How to Make $500 Fast in a Week or Less ( 20 Ways to Consider)
How to Make $500 Fast in a Week or Less ( 20 Ways to Consider)

Having the opportunity to make $500 fast per  week can greatly benefit most individuals, whether for savings or covering bills. There are numerous accessible avenues to generate approximately $24,000 annually through a side hustle, second job, or even a full-time position, depending on your preferences and available. 


How To Make 500 Dollars Fast

The jobs mentioned offers different ways to make $500 fast and do not demand a college degree or specialized expertise, rendering them open to nearly everyone. Already employed during the day? No need to fret. These roles offer flexibility, accommodating evening and weekend schedules. Let’s explore further.

1. Virtual Assistant


Becoming a Virtual Assistant is a great way to make extra money.  I started VA business back in 2019 and hired a couple folks. You can serve as a virtual assistant for either a business or an individual. Typically, this role involves handling administrative duties like email correspondence, meeting scheduling, and appointment setting. Depending on the workload of your clients, you might assist multiple individuals, offering opportunities to boost your earnings.

2. Deliver food for DoorDash

DoorDash functions as a food delivery platform enabling customers to conveniently receive their meals at home. As a DoorDasher, you have the flexibility to choose your working hours. Instead of a fixed wage, you earn a percentage from food sales, along with tips and compensation for drive time. 

On average, you can expect to earn approximately $16 to $25 per hour for most deliveries. Dedicate around 25 hours per week to this gig, and you could make $500 fast. Not a bad deal for cruising around, enjoying music, and satisfying hungry customers. Moreover, it offers a fantastic opportunity to explore new dining options. 


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3.Test Website 


For this opportunity, all you require is a computer and a sharp understanding of web functionality. Numerous companies seek web testers, with one standout platform being TryMyUI. At TryMyUI, you’re encouraged to provide feedback on websites while being yourself. Each test fetches $10, typically lasting around 20 minutes. To earn $500 fast  per week, you’d need to test 50 web pages, totaling just over 16 hours of work.


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4. Freelance 


You have the option to join the gig economy and operate as an independent contractor or freelancer. Positions like transcriptionists, social media managers, and virtual assistants offer lucrative compensation either hourly or per project. Additionally, these opportunities provide the flexibility and independence to work remotely from any location that aligns with your lifestyle.


5. Become a Personal Shopper


Are you someone who enjoys grocery shopping? If the answer is yes, then Instacart might be the perfect side gig for you. As an Instacart shopper, you handle everything from selecting items, checking out, bagging, to delivering them. While Instacart doesn’t offer a guaranteed minimum rate, check out, how much Instacart pays

To reach the $500 milestone, you’d need to work 30+ hours per week at this rate, but receiving tips in addition to the base rate could reduce this to around 30 hours per week. Moreover, it’s a flexible side hustle that you can easily fit around your primary job. Similar to DoorDash, you have the freedom to choose your own hours and take on as many or as few assignments as you wish.


6. Rideshare with Uber

Uber driving offers convenience as you have the flexibility to choose your own hours and tailor your experience to suit your riders. According to Uber, drivers typically earn an average of $25 per hour, which includes tips. By driving for 20 hours a week at this rate, you can substantially increase your weekly earnings.

Here’s a suggestion to potentially enhance your earnings further—consider providing your passengers with a memorable and enjoyable experience by offering amenities such as a phone charger, small candies, or gum, and letting them select the radio station or Spotify playlist. This thoughtful gesture is likely to result in larger tips in addition to the standard fare.


7. Online Researcher 

Consider trying your skills as an online researcher. Many companies seek research to present engaging information to their audience. For instance, Wonder, an online platform, requires individuals to delve into various questions it presents. For example, you might be tasked with answering inquiries like “How do you potty train a dog?” Wonder compensates $25 per hour for such tasks. Working 20 hours weekly would allow you to make $500 fast.



8. Freelance Writing

If you possess strong grammar skills, a basic understanding of SEO principles, and a passion for writing, freelancing as a writer can be a lucrative endeavor.

