How Much Money Do Voice Actors Make Online?

How Much Money Do Voice Actors Make Online?

How Much Money Do Voice Actors Make Online?

How much do voice actors make online? Well, there is no specific answer to the question that how much a voice actor can earn potentially? The salary range of voice actors is based on their expertise and experience.

According to an estimate, the actual money that a voice-over artist can earn ranges from $20 to even millions of dollars. There are many important factors upon which your salary will depend in the voiceover industry.


How do Voice Actors Work? 

how much do voice actors make

The voiceover actors are given a script and then they record it for commercials, YouTube, film, radio and video games, etc. It sounds easier, but it is a complicated task. There are certain things that you must have to become a voiceover artist. Below are the things that you must have:

You must have a distinct, attractive, and amazing voice.

You must be able to convey emotions and show the perfect emotional attitude.

Additionally, you must have the ability of reading and then speak clearly.


How Much Do Voice Actors Make? 

There are different amounts for different voiceover actors that are paid. Their wages depend upon the time, length of the script, and complexity.

Hourly Wage of Voiceover actors:

In the USA, the hourly rate of voice-over actors is almost $37 on an average. But it is not a specific amount that you will be paid. The hourly wage of voiceover actors depends upon the industry, time and location, etc.

How Much Can Voice Actors Make?

how much do voice actors make

You will find a lot of opportunities in the industry of the voiceover field. But it is not easy to find the best opportunities. Just like on-screen acting, the voiceover artists and dubbing artists work the same. There is competition in the market. So, if you are lucky, you can earn millions, and even if you earn less, you still will not be discouraged.

Factors that impact the wages of voiceover actors

There are a lot of factors that will determine the salary of a person. The talent of voiceover actors helps them change the amount they will earn over time that is based on experience. There are several factors upon which your charges will depend below are some of those:


There are two types of collaborations you can do, for a union or non-union. If you do union voiceover, it will pay you more as compared to non-union work.


Talent and experience

The talent is God-gifted, but the experience will come with time. If you have just started to work, you can achieve your goals steadily.


Freelancer website, Agency, or a voiceover studio

There are a lot of advantages if you go to a specific platform for starting your career. The first thing that will come up is that you will give an audition. Similarly, you can also go for a freelancer website. It is also important that you must build a reel of all the sounds that you recorded.


Marketing ability

You must have the ability to market yourself. The things that you must have are the talent to market and self-promote the talent. You must give yourself more exposure. The more exposure you will have, the more chances are there that you will get better chances. If you sign up for freelance websites, they will help you explore more.


Auditions you have submitted

Although it feels a lot difficult to make numbers count, the main key point here to consider is that the more auditions you will give, the more experience you will gain. Do not hustle when you start. So, whenever you apply for a job, try to submit more auditions. The demos will help you get a job very soon.


How Much Does a Voice Actor Make?

How much you can earn as a voiceover actor statistically?

The stats and numbers are based on the location. Below is the statistic average:

As an average beginner, you can earn from almost $18,000 to $30,000 almost every year.

As a professional voiceover artist, you can earn between $70,000 to $90,000 every year. According to Ziprecruiter, a voice actor make 76k a year. 

Top celebrities earn from almost $100,000 to even millions each year.

The wages of voice actors depend upon work type:

The salaries of voice actors are different depending on the type of work. The non-broadcast recordings like audiobook recordings or video game recordings are paid depending on the basis of word count. Comparatively, broadcast work can pay you on basis of market distribution and usage of voice.


Voice Actors Pay and How Much They Earn

If you are recording for commercials, then a radio advert will pay you less as compared to national TV. It can range from $100 to $10,000 almost.

If you will do audiobook narrations, you can earn $100 to $400 hourly based. If you are talented, you can earn almost $2,000 to $6,000 for each audiobook narration.

There is another voiceover work that you can do, animation voiceover work. It can range from the type of cartoon or animation you do. But on average, your earnings can range from $100 to $10,000 almost.

If you are professional and experienced, you will earn the best compared to others. You can easily make a six-figure annual salary by voiceover acting.


How to Price Your Service as a Voice Actor?

Most often, the wages of a voiceover actor can be calculated by the number of words you record. The pay for your voice record will also depend on the time you have recorded. As you can see that there is no specific price for recordings, there are many voiceover talents that get paid depending on different formulas.

However, it can also be based on the amount of time recorded. As there’s no set price for recordings, many voiceover talents calculate their price based on different formulas.

Pay depending upon the word count that is one the script or the words they speak per minute. The total minutes are equal to the recording time.

Getting paid for total minutes.

Paid on an hourly basis.

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