$60,000 a year is how much an hour? Is it a Good Salary?

$60,000 a year is how much an hour? Is it a Good Salary?

If you’ve been offered a job that pays $60,000 a year, you definitely want to know if it will cover your cost of living. To determine if this is a good salary, you need to know how much an hour is $60,000 a year?


Before accepting a job that pays a 60000 dollars salary you need to take into consideration, what you could save from it after you’ve paid your monthly expenses.  


How much an hour is $60,000 a year?


Let’s assume that you are working 40 hours per week, or 52 weeks a year. To get the total hours that you’d work, simply multiply 40 hours by 52 weeks which gives you a total of 2080 hours.  


Now we need to figure out how much $60,000 a year per hour, by diving the total hours into the salary amount. This means making 60000 a year gives you 28.85 an hour.


I’ve heard directly from people who make 60k a year, and for some, it is an alright salary, but for others, they live from paycheck to paycheck. According to this post by GoBanking Rates, which did a case study on all 50 major cities, people that are rentling can live comfortably on a salary of between 75k- 124k a year. 


Making 60,000 dollars a year per hour can depend on the individual. If the person has children with other expenses like rent or loans, this can be a formidable salary for them to live on. The location of the earner can also have an impact on if 60000 a year is a good salary. 


How much is 60000 a year after taxes?


 The taxes depend on the City or State that you’re living in. Tamoca WA, Chicago IL, Long Beach CA are a few of the highest tax paying cities. Here is a breakdown of the recent highest to lowest paying taxes done by the tax foundation.


With a 60k a year salary, your net pay will be in the ballpark of between $45,000- $49,000 after taxes. 


How much a day is 60000 a year? 


Let’s break down how much you make a day with a salary $60,000 a year. So we’ve already established that $60,000 a year gives us an hourly rate of 28.85. To calculate the day pay of this salary, we need to multiply $28.85 by 8 hours. The day payment will be $230.80 per day.


How much a month is 60000 a year? 


To calculate how much you can make a month on a $60k salary, you’d need to multiply 160 hours by 28.85. The total amount would be $4616. Let’s remember that this amount is taxable and if you’re living in a high tax state, chances are that the deductions may be up to 10-20% in taxes. 


Therefore, we can safely say that after your tax deductions, you can expect a net pay of $3692- 4154.40


How to live on $60,000 a year? 

how to live on $60,000 a year

If you’re wondering how to live on 60000 dollars a year, I will show you a breakdown of the numbers from people making this figure in 2022. 


If you are going by the 50/30/20 rule, there are a few things to consider such as the expenses for rent and food in your city. Not to mention if you have kids! 


If you’re living in a three-bedroom house in a city like Houston TX or Orlando FL, the monthly rent would be anywhere from $1500 to $2500 a month!  However, there are other places like Detroit MI, or Birmingham AL where you can rent for $700-$1200 a month. 


Depending on where you are, there is room for saving on a $60,000 a year salary. 


The amount of money you make per month from a 60,000-year salary is about $4154.40 after taxes.


Savings 830.80

Rent  $1300

Gas- $200

Utilities – $350

Food  – $350 

Personal  – $100 

Miscallenous expenses – $150

Insurances (car and health)- $450 

Loans – $300 


The total cost of living  is $3200

Savings $830

Leftovers 124.4


This means if you live in a city where the taxes are maximum of 10%, you can live on a 60000 dollars a year salary with the right budgeting in place. Look at choosing bundle insurance policies, cut back on utilities such as light and water. 


This study by Gobanking Rates shows The best and Worst States for Taxes


Is 60,000 dollars a year a Good Salary? 

is 60,000 dollars a year good salary

Let’s answer this question based on the case studies and also our calculations. Making 60k a year is good if you are living in a state that has little to no personal income taxes, such as Wyoming, Washington, Texas, Nevada, Alaska, and Florida. 

It’s possible to live off 60000 dollars a year in other states if your cost of living can be within a certain amount. 


In these times, gas prices, real estate, and commodities are increasing, so being smart on your finances is key if you want to live on 60k a year. 


How Can you make $60,000 a year? 


There are several ways to go about making these 5 figures a year. There are many job boards that post legitimate jobs that pay 60000 dollars a year. This website also provides some great options to work from home and make 5, 6,7,8, and 9 figure income working from home. Check out these posts that will help you find ways to make $60,000 a year: 

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