In today’s digital age, quality content is essential for businesses to attract and engage customers. However, many small businesses lack the resources or time to create compelling content themselves, resulting in missed opportunities and decreased online visibility.

As a freelance writer, you can fill this gap by offering services such as blog writing, website content creation, and social media management. Platforms like Fiverr provide an excellent avenue to showcase your skills and attract clients, or you can leverage social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn for marketing purposes.

Freelance writers typically charge per word and often specialize in specific niches to attract a broader client base. Having a portfolio showcasing your previous work can significantly enhance your credibility and help potential clients gauge your writing style and expertise.



9. Tutor Online 


Offering tutoring services presents a lucrative opportunity to earn extra income during your free time. Given that tutors often command high hourly rates, it’s entirely feasible to make $500 fast by engaging in tutoring sessions.


Before diving into tutoring, consider your preferred method of instruction. Will you conduct sessions in person at the student’s home, a local library, or opt for online tutoring?


For in-person tutoring, leverage traditional methods of advertising such as hanging flyers in community hubs like schools, libraries, and grocery stores. Additionally, utilize social media platforms to promote your services and inform friends and neighbors about your tutoring availability. To attract the right clientele, it’s beneficial to specialize in specific subjects or grade levels.


When promoting your tutoring services, emphasize your qualifications, whether you possess a teaching certificate, hold a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject, or excel in a particular area where assistance is needed.


Alternatively, if online tutoring aligns better with your preferences, explore various avenues. You can establish your own tutoring business and market your services locally and nationally, or consider joining established platforms like VIPKid, which connects tutors with students in China seeking to learn English.


Online tutoring, particularly with platforms like VIPKid, offers a rewarding opportunity for individuals with teaching experience looking to supplement their income or take a temporary hiatus from traditional teaching roles. Keep in mind that flexibility is key, as sessions often occur during evening hours or early mornings to accommodate Beijing time. Tutors working during peak hours typically receive higher compensation, facilitating the achievement of a 500 dollars earning goal within a relatively short timeframe.


10 . Childcare Services 


If you enjoy being around children, think about providing childcare services from your own home. You could provide care before and after school, or take care of younger children during the day.


Make sure to review the regulations set by your city and county to determine if you need a license to provide childcare. Then, research the rates in your area by asking other daycare providers about their fees and the services they provide, like meal options.


You can set your rates either on an hourly basis or consider offering a daily or weekly fee, depending on the age group of the children you’ll be caring for.


11. Rent Your Spare Room


Airbnb has seen a significant surge in popularity since the onset of the pandemic. This is largely due to the desire for greater space and privacy compared to traditional hotel accommodations.


If you have a spare room or an entire home available, consider listing it on Airbnb. This can be a quick way to earn money, especially when you’re in need of immediate funds. Before listing your space, determine the amenities you’ll provide and establish your boundaries for sharing your space. Then, set the availability of your room and begin searching for potential guests.


You have the flexibility to rent out your space for short-term stays, such as a day or two, or for longer periods. Increasing your earnings is possible by accommodating multiple guests within a week.


For vacant properties like entire houses or townhomes, listing the entire space on Airbnb can generate even more income.


You’re not committed to keeping your property listed long-term; you can choose to make it available for a few days and then remove it from the platform, especially if you’ll be returning home or prefer not to share your space during certain times.


Since you receive payment when guests book your space, Airbnb offers a convenient and efficient way to leverage your existing resources for quick earnings.


12. Rent Out Your RV


Having an RV is perfect for creating cherished family memories, but it often sits idle, collecting dust and incurring expenses. Instead of letting it go unused, consider turning it into a quick $500 opportunity by renting it out to others. RVShare serves as a platform connecting RV owners with individuals seeking to rent an RV.


Similar to Airbnb, you begin by listing your RV along with its features and available dates. Potential renters browse your listing, ask questions, and may proceed to book the RV. You have full control over the rental process, including setting the security deposit amount.


