How to Start an Online Business with No Money

How to Start an Online Business with No Money

Can you start an online business with no money down? Yes! Starting an online business and making money from it without investing any start-up money will take time and a lot of work. A lot of successful people have started with a no money down strategy in their online business but it took them a lot of time and hard work to create passive income. Here I will talk about only free ways to start an online business and make money from it. 


How to Start an Online Business for free in 2020


There a lot of different businesses you can start online for free, however, I will go through the ones that are very easy, to begin with. Here are 7 ways you can start an online business: 


Creating Your Website and Selling Products or Services:

There are a few hosting websites such as Wix, Weebly, Simplesite etc. that will allow you to create free landing pages or your own website to promote your products or services. These free hosting websites will have their brands displayed on your web page and you will have to share domain names. For example, if your website name is doxjou, you’ll have a part of the hosting name to your domain, ie, instead of Once you’ve created your website, share your work on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 



The art of dropshipping involves selling products to customers without physically storing the product but getting the product shipped from a fulfillment center or from a supplier to the customer. The beauty of this is that you can sell thousands of products without handing the packaging or shipping. The part that you’ll be responsible for is to market the product, professionally build a customer-friendly online store where customers can place their orders. How can you get started with an online business doing dropshipping? You can get started with creating your website via Wix or Weebly or you can sign up with Shopify 14 day free trial. 


Sell On Amazon and eBay 

If you have inventory, you can list your products for sale on Amazon or Ebay. There is no startup fee to get started with selling on these platforms. Amazon and Ebay have millions of visitors per month and this would be a great way for your products to get exposed using the best keywords in your item description


Print On Demand 

If you are into designing, then you can start with a print on demand services like, Redbubble, society6, teepublic etc. This is a great way to start your online business with no money down. You can create designs that can be printed on T-Shirts, mugs, pillows, books, etc, and the fun part about it is that you don’t need to worry about inventory, printing, and fulfillment. All you need to do is sign up for an account, create your storefront, create eye-catching designs, and get paid for them once a customer makes a purchase. 


Affiliate Marketing

Join affiliate networks such as CJ affiliates, ShareASale, Clickbank, and Flexoffers. Once you sign up with any of these Affiliate networks you’ll be responsible for promoting their products. You’ll get paid a commission once someone makes a purchase from your unique link.

Start a Youtube Channel

Share your knowledge by making videos and putting them on youtube. For example, if you’re good at cooking, you can start a cooking channel showing people how to cook particular dishes. It does take time to make money on Youtube.  You need to acquire 4000 watch time and 1k subscribers before you’re able to monetize your videos. 

Starting a Blog 

If you can write unique, informative, and SEO friendly content, you can make money from your blog. Think of your blog as a long term investment, you will not make money right away. In order to make money blogging, you need to have an audience that will read your post. So let’s say you have 50,000 views per month to your content, you can make money from those views. You can also make money from the products or services you recommend to your readers.

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