Get Paid To Take Pictures with your Phone

Get Paid To Take Pictures with your Phone


Get Paid To Take Pictures with your Phone

Want to get paid to take pictures? In the past, only professional photographers owned and utilized high-quality cameras. But it is not the case now. Nowadays, every other person has a smartphone with a good quality camera, and they can take photos of anything anytime.

Even if you don’t know how to take a picture, most modern smartphones have cameras that are capable of producing stunning results – even if you’ve never used a camera before. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a professional photographer or just an amateur looking for a side income. There are various ways to profit from your smartphone images.

You only need a smartphone with a good camera and a suitable platform to sell your images. There are several methods to make money taking photos with your phone, and we’ll tell you about the apps where you can sell your photos in this article.

Apps that pay you to take photos


Photographers like you are in high demand by brands, agencies, and bloggers alike, who are looking for images of anything and everything. Many applications will pay you for your pictures if you have an iPhone or an Android device. Although you’ll need a significant number of photos to begin earning money from these applications, once you’ve uploaded your collection, you’ll have a steady stream of earnings.

1. EyeEm

People looking for a simple way to get money from their images can check out EyeEm. You can get paid to take pictures of anything. While scrolling through your photo library, EyeEm picks out only the best shots. When selling online, you have the option of not selling anything too personal. EyeEm is easy to use, but you don’t get to retain the whole of the money you make from it. You’ll only get half of the money your images bring in.

2. Snapwire

Snapwire’s payout structure is pretty generous. You can keep 100% of client demands and challenges. You also receive 50% of subscriber downloads.

This app is built on client requests far more than others. Requesters can give points to photographs that best represent the look they’re after. Requesting parties buy the images they want from the winner at the end of the contest (s). With successful shots and projects, photographers can “level up,” receiving perks that help them acquire more visibility and sell more and more photos.


3. Foap

It’s possible to sell your phone’s photos directly to major companies with Foap. Similar to EyeEm, Foap offers an easy-to-use interface and splits the sale price of your photos in half.


Foap’s Missions feature stands apart from EyeEm’s. There’s a section on Foap where you can find out exactly what a firm is searching for to upload your images. Payouts are higher if your photograph is selected.

4. Agora Images

This app is more like a social network than a stock photo website based in Spain. Each week, the app’s users vote on who will win a $1,000 award in their photo contests. It’s definitely a great way to get paid to take pictures. 

Some of the world’s most prestigious publications offer prizes ranging from $1,000 up to $25,000, as well as the opportunity to have your work published on their pages. Competition is fierce since they target a global audience, but it’s also diverse. You may get a lot of exposure with AGORA. 

5. MiPic

With MiPic, it’s easy to make money selling images. Just take a few photos and post them to your gallery from a phone or computer. When your pictures are sold, the miPic team takes care of everything from promotion to printing to shipping and customer service. In addition, they look at the quality of your images and only show those that are suitable for printing.

If your images have a high enough resolution, MiPic only shows you things that can be printed on paper. It’s worth noting that miPic’s convenience comes at a price. Up to 20% of a MiPic artist’s earnings might be earned through commissions. If you’re looking for a passive source of income, this is a good option.

6. Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock, which was once known as Fotolia, is now a part of the entire Adobe product line. Lightroom or Bridge can be used to upload photographs directly. You may use Adobe Stock’s AI to help you tag your pictures if you’re a novice at it. Using PayPal or Skrill, contributors to Adobe stock receive a 33 percent royalty rate.


7. Shutterstock

No matter your level of expertise, you can get for taking pictures with Shutterstock. Thousands of people could potentially see and buy your images if you post them on the site, which is extremely popular.

Shutterstock’s user-friendly app is another fantastic perk of the service. You can capture a photo and post it directly to Shutterstock from any smartphone using the app. The app also provides useful information, such as what customers are looking for.

8. Getty Images

If you’re an experienced photographer, Getty Images is a terrific alternative for you. You can get paid to take pictures as a professional photographer.  As one of the most popular stock photo websites, it’s worth your time even though payments start at just 15% (or more for exclusive contributors).

9. Snapped4U

 Snapped4U only accepts event images, such as weddings, concerts, and event portraits, among others.It’s  popular destination for people who want to buy photos of themselves.

If you live in a tourist area, you may offer to snap photos of tourists and direct them to view their images online. Simply submit your photos and pick the pricing, which can go as high as $20 per image. Afterward, Snapped4U sells the files to your consumers directly. Every photo you sell for less than $5 costs you $0.50, and every photo you sell for more than $5 costs you 10%.

10. Twenty20

As part of Envato’s creative markets, Twenty20 offers anything from website layouts to visual assets for use in games. If your photo gallery is included in Twenty20’s Curated Collections, you’ll get more visibility on the site. See what photographs are in high demand by checking out the Sold Feed.


Final Thoughts

It’s possible to generate additional money by selling your images online with a little effort and a few affordable tools. Try some of these apps and see how much money you can obtain for your photographs.


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