How Much Does Instacart Pay Shoppers in 2024?
How Much Does Instacart Pay Shoppers in 2024?

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How Much Does Instacart Pay Shoppers? Delivery Groceries For Money

 Are wondering how much Instacart pays?  You can get a part-time job through grocery orders and earn extra money with Instacart. Delivery jobs are a great way to work independently and get paid when you want.  The Instacart driver app helps customers to order groceries and track deliveries in real-time without leaving their homes. 

Instacart Driver Pay depends on the batch amount and customers’ tips. Shoppers are responsible for picking up items in-store for customers and then delivering groceries to their doorstep. 

Instacart is a great way to work your schedule and make money as a delivery driver. Instacart shoppers are considered independent contractors and would file a 1099 tax form. 

The requirements for an Instacart shopper include a background check and proof of Identification as you must be at least 18 years old, with a valid driver’s license. Instacart pays shoppers between $7- 10 per batch delivery. 

What is Instacart 

how much does instacart pay?

Instacart is by far one of the best food delivery apps out there. They are located in over 5,500 cities and have local food chain suppliers of  40,000 stores. 

Customers don’t need a subscription to start ordering food, but they’ll need to sign up or create an Instacart account. 

There is a flat delivery fee starting at $3.99.

Customers can use Instacart express delivery to get their groceries within a few hours. This service costs 99 dollars annually, and they’ll get free delivery on orders over $35. 

They can also choose from their favorite stores and use the Instacart app to chat with their shopper during the job.  

During the pandemic, many rely on food delivery services to get what they need. It’s still one of the most in-demand side hustles where you can make 1000 dollars a week. 

Instacart in-store shopping, compared to using DoorDash, is still the best grocery delivery service to make money. Your Instacart wage depends on the milage, available batches, and customer tips here’s how much Instacart pays in our next section. 

Some delivery jobs may pay minimum wages, but with Instacart, you can make good money if you do it right. 

How Much Does Instacart Pay per hour?

Your Instacart pay varies based on the city, the number of batches available, mileage, and how busy their area is. The average Instacart full-service shopper pay per hour is $13-$18, including tips, with some making up to $30 an hour in busy markets.

You can expect $7-10 per delivery and an average of $10 an hour as an in-store shopper. 

Instacart drivers deliver groceries using the app to scan and track their time, location, and deliveries. Being a shopper for Instacart can be in the form of an employee (in-store) or as a gig worker ( full service) Depending on the type of employment, you can get paid per hour or delivery. 

how much does instacart pay shoppers

How Are Instacart Shoppers Paid?

You might be asking yourself, how do Instacart shoppers get paid?  

Your  Instacart income is calculated based on the number of deliveries you complete and the time active on the app. Payment is made weekly through direct deposit into your bank account. Whether you work part-time or full-time can determine how much you can make doing Instacart.  Shoppers keep 100% of their tips and can cash out daily. 

Full-Service Shopper Pay

With more customers looking for personal shoppers and delivery services, Instacart full-service shoppers are great for gig workers who want to get paid to drive. Full-service shoppers are considered independent contractors, and they get to set their schedules. Instacart full-service shoppers can work mileage and decide which orders they want. 

In-store Shopper Pay

Being an in-store shopper means working as an Instacart employee part-time for up to 29 hours a week.  In-store shoppers are responsible for picking up groceries for customers and scanning items using the app. In-store shoppers do not do deliveries for customers. 

Let’s explore how much money you can make with Instacart in a day delivering groceries as an independent contractor. 

How Much Does Instacart Pay per day?

Instacart full-service shoppers can earn between $120-$200 per day working 8-12 hours.  Instacart earnings per day are determined by factors such as your location, available batches, and mileage.

If you’re in busy cities like Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Washington, or Maryland, you can earn an average of $250 -$300 daily. This includes both your Instacart base pay and your tips. In addition,  this depends on the cost of the batches, milages, how many batches are available, and customer tips. 

This video by Leah Dre shows exactly how Instacart works and what she made in just a few hours. Be sure to follow her Youtube channel for more Instacart journeys. 

When Does Instacart Pay?

Shoppers are paid through direct deposit weekly on Wednesdays, and pay is calculated for the previous Monday to Sunday work week.

