14 Apps like Dave For Cash Advance and Payday Loans
14 Apps like Dave For Cash Advance and Payday Loans

Dave has gained significant popularity as a cash advance app. However, if you’re seeking apps like Dave, several excellent options cater to your need for a modest cash advance until your next payday. 


I’ve discovered that numerous cash advance apps not only provide reliable cash advances but also offer a variety of additional personal finance features to assist you in maintaining financial stability.


14 Apps Like Dave

Here are the best apps like Dave that you can use to getcash advances or loans with low or no fees:


1. Empower


Empower provides members with the opportunity to access a cash advance of up to $250 without the hassle of a credit check or any accompanying fees. 

While the typical transfer timeframe aligns with other cash advance apps, you have the option to expedite the process for an immediate transfer by paying a small fee. 

These funds can be conveniently directed to either an external bank account or your Empower card.


2. Chime


Chime provides a cash advance service allowing users to access up to $200 for debit card purchases and cash withdrawals. Through their SpotMe program, Chime eliminates overdraft fees, offering a line of credit instead. This credit remains accessible when surpassing your Chime debit card balance.


Initially, users typically have a $20 credit limit, which can increase to $200 with a favorable payment history. Should you exceed your bank account limit, Chime steps in to cover the overdraft, subsequently reducing your available credit line. Repayment occurs automatically from your next paycheck to settle the loan.


To be eligible for access to Chime, individuals must meet certain criteria:

  • Age Requirement: Applicants must be at least 18 years old.
  • Identification: A valid government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license or passport, is typically required.
  • Residency: Applicants must be legal residents of the United States.
  • Bank Account: Access to Chime services often necessitates having a valid U.S. bank account.
  • Compliance: Compliance with Chime’s terms and conditions, including any verification procedures, is mandatory.
  • Acceptance: Meeting Chime’s internal eligibility criteria and passing any required background checks or verification processes.


3. Cleo 


Cleo, an AI-powered personal finance app, offers assistance in bridging the gap to payday and handling unforeseen expenses. With Cleo, you can access up to $250 in advances (up to $100 for first-time users) without undergoing a credit check or incurring interest charges.

While Cleo’s advances typically take 3-4 days to process, you have the option to expedite the process for a same-day advance by paying an express fee. It’s important to note that access to cash advances requires a subscription to Cleo Plus or Cleo Builder, which are priced between $5.99 to $14.99 per month.

To enhance your chances of qualifying for a loan with Cleo, consider the following tips:

  • Maintain a Positive Account History: Consistently manage your Cleo account responsibly by keeping it in good standing.
  • Regular Usage: Engage actively with Cleo’s features and maintain regular interactions with the app.
  • Stable Income: Demonstrate a steady source of income to reassure Cleo of your ability to repay the advance.
  • Subscription Enrollment: Consider subscribing to Cleo Plus or Cleo Builder to unlock additional features and increase your eligibility for cash advances.


4. Albert

Albert, a widely-used cash advance app, Like Dave it provides access to cash advances of up to $250. They do not impose interest charges or fees, and users can obtain up to three cash advances per pay period, capped at a total of $250.

To qualify for cash advances with Albert, consider these tips:

  • Responsibility and Repayment History: Maintain a positive repayment history by borrowing responsibly and repaying promptly.
  • Regular Usage: Use Albert’s features regularly to demonstrate engagement with the app and your financial responsibility.
  • Steady Income: Ensure a stable income source to support timely repayment of the borrowed amount.
  • Incremental Increase: Begin with lower loan amounts and gradually increase them as you establish a positive repayment record with Albert.
  • Communication: If you encounter difficulties in repayment, communicate with Albert to discuss potential solutions, such as extension plans, to manage repayment effectively.

By following these guidelines, you can enhance your eligibility for cash advances with Albert and make the most of their financial assistance services.



5. Varo 

Varo provides cash advances of up to $100 without necessitating tips or accruing interest. Instead, users are charged a flat fee determined by the advance amount. Repayment is scheduled for the next payday, simplifying the process. To qualify for Varo’s cash advances and ensure a seamless borrowing experience, consider the following details:

  • Eligibility Criteria: Meet Varo’s eligibility requirements, which typically include being at least 18 years old and having an active Varo account.
  • Flat Fee Structure: Understand Varo’s fee structure for cash advances, ensuring transparency and clarity regarding the cost associated with borrowing.
  • Repayment Terms: Familiarize yourself with Varo’s repayment terms, including the scheduled repayment date, to budget accordingly and avoid any potential late fees.
  • Financial Planning: Plan your finances to accommodate the repayment of the cash advance on your next payday, considering other financial obligations and expenses.
  • Communication: In case of any difficulties in repayment, communicate proactively with Varo to explore potential solutions and avoid any negative impacts on your account.

By paying attention to these details and maintaining open communication with Varo, you can effectively utilize their cash advance feature to address short-term financial needs without incurring unnecessary fees or interest charges.



