lights

Most families get busy during the holidays, and teens can find work setting up Christmas lights. Check around your neighborhood for people who are setting shopping for Christmas trees and lights, and ask them if they need help setting them up. You can make $10-$20 an hour doing this.

11. Take Photos for a Realtor

There are realtors out there that are looking for help to take photos of the homes they listed. You can get started by going to zillow.com, finding some of the most recent listings in your city, and calling the real estate agents to find out if they would be open to getting some photos for their listings.

12. Create YouTube Videos

YouTube is a profitable way for teens can make money from home. To monetize your Youtube channel, you must have 1000 subscribers, meet 4000 watch hours within 12 months, and have an AdSense account. Creating a channel can make teens a lot of money by having fun or teaching other people.


13. House sit for your neighbors

You can watch your neighbor’s home while they’re away on vacation or traveling for work. You don’t need to have any experience doing this and it’s a low-stress job teen can do.

14. Offer to help out at Salons

Some hair salons might need your help to wash their client’s hair or even help with braiding or cleaning up their workstation. Whatever you can do, try out salons nearby to see if they need help on the weekends.

15. Work at a Movie Theater

Working at a movie theater is a flexible way for teens to earn money on the weekends. You will be responsible for tickets, making popcorn, and cleaning the area. This could be it if you’re looking for teen jobs throughout the holiday.

16. Become a Babysitter

Do you know someone that could use some help with their young kids? This could be an opportunity for you to become a babysitter and make money weekly. Many moms could use some help, be sure to check around and ask parents at your school if they need a babysitter on the weekends.

17. Sell handmade items on Etsy

If you’re good at making necklaces or bracelets, you could sell them for a couple of dollars on Etsy. Etsy is one of the fastest-growing E-commerce platforms and can be a source of good income.

18. Become a Freelance Writer

Businesses today constantly need content to maintain their websites and social media presence. You can supply that demand by becoming a writer for them. Have multiple clients through freelancing platforms and build your writing career.

19. Work in a Clothing Store

Do you have a taste for fashion? Put that taste to use and start working at a clothing store. Help the shoppers with what is best for them. Some of these jobs also offer commission which would be a bonus. Start looking for local clothing stores and polish your styling sense.

20. Sell Your Digital Artwork

Digital art is booming now more than ever because it is the era of NFTs. Crypto investors are hiring digital artists left, right, and center, which has increased the demand for the service,; hence, it is way more lucrative than it was a few years ago. If you can work in that domain, this is your time.

21. Remove Backgrounds from Photos

The simplest task you can get paid for is removing the background of their photos for people. You can use multiple applications to help people get a cleaner image. You can get clients for this in Facebook groups and many freelancing websites.

22. Play Games for Cash

Believe it or not but some websites will pay you to play games. All you have to do is sign in and start playing games. This won’t exactly make you rich, you’ll have fun playing games for cash. 

Solitaire cash and Bingo cash are just some of the many examples.

23. Create Logos for companies

Do you have to be a Photoshop pro for that? No! Companies today are going for simplistic logos. Many tools have made it very convenient to develop new minimalistic logos, and you can do that too.

Tools like Canva provide drag-and-drop features that do half the job for you.

24. Teach English or a Foreign language

If you are a native English speaker, you already have a skill that you can sell as it is always in high demand. Teach people English and charge them for it. If there is any other language that you have a command over, that too is equally good.

You can even charge people for translation using your grip over your language.

25. Dog Walking

People with dogs don’t necessarily have the time to cater to their daily needs, such as taking them for a walk. Look for such people in your neighborhood and fill in for them. Take their pet for a walk and get paid for it.

26. Do Data Entry Jobs

Is Data Entry a vast market? Yes! It’s one of the most accessible Fiverr gigs beginners can do to make money. It pays well as many companies are looking for freelancers to help with excel work. I know many teens are taught about using excel, PowerPoint,, and word processes in secondary school. This can help you make some extra cash. 

27. Work as a Transcriber

As a transcriber, you will be required to convert audio into text. Hence, the only skill you need is interpreting audio and then writing it down in an understandable fashion. Isn’t that convenient? If you can understand and write in more than one language, it’s a home run. It’s my highest recommendation for beginners, moms, or students who need to make money anytime without experience. 