Full-service shoppers have the opinion to instant cash out once it’s over $5. They’ll need to pay 0.50 per transaction if they cash out immediately. 

Shoppers get paid to their bank account or on their debit card. The maximum limit for Instacart cashout is $3000 a day. 

Instacart shopper requirements

how much does Instacart shoppers make

To get started with Instacart:

You must be at least 18 years old

You’ll need to download the Instacart app, which is available on smartphones ( i0S or Android).  Add your location to see providers near you. Instacart is available in all 50 states, so be sure to sign up. Create an account by entering your email and password.

Before you can work as an Instacart shopper, you’ll need to do a background check that will take between 7-10 business days. 

Before you can start working for Instacart, you’ll need to provide proof of identity, your Social security number, bank details, and driver’s license

Once Instacart approves your application, they’ll send you an Instacart Debit card to use for purchases. 

This can take up to 10-14 business days to get into your mail. If you’re ready to make money as a personal shopper and get paid weekly.

Click Here to become an Instacart Shopper.

In the next section of this post, we’ll look at how to start working as an Instacart shopper. 

Step-by-Step Guide on How To become an Instacart Shopper

When you’re just starting on Instacart, you’ll be taken through a step-by-step Instacart shopper  Orientation. This will help you do your Instacart deliveries without mistakes. 

how much do Instacart shoppers make per hour

Step 1 

Open the Instacart shoppers app. 

Next, Click on “Go Online” This shows that you are active and ready to choose available batches. 

You’ll See available batches that include the mileage, pay, number of items, and the store you need to go to. 

Step 2 

If you like a particular batch amount and its milage, “Slide to accept the order” 

You’ll be able to review the item list while you’re getting ready to go in-store. Some Instacart popular approve outlets are Cosco, Aldi, Whole Food Markets, Kroger and FreshDirect

Click on the google maps navigation if you don’t know where the store is. 

When you’re ready,  click on the “Start Shopping” button.

Step 3 

While you’re looking for the items, some stores will connect with the Instacart app to give you information on which areas in the store to find them.

For each item you pick up, you’ll be required to scan their bar code using the Instacart App.

There are times when an item is not available so in this case, you can substitute the item.  There’s also an option to text from the Instacart app to let the customer know the item is not available.

Before checking out the items at the cashier, you should have them scan the barcode codes within the app to approve the Instacart checkout. 

Use the Instacart payment card to pay for the customer’s items. 

Step 4 

Once you’ve packed the items, you’ll go through a few steps before swiping the “start delivery” button: 

  1. Scan or take a photo of the recipe 
  2. Add the total number of bags for the customer 
  3. Agree to the Instacart policy to keep all receipts, and never put the receipt in the customer’s bag 
  4. Click “delivery” and you’ll see a navigation map to your customer’s address
  5. Take a photo of you leaving the items based on the requirements of the customer

Delivering Orders:

You’ll see instructions from your customers on how to make the delivery. Some customers will ask you to knock and hand them their groceries or leave the bags on their porches. 

Here’s a YouTube video by Jason from “Drive to win 13” He shows you how to avoid Instacart shopping mistakes as a new driver. 

Instacart Pay Structure 

There are 2 ways to Instacart shoppers pay.  Here’s the breakdown of the Instacart pay structure: 

Instore: You’ll only work on orders for customers through the Instacart app. You won’t deliver groceries. In-store shoppers are responsible for a customer’s order fulfillment and then using the Instacart payment card to pay for orders.

This is a nice way for you to earn extra cash as a personal shopper in-store and get paid weekly via direct deposit.

How much does Instacart Pay Instore?

In-store shoppers can make up to 25k per year according to Indeed. As an In-store shopper, you can also make an average hourly rate of $5-$10 per hour.

In-store shoppers can make a few hundred dollars, although they’re mostly affected by minimum wage compared to what Instacart pays drivers.

instacart shoppers pay

Full-service Instacart shopper:  Independent contractor or full-service shopper, you will work on a flexible schedule, you’ll be able to make more money and get instant cash out once you complete more than five batches. Get paid through direct deposits anytime.

How much does Instacart Pay Its Drivers?