6. Payactiv 

Payactiv is a service that enables you to access your earned income before your scheduled payday. However, it’s important to note that this app is only available if your employer has subscribed to it.

If your employer has integrated Payactiv, you can conveniently access your earned funds as you accrue them. You have the flexibility to transfer these funds directly to your bank account or card, or you can opt to withdraw cash.

For employees using Payactiv, the app tracks your hours worked and calculates the portion of your earnings that is accessible for transfer each day. You have the option to set up automatic transfers or transfer funds only as needed. Additionally, Payactiv automatically deducts the advanced portion from your paycheck if you choose to access funds ahead of your payday.


7. Axos


Axos differs from typical cash advance apps like Dave since they don’t extend loans or cash advances. Instead, they offer a unique service called ‘Direct Deposit Express,’ which allows you to access your paycheck a few days ahead of schedule.


Unlike traditional banks that often require you to wait until deposits clear, Axos offers early access to your paycheck. Once Axos receives notification of your paycheck deposit from your employer, they promptly provide access to the funds. This means you can access your money several days earlier than your usual payday.


However, it’s important to understand that Axos essentially fronted you the funds before the deposit clears. Therefore, when the funds are officially deposited and cleared, Axos retains them to cover the advance they provided.


8. MoneyLion 


MoneyLion, is an app like Dave, provides cash advances to its members, with some enjoying limits of up to $500. However, MoneyLion distinguishes itself by offering a comprehensive personal finance platform aimed at empowering members to take control of their financial well-being and achieve their objectives.


To access cash advances through MoneyLion, members need to receive their paychecks via direct deposit and link their bank accounts. Additionally, opening a MoneyLion RoarMoney Account may qualify them for even higher cash advance limits, potentially reaching up to $1,000.


While most transfers typically take a few business days to process, members have the option to expedite the process by paying a nominal Turbo Fee for instant access to funds.


9. Brigit 


Brigit is an app like Dave, providing cash advances (Instant Cash) along with a suite of personal finance tools to support your financial journey. While subscribers can access up to $250, initial limits are often lower and gradually increase as you demonstrate timely repayment of advances.

Typically, borrowers repay their advances on their next payday. However, if you require additional time, you have the option to request an extension. Deposits usually take a couple of business days to process, but for instant access, a small fee can be paid for expedited transfers. Access to Instant Cash and Brigit’s other features requires a monthly subscription fee of $9.99.

To increase your chances of qualifying for Instant Cash and maximizing your benefits with Brigit, consider the following tips:

  • Timely Repayment: Demonstrate responsible borrowing behavior by consistently repaying your advances on time or ahead of schedule.
  • Financial Stability: Maintain a stable income source and manage your expenses effectively to ensure timely repayment of cash advances.
  • Active Usage: Engage regularly with Brigit’s personal finance tools and features to demonstrate your commitment to improving your financial well-being.
  • Communication: If you encounter difficulties in repayment or need assistance, communicate proactively with Brigit to explore available options and prevent any negative impact on your account.


10. Earnin 


Earnin provides a unique opportunity for early access to your earned income. With their philosophy that your hard-earned money should be accessible when you need it, Earnin offers access to $100 per day and up to $750 per pay period.


To access your funds ahead of schedule, simply download the Earnin app and verify your income and employment. Earnin then monitors your working hours to determine the amount available for early withdrawal.


Direct deposit of your income is a prerequisite for early access through Earnin. Once you request funds via the app, they are deposited into your bank account, just as with a regular paycheck, only earlier.


Upon receiving your paycheck, Earnin automatically deducts the portion previously advanced to you. This eliminates the need for repayment arrangements or concerns about interest payments.


While most transfers take a few days, Earnin offers a Lightning Speed option for expedited transfers in urgent situations.


11. Even 


Even is a mobile application that facilitates early access to earned income. Through Instapay, eligible employees can access up to 50% of their earned income before their scheduled payday.


  • Early Access: Even allows users to access a portion of their earned income ahead of their regular payday, providing financial flexibility.
  • Top Employer Partnerships: Even collaborates with leading employers nationwide, ensuring widespread access to their services.
  • Flexibility in Amount Selection: Users have the freedom to choose the amount they need from their earned income, tailored to their specific financial needs.


  • Repayment Requirement: Users are required to repay the amount taken from their earned income on their next payday, which may pose budgeting challenges for some individuals.
  • Limited Eligibility: Not all employees may be eligible for Even’s Instapay feature, depending on their employer’s participation and eligibility criteria.


12. DailyPay


DailyPay provides a distinct alternative to the Dave app by offering access to 100% of earned income, making it a viable solution for individuals facing emergencies requiring more than $500 to resolve.


The platform operates on the concept of ‘earned wage access,’ enabling employees to access their earnings in real-time rather than waiting until their scheduled payday. Similar to Payactiv, DailyPay is contingent upon employer participation.


