13 Best Side Hustle Ideas to Earn Extra Cash in 2024
13 Best Side Hustle Ideas to Earn Extra Cash in 2024

There are many types of side hustles these days that can help you pay of debt, build up your savings, and earn an extra income. You can do some of them from home or remotely. Other side hustles may require that you travel or even go outdoor for walks. 

Finding a side hustle that matches your personality and time, is key. 

Let’s explore our top side hustles ideas that can make extra money. 

Top 13 Best side hustles ideas


1. Deliver food

Earn extra income in your spare time by becoming a food delivery driver. Joining platforms like DoorDash, Uber Eats, Mealeo, and GrubHub opens up opportunities for you to deliver delicious meals to hungry customers and boost your earnings.


Read more about DoorDash Pay and Other Delivery Apps like DoorDash. 


2. Rent out your car

Consider leasing out your vehicle by listing it on car sharing platforms and setting an appropriate rental price. If you have a car sitting idle or anticipate not needing it for several days, this is a great way to generate income from an underutilized asset. Just be cautious not to rent it out when you require it for your regular commute (unless the rental income surpasses your earnings from your day job). Additionally, it’s crucial to obtain adequate insurance coverage for your vehicle to safeguard yourself and your asset against unexpected events.


3. Rent out space in your house

If  you happen to have any spare rooms or even storage space you can rent it out per day. For short-term rentals, consider platforms tailored for weekend travelers or vacationers. If you prefer long-term arrangements, you might find tenants like traveling nurses or individuals staying in the area for several months.

Before diving into renting out your home, remember to consult your home insurance provider to understand your coverage for rental situations. Also, it’s a good idea to look into home warranty plans, such as Choice Home Warranty, to reduce repair expenses and offer additional assurance to both you and your renters.


4. Tutor online

With remote learning becoming increasingly common, tutoring online is one of the best side hustles. Consider offering your tutoring services to your network and on social media platforms. You can also join tutoring platforms where you can connect with individuals seeking tutors.


Here are 18 Places you could teach online 


5. Buy and resell stuff

If you possess a knack for spotting sought-after items, diving into the world of buying and reselling might be your calling. Just exercise caution to avoid investing in items that won’t sell, as this could leave you with excess inventory. However, if you enjoy scouring garage sales for hidden gems, you could potentially transform your hobby into a profitable side venture.


6. Babysitting

Does the thought of nurturing and caring for babies and children bring you joy? If so, babysitting could be a perfect fit for you. Before embarking on your first babysitting assignment, take the time to research what qualities make a great babysitter and begin acquiring those skills.


7. Dog sitting

If you have a passion for dogs, combining your love for furry companions with earning extra income is an excellent opportunity. There are various avenues to connect with clients, including promoting your services within local social media groups for dog owners. Additionally, you can register on popular dog sitting platforms like Rover or Wag. Obtaining a dog sitter certification can further enhance your profile and attract more clients.


8. Dog walking

While pet owners are occupied with work or vacation, you can take their dogs for a walk and earn money in the process. Rover is the best platform for this and they help you find clients. If you are planning on starting your own business then you’ll have to advertise and find your own clients. 


However, it’s crucial to confirm that the owners have sufficient insurance coverage for their pets to provide peace of mind in the event of unforeseen accidents during your care, ensuring you can earn your extra income with confidence,


9. Power wash houses

You have the option to utilize your personal pressure washer or consider purchasing one. If buying a pressure washer is currently not feasible within your budget, you can opt to rent one from various stores, such as The Home Depot. Power washing effectively eliminates mildew from sidings, revitalizing the curb appeal of your clients’ homes


10. Freelance on Fiverr 

Fiverr serves as a worldwide online platform linking freelancers with businesses. Freelancers provide a range of services, encompassing graphic design, digital marketing, writing & translation, video, and animation. Similar platforms include Upwork and Toptal.


11. Clean houses

Regardless of whether you use your own equipment or your client’s, consider offering house cleaning services. You can set rates per hour or per day. Keep in mind that for larger homes, adjusting your fees accordingly is advisable.


12. Mow lawns or do yard work

Spending a few hours mowing lawns can help you earn extra money. As of February 10, 2024, ZipRecruiter reports that the average hourly pay for lawn mowing is $15. However, it’s worthwhile to conduct research specific to your area to determine the local rates. In certain regions, lawn mowers may earn more than the national average.

13. Take online surveys

According to ZipRecruiter, as of February 12, 2024, the average hourly pay for an Online Survey Taker in the United States is $26.14. Numerous survey sites offer payment opportunities. Conduct research to identify the best fit for you and commence survey participation. For instance, Swagbucks indicates that most reputable sites compensate between $0.25 and $5 per survey. 


Additionally, Swagbucks offers surveys paying up to $20 or more, contingent on survey depth or market research firm requirements, with some in-home surveys yielding $100 or more. Participation in Swagbucks surveys earns you SB currency, redeemable for cashouts via Paypal or e-Giftcards. 


Exercise caution regarding scam sites requesting personal information like bank account or Social Security numbers. Prior to signing up, evaluate the site’s reputation on TrustPilot or with the Better Business Bureau.


How much can you earn from side jobs?


The potential earnings from a side hustle can vary greatly, with no set limit. If you’re paid hourly, your income depends on the time you dedicate to your side hustle. For instance, earning $20 per hour and working five hours on Saturdays and Sundays, totaling around 40 hours per month, could yield approximately $800 extra. 

Alternatively, if your side hustle involves project-based pay, completing one project worth $2,000 monthly would result in $2,000 of additional income. Keep in mind that as you gain experience, you can adjust your pricing accordingly.

What skills do side hustlers need to have?


The necessary skills for a side hustle depend on the type of work you pursue. Begin by identifying your natural strengths and talents, then consider how you can apply them to your side hustle. Each person possesses unique abilities, so pinpoint yours and seek a side hustle where you can excel.


Do I need to report my side hustle earnings on my taxes?


Yes, income from your side hustle is subject to taxation. Determine whether you’re classified as an independent contractor or an employee by consulting the IRS website. Based on your classification, you’ll need to complete the appropriate tax forms. 

Since managing taxes for your side hustle can become complex, consider utilizing tools like the Found financial platform, tailored to assist freelancers and independent contractors in tax management. Found automates setting aside a percentage of your income for taxes, helping you fulfill your tax obligations smoothly and avoid last-minute hassles during tax season.


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