If you choose to work as an Instacart delivery driver, you can make an average of $18 per hour or $2,880 per month with a 40 hours per week work schedule. This role is also called an Instacart Full-Service shopper and you’ll make purchases from your local grocery stores. If you want to make more money on Instacart, then this would be the best way. 


how does instacart pay shoppers

How much does Instacart pay Drivers per Delivery?

 Instacart Full-Service shoppers( or independent contractors) get paid $7-10 per batch and can instantly cash out after they’ve completed 5 batches of orders. Shoppers are paid weekly via direct deposit into their bank account. 

how much instacart shoppers make

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Earning More Money as an Instacart Driver

Making more money with Instacart takes work.  If you want to make more than minimum wage, here’s what you can do. You have to be quick on choosing batches, know exactly how to shop fast in stores, and keep your Instacart reviews high.  This is important for your Instacart Algorium The more you provide great service the more orders and reviews from customers. 

Ideally, if you are quick on picking up items this can help increase your Instacart shopper’s pay. 

If you’re doing drop-offs at nearby locations, you can work simultaneously to get groceries to customers and this can help you make more money as a shopper. 

Working on the weekends, during major events or holidays can also help Instacart shoppers make more money. 

Instacart Low Pay

According to this Youtube video by Jen-on-the-Go, Instacart CEO Fidji Simo explained why the low Instacart earnings were in an interview with Bloomberg Technology.

In the Interview, Simo the CEO of Instacart, says that most of the people who use the app are 70% females, with half of them being moms. But why are shoppers getting these low orders, and how can they increase their Instacart earnings? 

You’ll see that most shoppers who commented on this video were finding these batches unfair and frustrating. Most people look to Instacart as a way to pay their bills especially with some being single moms. 

Be sure to like and follow this channel as it gives you some tips and tricks about Intscart gig economy pay. 

Is it possible to make $100 per day Or $1000 per week?

It is definitely possible to make $100 a day working as an Instacart shopper. 

It’s also possible to earn $1,000 per week. You can make even more than 1000 dollars per week if you’re working full time. 

Here’s a breakdown of an actual Instacart shopper pay per day if you’re in a busy area like California or New York. 

Batches   Mileage  Items  Start Time End Time 
$42 4.5 72 7:10 am 8:30 am
$25 37 8:51 am 9:45 am
$13 1.8 20 10:03 am 10:37 am
$47 3.7 64 10: 50 am 12:07 pm
$27 4.3 41 12:33 pm 1:46 pm
$63 8 79 1:54 pm 4:17 pm
$33 4.6 49 4:32 pm 5:56 pm

This is a breakdown of how much full-service shoppers and drivers can make doing Instacart in a day. You’ll see that the earnings are $250, and the time online was approximately 11 hours.

Thus,  $1,000 per week is doable for busy areas.  $1,000 per week is a salary of around $50,000 per year. 

Instacart VS DoorDash VS Uber Eats and Other Delivery Jobs- Which is Better?

Here’s TatVar, a YouTuber and Instacart driver that broke down Instacart vs DoorDash. Be sure to subscribe to this youtube channel as they do a lot of effective Instacart shopping. 

As a Rideshare driver, you know that tips are a major play in your delivery earnings.

Which is the better delivery job? Is it being an Instacart Shopper or driving for Doordash? What are their similarities and which makes more money? Part-time workers can earn extra money with these companies even without experience. If you’re a rideshare guy delivering alcohol, you can expect heavier tips working for Instacart. 

While Instacart is considered the best delivery service to make more money, Doordash and Uber eat can offer similar payouts depending on your region. 

Instacart  VS DoorDash Drivers pay:

Instacart is available in over 5,000 cities, and shoppers are paid per batch amount of $7-10. They keep 100% of their tips and can make an hourly rate of $18-$30. 

DoorDash covers a larger region, and its drivers are paid an average of $16 -$20 per hour, including tips. Some Dashers are making $700+ a week. 

How Much Does Instacart Pay In Canada?

Here’s Claudia, a popular Youtuber, and Full-service Instacart shopper in Canada. If you’re a first-time Instacart shopper, she shares information on how to work your first Instacart batch. You’ll see how much Instacart shoppers get paid an hour or a day in this video. 

Does Instacart Pay for Gas? 