With DailyPay, employees can access their earned funds from their first day of work. Funds can be transferred to any account or card, with the option for instant transfers (for a fee) or next business day delivery.


DailyPay seamlessly integrates with your company’s timekeeping system to accurately track your work hours and earnings. Following each shift, the app provides a breakdown of your earnings and available funds for early transfer, empowering you to manage your finances efficiently. Transfers can be initiated 24/7 to any desired destination.


13. SoLo Funds


SoLo Funds stands out from traditional cash advance apps by fostering a community of members who support one another.


How does it work? When you need to borrow money, simply provide a valid ID during account creation and detail the purpose of your loan request. Once you’ve accepted an offer from another member, you repay the borrowed amount.


This unique system creates a mutually beneficial scenario. By promptly repaying your loan, you earn a SoLo Score, which increases over time. With a higher SoLo Score, you gain access to larger cash advance amounts.


SoLo Funds also offers incentives for members who lend money. Borrowers have the option to tip lenders, resulting in a win-win situation for both parties involved.


14. Klover 


Klover provides an avenue to access a cash advance of up to $200 without the burden of interest or late fees, as repayment is automatically deducted from your account on your next payday. Additionally, the app offers various features such as sweepstakes entry, point-earning surveys, and the ability to track savings goals.



What Is the Dave App?

The Dave app stands out as a cash advance solution equipped with unique personal finance tools to enhance your financial management. Unlike many of its counterparts, Dave offers the potential to qualify for cash advances of up to $500, although this limit is subject to fluctuation based on various qualifying factors.

With a nominal $1 membership fee applicable year-round, even during months of non-usage, accessing a cash advance through Dave is straightforward. To initiate the process, simply sign up with Dave and request the desired cash advance.

Qualification Criteria:

  • Maintain a checking account with a minimum age of 60 days.
  • Ensure at least two recurring direct deposits from your employer into your account.
  • Maintain a positive balance in your account.

In addition to these prerequisites, Dave considers factors such as your spending history, time until your next payday, and monthly direct deposit amounts.

Notably, Dave does not conduct credit checks for cash advances, safeguarding your credit score. Funds can be transferred directly to an external bank account free of charge or to an external prepaid debit card for a small fee. Alternatively, you can opt for a Dave Spending account (via Evolve Bank & Trust) for immediate access to funds.

Repayment is conveniently facilitated through automatic withdrawal on your subsequent payday.

How to Register:

To sign up for the Dave app, you can complete the registration process online. However, when seeking a cash advance, downloading the app is necessary, as this is where advance requests are submitted.


FAQ For Top Apps like Dave 


How quickly do you get an advance using apps like Dave?


The speed at which you receive an advance using apps like Dave can vary depending on several factors. In general, many cash advance apps aim to provide funds as quickly as possible to address immediate financial needs. Some apps offer instant transfers for a small fee, allowing you to access funds within minutes. 


However, standard transfers typically take a few business days to process. Additionally, the time it takes to receive an advance may also depend on factors such as your bank’s processing times and any verification processes required by the app. 

Overall, while some apps prioritize fast transfers, others may take a bit longer to deliver the funds to your account.


What is the most cash advance you can make with apps like Dave?


The maximum cash advance you can make with apps like Dave varies depending on the specific app and individual circumstances. 


Generally, many cash advance apps offer advances ranging from $100 to $500, with some apps allowing higher amounts based on factors such as your income, spending habits, and repayment history. For example, apps like Dave may initially offer advances of up to $100 or $200, with the potential to qualify for higher amounts over time as you build trust and demonstrate responsible borrowing behavior. 


It’s essential to check the terms and conditions of each app to understand their specific maximum advance limits and eligibility criteria.


Is there a better app like Dave?


Determining whether there is a better app than Dave depends on your specific financial needs and preferences. While Dave is a popular cash advance app known for its features like no-interest cash advances and budgeting tools, there are several alternatives available in the market. Some apps offer higher advance limits, faster transfer times, or additional features such as budget tracking, savings tools, or credit-building services.


Apps like Earnin, Brigit, and MoneyLion are often compared to Dave and offer similar cash advance services with varying features and eligibility requirements. It’s essential to research and compare different apps based on factors such as advance limits, fees, repayment terms, customer reviews, and additional features to determine which app best suits your needs. Ultimately, the best app for you will depend on your individual financial situation and preferences.

What app will let me borrow money instantly?


Several apps offer the ability to borrow money instantly, providing quick access to funds to address urgent financial needs. Apps like Dave are; Earnin, Brigit, MoneyLion, and Even offer instant cash advances, allowing users to access a portion of their earned income before their scheduled payday. 


These apps typically require users to link their bank accounts, verify their income, and meet certain eligibility criteria. Once approved, users can request funds and receive them instantly or within a few hours, depending on the app’s transfer process. 


However, it’s essential to carefully review the terms and conditions, including any fees and repayment terms, before using any instant borrowing app.


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