How to Make $10000 Fast a Month Online

How to Make $10000 Fast a Month Online

Looking for legal ways to make $10000 fast? 

It’s not going to be a cakewalk, but it’s doable. We’ll cover ways to make 10000 dollars fast, the best ways to make $10,000 a month online, and more in this post. To begin with, let’s get going.

How to make $10000 fast 

Here are some great ways to make 10,000 dollars a month or more. Some of these ways will require some experience if you need to make $10,000 a month fast. 

1. Start a Blog

Starting a blog in 2022 is the most lucrative internet business you can get started with. Many bloggers make tens or even thousands or even millions per month.

You may start a blog on whatever you like, as long as others are interested in it. For example, if you’re a fan of fishing, you can create a blog about it because many people buy fishing-related products on Amazon.

Amazon affiliate programs allow you to generate money by marketing their products on your blog.



2. Make 10000 dollars fast a Virtual Assistant

how to make 10k a month

Business owners can’t do everything by themselves. They have many more critical things to do, such as focusing on more strategic aspects of their firm to expand.


Because they take up too much time and don’t generate any more revenue for the company, routine tasks like responding to emails, setting up meetings, and making phone calls must be outsourced.


You can solve this problem for the business owners, and as a result, you can earn $10,000 a month. Become an expert in the tasks that the business owner will need to outsource. Improve these areas to demonstrate your worth and make good money.



3. Become a Freelancer

Freelancing is a great way to boost your income and make $10000 fast. Typically, freelancers are compensated on a per-job basis.

It means that the faster you can do work, the more money you can make.

You may quickly increase your revenue by becoming more productive with your time. That, however, is not the case.


If you have a lot of work to accomplish, you may want to consider employing someone with less experience to perform the grunt job for you. As a result, you can produce more while still making money.


Fiverr is a great freelance marketplace to work and hire talents. You can also use Fiverr Learn that gives you courses on in-demand skills.

Here are some of the most sought-after freelancing skills:

Content writing

Digital marketing

Website development


Mobile app development

Graphic designing

Become a Social Media Manager


Big and small businesses don’t have the resources or time to understand all of the numerous social media platforms that can be used to market their products or services.

Still, it is critical to stay current to grow sales.

Increasing a company’s social media presence could be a terrific way to earn money if you like being on social media.

It’s possible to make $10,000 per month by charging a low-end rate of $1,000 per month to each client.

4. Make $10000 fast doing Affiliate Marketing

make $10,000 a month fast

Affiliate marketing is a simple approach to earn a monthly passive income with the chance to generate thousands of dollars.


You can think of it as a form of compensation in which you are paid to help someone make a purchase. For example, you might have your own YouTube channel that focuses on different makeup tutorials and advice.


Using a video to promote a particular brand of makeup items, you may be able to earn a commission from the company that makes it.

There are several ways to generate money with affiliate marketing, such as social media, YouTube, or even a personal website.

Check out the 16 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginners in 2022




5. Start a Dropshipping Business

People’s lives have been transformed through dropshipping, and some entrepreneurs are making over $100,000 a month as a result.

As a business model, you acquire low-cost goods from Alibaba, Aliexpress, or eBay and then resell them on Amazon or Shopify ecommerce sites for a profit.

Let me tell you the best part of this business plan before you presume anything else. All of this process is automated, so you don’t have to buy anything and mail it yourself.” Yes! It is a beautiful aspect of the business!

If you want to sell the product on Amazon, find it, ship it to the Amazon warehouse, and Amazon takes care of the rest.

Jungle Scout has some great training to help you make passive income through Amazon FBA or even more than 10,000 a month 

If you want to sell the product on Shopify, simply create an online store. Then go to Aliexpress or any other site where you want to buy things, import the goods you wish to sell to your online store using Spocket, and sell them higher with good profit margins.



6. Sell TShirts

Did you know that you can design a t-shirt and sell it all over the world without ever leaving your house? Teespring is a website that takes care of everything for you.

You need to create a t-shirt and upload it to Teespring. You set the price, and they provide the buying link.

You market the t-shirt on social media, forums, or everywhere you can with a Teespring link. When someone clicks on the link and buys the t-shirt, Teespring ships it to them, and you get the payment after a $10 commission.



7. Sell digital courses

Selling courses are also legal ways to make 10000 fast.  You’ll want to make sure your audience and the course you’re creating are compatible.  

You could be able to sell your course for a few hundred dollars for each purchase, depending on its complexity.

One of the things I enjoy about developing a digital course is that it is likely to cost you very little money to get started, and once completed, it will provide you with passive revenue.

You can resell your course to make money month after month.

8. How to make 10000 Dollars fast Real Estate Wholesaling 

Real estate wholesaling and flipping is a lucrative way to make 10000 fast. It’s a simple process. You can start making 10k or more per month with no money down or a real license.

A real estate wholesaler finds a distressed property and puts it under contract with the owner for a really low price and sells it to a cash buyer for a profit. It’s easy as that. You’ll need to stay motivated and be able to make some good cold calls here and there if you don’t have a Virtual Assistant.

Learn how you can start a wholesaling business step by step on a call with me

Final Thoughts

You can make $10000 fast a month by implementing all of the above-mentioned ideas. It’s up to you to take the ideas presented here and convert them into viable enterprises that you can work on full-time. 






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