While you’ll need to meet with renters to hand over keys and provide operational instructions, the overall process is straightforward. RVShare provides $1 million in liability insurance and $200,000 in comprehensive and collision coverage.


Depending on factors such as the size of your RV, rental duration, and local demand, you could potentially earn the $500 you need from just one rental.


13. Sell Unused Clothes


If your closet is overflowing with unworn clothes, especially those still adorned with tags, consider selling them. It’s a common scenario—we purchase items with every intention to wear them, only to find them lingering in our closets, untouched.


Instead of letting these garments gather dust, turn them into cash. Poshmark offers an excellent platform for selling unused clothing, including shoes and accessories. You can easily set up a virtual ‘closet’ on the site and advertise your items through your social media channels.


If you have designer labels or unique styles, you stand to earn even more. When showcasing your items, be sure to include photos with the tags still attached, as ‘new with tags’ items tend to fetch higher prices compared to gently used ones.


14. Sell Your Crafts


If you have a knack for crafting, why not transform your hobby into a lucrative venture? There are numerous avenues through which you can sell your crafts and generate income. Firstly, pinpoint your niche—what type of crafts do you create and wish to sell? Once you’ve identified your specialty, consider whether you want to sell your creations in person, online, or both.


For in-person sales, explore opportunities like vendor fairs, craft markets, flea markets, and yard sales. These venues attract crowds of potential buyers, presenting ideal settings for showcasing your crafts. If you’re serious about turning crafting into a side hustle, research craft shows in your vicinity and sign up as a vendor for multiple events. Design a flyer detailing your upcoming appearances and distribute it at various craft shows to expand your reach.


Alternatively, if you prefer online selling, Etsy is a fantastic platform. You can establish your own storefront and tap into Etsy’s vast customer base. Almost any handmade item can be sold on Etsy, but it’s essential to assess your competition. Study how other sellers present their listings, determine their pricing strategies, and observe their photography techniques.


While you shouldn’t directly mimic other crafters, you can draw inspiration from their approaches to enhance your own offerings and increase your chances to make $500 fast.

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15. Sell Photos Online


Did you know that there’s a market for stock photos? You can monetize your photography hobby by selling your images online. This means that you can capture a photo once and sell it multiple times to interested buyers. Numerous platforms facilitate the sale of stock photos, each with its own strengths depending on the type of photos you produce.


Explore websites such as Shutterstock and iStockPhoto to gain insight into the kinds of images that members frequently upload and purchase. Follow seasoned photographers to gather inspiration and ideas for photos that you can capture and sell.


While these platforms typically take a percentage of your earnings, you can increase your income potential by uploading your photos to multiple sites. This diversification strategy allows you to maximize your earnings and reach a broader audience of potential buyers.


16. Pet Care


Did you know that there’s a market for stock photos? You can monetize your photography hobby by selling your images online. This means that you can capture a photo once and sell it multiple times to interested buyers. Numerous platforms facilitate the sale of stock photos, each with its own strengths depending on the type of photos you produce.


Explore websites such as Shutterstock and iStockPhoto to gain insight into the kinds of images that members frequently upload and purchase. Follow seasoned photographers to gather inspiration and ideas for photos that you can capture and sell.


While these platforms typically take a percentage of your earnings, you can increase your income potential by uploading your photos to multiple sites. This diversification strategy allows you to maximize your earnings and reach a broader audience of potential buyers.

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17. Audio/Video Editor


If your preference lies in editing completed work, consider pursuing a career as an audio or video editor. While written content holds significant importance, videos and podcasts are equally crucial for businesses today.


Many companies produce videos and podcasts but lack the resources or expertise to edit them effectively. If you possess the necessary software and skills for audio and video editing, you can market your services on platforms like Fiverr or Upwork. Additionally, businesses are willing to compensate you for optimizing their podcasts and videos to enhance search engine visibility and audience engagement.


