25 Best Writing Job Websites to Make Money Online

25 Best Writing Job Websites  to Make Money Online

Writing is a lucrative way to get paid to write online. It is a versatile profession to earn from home. Beginners may need time to build their brand. As a freelance writer, you should know your expertise areas, so that you search and get paid to write.


Get Paid To Write Online:

Here are a few good places for writers to build credibility. These websites are the perfect place freelancers can get paid to write. It will help with growing your career and making money writing as a freelance successful writer. 



Upwork gives work to writers applying to them. Upwork takes considerable time in deciding a writer. The process is time-consuming, but once Upwork is done with the application process, it streamlines. There are more opportunities with Upwork than many other websites. This site allows its writers enough time to look out for new projects. Upwork is found to be the right place for investment by individuals who value money. It is because they get to work on other projects at intervals.



Verbilo is an online platform offering freelancers an opportunity to write contents from 300 to 3000 words, based on their expertise areas. The writers make money writing once the work is sold. This is the right opportunity for the new freelancers to hone their skills by accepting small projects and to collect five-star reviews. It will bring longer projects with rewards. This is definitely one place where you can get paid to write and have great flexibility. 



Fiverr.com is a prominent platform for writers allowing the writers to choose topics by offering a pool of questions. This pool covers categories such as technology, finance, beauty, fashion, nutrition, and gardening. Writers are expected to submit a sample of their writing and they will receive feedback. On completing 10 articles at a level, on request you can elevate to the next level and get paid more. Payment is done weekly on the client’s approval and is done through PayPal.

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Textbroker is mainly for US citizens. It has a set of rules such as submitting an article that is a must while registering. The staff of this site will review the article by rating it between 2 to 5 stars.  Depending on the rating the amount is determined. The pay ranges from $0.007 to $0.05/word. The payment is done through PayPal, once a week and $10 is the minimum payout.


A well-known place is Problogger for writers. There will be lots of competition here and the best part is you can find here freelance writing jobs in a variety. Right from the entry-level, freshers to the advanced levels. Check the board regularly so that you can get jobs matching your interests and skills. The job board in Problogger.com keeps on updating.


iWriter is simple to use. You can initiate your career with writing right away. You can concentrate on getting good feedback, even though the money is small at the start. Once you set as a professional writer, dictate for more rate.  Here there is no application required.  The rate is $1.25 for an article of 150-words and $20 is the minimum payout.



The writer jobs call for credentials and experience. Some places do not have gigs to pop up. Keep your eyes wide open to find an opportunity to come to Bloggingpro. You may find a suitable client to start working for.



This is a community-based website and all participants have to submit critiques so the community can stay active. They have to share ideas in order to earn. 


A huge freelancing marketplace is Guru. It hires freelancers to perform various jobs and tasks on writing.at Guru.com there are writing jobs available in volumes. They offer better pay. There is a membership test to test the waters.


People looking for filtered lists will be happy with Freelancer. As it has skills required and rate of pay filtered. Write an article, submit now. You can do anything online, as it suits your skills, to get paid to write online



iFreelance is a great workplace for freelance writers to write online. It is an easy site that visiting iFreelance.com and signing up is enough to start. There is a monthly subscription, but you can keep the full earnings and feel the fullest to make money writing.

Constant content

Constant Content offers a unique approach that has more than 1000,000 freelance writers. Sign up and get connected on commission or write on different topics over the blog posts. You can earn fast if you write content in the right direction, but be prepared to do the little legwork.

Writer access

Writer access accepted initially only the U.S writers. But now it is open for the other residence in Ireland, Canada, Australia, UK, and New Zealand. There are skill tests as a part of the application process. you have to attach writing samples and a rating is determined. You can get paid to write online, but the Writer Access takes nearly 30% of your earnings. However, there is no monthly fee.


Zery writers have to submit a sample and fill a form. A rating is given and this rating determines the amount to be paid. Every day, articles are added and Zerys pays on the 1st and 15th of each month through PayPal.

Crowd content

Crowd Content accepts writers from all the countries. The process is simple. If you as a writer believe to have the potential to write and it is accepted, you earn .02 cents and .066 cents/project. Every month, make money writing, as payments are done twice through PayPal. 

Word gigs

WordGigs needs a simple application and to submit sample writing. They have good work supply and writers are paid $4.50 for basic articles. Some make once in every two weeks around $500. You get paid to write online.  Payment is on 1st and 15th through PayPal each month.


Copify works remotely with their copywriters across the UK and the United States. The services of Copify are aimed at quality written content on digital marketing. The online promotion is the driving force. The turnaround is quick and you can make money.


Copypress is a writing platform based in Australia, the UK, U.S., and Canada. Writers may submit writing samples and applications. After 10 days, if approved, writing assignments are given to make money writing. They pay twice a month through PayPal.


Custom papers

It deals with various model papers such as research papers, custom essays, dissertations, MBA essays, and lots more for university and college students. The freelance writers may ensure unique writing and become successful in academic careers professionally.


BlogMutt is a platform for writers for article submissions. You get paid every Monday through PayPal if a client approves your writing. The application is simple and you can write your choice of assignments. You can get paid to write online. On acceptance $8 is received.


This is another great way to make money writing. This site will pay up to $150 per article about women’s lifestyles and money. The ask that you apply to the email on their website with a pitch to get started.



A professional editor owned Editfast is a freelancing site. The catchy part is $250 is paid for accepted articles. There is a need to adhere to guidelines. Topic approval is a must and to get paid, it must receive approval.


Contena has amazing features to give writers a jump start. Everyone is given a video training course. Contena provides individual pitches jobs and advice on the way. Creating an account is for free, time to kickstart your professional writing career, and to get paid to write online.



MediaBristro focuses on offering training and career advice. This is a job board attracting freelance full and part-time writers. Posting your writing on this site, upgrade, and get surfaced over other users by appearing in their newsletter. The coolest thing is to find jobs by location.


HubPages needs writers to sign up. Writers need to regularly add fresh content to generate revenue. Writing using keywords and products is a way to get paid to write online. Join and ensure 700+ words article, free from errors. 



As you are looking for professional websites, beware of scam sites. There may be sites asking you to complete assignments, or to pay for leads, to advertise your services, and so on. These may be considered as reasonable, then others who are scam sites. If you have to give tests and samples, it is a protocol with many online sites. You get paid to write online, once your writing is approved. 

Good Luck!

25 writing jobs


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