28. Teach Swimming lessons

Kids in your neighborhood have swimming pools in their houses so you can create the need for a swimming teacher if it’s not already there. Approach the parents and offer your services. You will surely be able to get some of them up for it.

29. Sell On Craigslist

Is the need for cash instant? Go and sell something on Craigslist! There is no limitation of what it could be but it sure will sell quickly if it’s in a buyable condition. Look for clothes or shoes you no longer wear, accessories you do not use, or jewelry that has grown out of fashion and sell it on Craigslist.

30. Review calls for Humanatic

Humanatic reviews their clients’ calls for them and then provides them with a thorough analytical report. This helps the companies improve their client satisfaction regarding the calls. You can be a part of this process of Humanatic.

31. Deliver Food for DoorDash

Up for some physical chores? You can earn an excellent per-hour wage by delivering food for DoorDash. In addition to the remuneration, you will also make a pretty good amount in Tips, which will be a bonus. You have an intention and a driving license for this.

32 . Sell your ebooks on Study Pool

Whether or not you are a reader, you will still have a stack of books just there in your room, covering space and collecting dust. They can all be sold for a little extra cash with no hassle. Gather these books and put them up for sale in the Study Pool.

33. Offer tour Guide help

Do you live in a touristy place? All you need to do is become more about where you live and then help tourists discover the city or town. You can be their tour guide, show them around, and take them to the city’s attractions.

34. Review Music and get paid

Do you have a taste for Music? Do you understand the tune behind the tune? You can get paid to express your opinion about the music you listen to. Review whether or not the music is good and what bothers you, and get paid for it.

35. House Cleaning services

Some of us have a knack for hygiene, and we can put that to use. Offer the houses in your localities cleaning services, which are easy to get. You can even form a team with other students to pull this off in Bulk.

36. Write Codes for companies

If you are a programmer in progress or learning to code, you can still offer your code services to companies, and you do not have to be a full-fledged programmer. Just reach out to companies or look for freelance openings and get going with the code.

37. Become a Graphic Designer

Posters, logos, infographics, templated charts, and whatnot, all these things are regularly needed, and a graphic designer is needed for that. Again, you do not have to use Adobe illustrator for it when you have Canva at your disposal.

38. Sell Journals on Amazon KDP

Does Amazon KDP still work? Yes,, it does, and this potential goes up to thousands of dollars. Start by setting up your account as a seller on Amazon KDP and start selling journals and profit margin.

39. Personal Sports trainer

Just ask yourself what sports you are good at or what you enjoy playing and start teaching it to the younger ones. If you are good at Football, you can offer training services at a Football club for kids in the area. The same goes for other sports.

40. Test Out Websites for Money

Websites don’t go on display immediately after they are designed. They are tested for bugs and errors, and web designers need people to test them out to check if they are doing what they are supposed to do. You can test websites for cash.

41. Make Money as a Teen with Inbox Dollars

Get free money to watch videos, take simple surveys, and shop online. Yes, all that is possible with InboxDollars. The best thing about InboxDollars is that you will get free money just for reading their emails. You need to read the received email, click confirm to intimate that you have read the email, and BOOM! InboxDollars will reward you with cash!

42. Become a Voice Over as a teen

You need a voice for this; if it’s unique, you are in for money. Provide voice-over services for ads or short videos and get paid for it. People have entire careers based on this service.

43. Join GigWalk

GigWalk is a platform that will show you the gigs close to you. The application is available for Android and iOS, and you can earn between $3 to $100 for the gigs performed.

The tasks can range from a few minutes to hours.

44. Do small Tasks on Appen

The core operation of Appen is data collection. Based on this data and information that Appen collects, it enables machine learning programs to imitate human beings with as much precision as possible. On Appen, you can make money by

Speaking phrases

Assessing social media

Evaluating search engine

And much more.

45. Clickworker Micro Tasks

No interview, no meeting, no defined hours. Get paid by ClickWorker for doing small tasks that pay you anywhere between $3-$100

Copy Editing




Mystery Visit

App Testing

These are just some of the things that you can do on Clickworker.

46. Join SameSpeak

Teach English by joining SameSpeak and earn as much as $10 per hour for teaching ESL students. The best thing is that you can be as young as 16 to teach at Samespeak. You will get paid once you have $100 in the application. This is one of the best ways for teens to make money online. 


These were the 46 Ways For Teens To Make Money. Please share this on social media with your friends and tell me in the comments which one you like best! 

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