Your tasks may include trimming excess content, adding background music, managing transitions, or implementing other enhancements to create compelling marketing assets for companies.


18. Handyman Work


If you excel at handling various repairs, consider promoting your services within your community. Showcase your expertise and discuss rates with neighbors seeking assistance with tasks such as drywall repair, basement finishing, plumbing fixes, and other household projects.


TaskRabbit serves as an excellent platform for handyman services as well, provided you clearly outline the services you provide. You can submit rate proposals to interested clients, and if they find your offer appealing, they’ll hire you for the job.


19. Rent Out Unused Space for Storage


If you have ample unused space, consider leasing it to individuals in need of storage solutions. This can be particularly beneficial for families residing in compact apartments or homes lacking basements, as well as seniors and individuals undergoing life transitions like divorce, who require additional storage without the steep fees associated with conventional storage facilities.


By enrolling with Neighbor and listing your available space for rent, you can connect with potential renters seeking storage solutions. Ensure your listing includes detailed information about the space, such as whether it’s temperature-controlled, weather-affected, or accessible via stairs. Providing comprehensive details will attract renters and facilitate successful rentals.


You can offer various spaces for rent, including basement or garage areas, vacant storage sheds, or even attic spaces. When utilizing Neighbor to rent out your storage space, rest assured that they offer $1,000,000 host protection, alleviating concerns about liability for your tenant’s belongings.


20. Rent Out Your Parking Space


Just as Airbnb revolutionized home rentals, Pavemint offers a solution for renting out your parking space. The demand for parking spaces is surprisingly high, often rivaling the demand for accommodations, particularly in urban areas where parking is scarce.


You have the flexibility to set your rental rates according to your preference. Whether charging by the hour or day, your parking space has the potential to quickly generate the $500 you need. Research the going rates in your area and consider setting your prices competitively or slightly lower to attract more business.


By offering a safe and convenient parking spot for tenants, you increase the likelihood of receiving referrals from satisfied customers. Providing easy access and ensuring a hassle-free experience for your renters can lead to positive word-of-mouth recommendations among others facing similar parking challenges.


How to Best Use the $500


Using the $500 effectively depends on your individual financial goals and current circumstances. Here are several ways you might consider making the most of this money:


Take Care of Your Emergency


If you don’t already have one, consider starting or adding to an emergency fund. Having savings set aside for unexpected expenses can provide peace of mind and financial security.


Pay Off High Interest Debt


Make $500 fast  and pay down high-interest debt, such as credit card balances or personal loans. By reducing your debt, you can save money on interest payments and work towards becoming debt-free.




Consider investing the $500 in a retirement account, such as an IRA or 401(k), or in a taxable brokerage account. Investing can help your money grow over time and contribute to long-term financial goals, such as retirement or buying a home.


Put Money in Your Education


Invest in yourself by making $500 to take educational courses, certifications, or workshops that can enhance your skills and qualifications. This investment may lead to better job opportunities or increased earning potential in the future.

If you have any overdue maintenance or repairs on your home or vehicle, use the $500 to address these needs. Preventive maintenance can help you avoid more costly repairs down the road.

When faced with financial challenges, it’s important to explore opportunities to turn the situation around. Here are some other ways to make $500 fast:


  1. Taking on odd jobs: Utilize your skills and abilities to tackle various tasks in your community or online platforms.


  1. Selling unused items: Declutter your space and sell items you no longer need or use through online marketplaces or garage sales.


  1. Starting a side hustle: Launch a small business or offer services on a freelance basis to generate extra income.


  1. Engaging in the gig economy: Take advantage of flexible job opportunities available through apps and platforms that connect freelancers with clients.


Thanks to modern technology, making $500 in a short timeframe is feasible. While some methods may take longer than opting for a payday loan, they offer the advantage of avoiding debt.


It’s crucial to prioritize building an emergency savings fund to provide financial security in future situations. This allows you to mitigate worries about money and avoid scrambling during unexpected emergencies.


Now, I’m curious: What’s your preferred method to  $500 fast?


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