No, Instacart shoppers are responsible for buying their own gas. Instacart doesn’t pay for gas used for deliveries. According to this article by With the increased gas prices, Instacart has issued a notice to their shoppers and drivers for temporary fuel assistance at 0.40 per order.  

Instacart Jobs

Grocery delivery jobs are some of the best ways to earn extra cash. Instacart employees enjoy doing part-time work or independent gigs.  Instacart jobs are available in the gig economy industry. Delivery drivers, gig workers, and side hustlers can use the Instacart delivery app to make money.

Instacart jobs can pay an hourly wage plus tips or per batch amount. These gig jobs are in demand, and it’s definitely an odd way to earn doing something you already know. 

If you’re thinking of a side job as a mom or college student, Instacart is open in multiple states, and you can enjoy working solo or being an employee. 

Explore the current Instacart Jobs in your area. 

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How Much does Instacart Pay Shoppers? FAQs: What We Know 

How much Instacart drivers make?  

Instacart full-service shoppers are paid depending on the number of batches. Instacart guarantees $5-10 per batch. You can expect an average of $13-$18 per hour working as a full-service shopper. 

How long does Instacart take to approve shoppers?

After you’ve signup or create an Instacart account, there are some other steps.  The process to start working will take up to 2-4 weeks,  and Instacart will send you a debit card that you’ll use for your Instacart purchases.

Should Instacart Shoppers give customers receipts? 

Never put Instacart shopping receipts in customers’ bags. This is a policy on the Instacart delivery app. 

How can I make more money with Instacart?

An Instacart Driver can make an average of $18 per hour. To make more money on Instacart you must be quick in picking up items and choose batches wisely. Work on days and peak hours when there are a lot of batches. Always provide a great customer service experience to increase Instacart tips. 

Instacart Drivers Pay FAQs 

Is Instacart’s side hustles worth it? 

Yes, doing Instacart is worth it in some areas. Some independent contractors are earning more than $1000 in one week on Instacart. Most shoppers in less dense areas are making only half of that per week. Instacart is a great side gig that will allow you to work when you want. If you decide to work as a shopper full time 8-12 hours a day, you can make $200 per day.

What is Instacart Tip Baiting? 

 This is where a customer puts a high tip and then reduces the amount once their groceries are dropped off. 

 Do I need a car for Instacart deliveries? 

Yes, as an Instacart full-service shopper, you need a car to make deliveries. If you don’t own a vehicle, you can use Hyre-a-car, and pay a car rental fee.

How much is Instacart Tip?

Do you want to learn about Intscart Tip? Here is the full article on it. Instacart Tipping: How Much Should You Tip Instacart Shoppers?

How to become an Instacart Driver FAQ

Before you can work for Instacart, you must be 18 years old and hold a valid driver’s license. A background check is required before you can start working as an Instacart shopper. You must provide proof of Identity and fill out the applicable tax form. Full-service shoppers use a 1099 tax form and In-store shoppers that are employees will file taxes under a W-2 form. 

You may choose whether or not you want to wear a uniform as a full-service shopper.  A debit card will be mailed for you to use to pay for your Instacart orders. 

Here’s how you can become an Instacart shopper in 5 easy steps: 

#1. Download the Instacart app

The Instacart shopper App is available for both Android and iOS users. Once you’ve downloaded the app, sign up using your name, email, and password. 

#2. Submit Details for Background Check 

Instacart requires you to pass a background check to start shopping and making deliveries for their customers. 

#3. Choose the type of Shopper 

Once you’ve signed up, it’s time to choose whether you want to work as an independent worker or an employee. With the full-service shopper option, you must fill out a 1099 form since you’re considered an independent contractor. The in-store shoppers are part-time employees and will be required to fill out a W-2 form. 

#4. Register for a Debit Payment Card 

Your Instacart payment card may take ten business days to arrive in the mail. This card will be used for all your Instacart shopping orders. 

#5.  Keep Insulated bags for cooling

It’s recommended that full-service shoppers keep thermal bags in order to keep some foods fresh. 

Get started with Instacart now. 

Let me know in the comments below if I’ve covered all your questions. If you’re an Instacart shopper, let me know what your challenges are as a shopper and why you like to work with Instacart. 

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