How to Make $1000 Fast (13 Ways To Make Money In a Week or Month)
How to Make $1000 Fast (13 Ways To Make Money In a Week or Month)

Do you want to learn some ways how to make $1,000 fast? Many of us have faced situations where emergency arises, and funds are insufficient to address it. A recent study revealed that 32.9% of Americans have $100 or less in their savings account.

Emergencies are inevitable, but before succumbing to panic, it’s important to recognize the multitude of opportunities available to making money fast. We’ll outline 13 ways to make $1,000 fast. To begin, explore our top recommendations below:


How To Make $1000 Fast (In 24 Hours to a Week)

Some of these ideas are great option if you need to make money fast! Maybe you need cash quickly to pay your rent, go on a trip or even settle a loan. 


1. Food Delivery with DoorDash 

how to make money fast

Driving for Doordash is one of the easiest ways to make $1,000 fast. Food delivery emerges as a lucrative option, with drivers earning an average of $15 to $25 per hour. Among the myriad of delivery services available, our top pick is DoorDash.

DoorDash, currently dominates  65% market share, consistently seeks new drivers. Dashers, as DoorDash drivers are called, enjoy the flexibility to schedule their driving hours at their convenience. There are no minimums or weekly hour limits, and payments can be received either weekly or daily.

Here are some tips to get the most out of delivering food with DoorDash:


  • Strategic Availability: Increase your chances of higher earnings by making yourself available during peak hours. The busiest times often include dinner hours and weekend evenings.


  • Companionship Boosts Fun and Efficiency: Consider bringing along a friend or spouse during your deliveries to enhance the experience and keep things enjoyable.


  • Smart Expense Tracking: Utilize apps like Everlance to promptly track your miles. This not only aids in efficient expense management but also allows you to write off your mileage and related expenses during tax season.

What sets DoorDash apart is its commitment to supporting its drivers with various promotions:

  • Peak Pay: Earn additional income per order by driving during high-demand periods.
  • Challenges: DoorDash offers extra pay incentives for completing a specific number of deliveries within a set timeframe.

DoorDash’s like other delivery apps provides a proactive approach to incentivizing drivers. For a comprehensive understanding of the DoorDash experience, I wrote several an articles discussing  DoorDash pay, and how to make money quickly with the app.


2. Take Online Surveys 


While online surveys alone may not allow you to make $1,000 quickly, they can significantly contribute when combined with other strategies from this list. Despite their relatively low pay, engaging in online surveys can be a productive alternative to spending time on mobile games like Candy Crush.

The rationale behind companies paying for your survey participation lies in the valuable marketing data they collect from your feedback.

Here are our top two recommendations for survey sites:

  • Survey Junkie: This platform stands out because it offers payments of up to $3 per survey and is widely regarded as one of the most trustworthy sites. Payments are made in points that can be converted to cash, with a $5 cash-out minimum.
  • Branded Surveys: Highly recommended, Branded Surveys compensates in points, with each point equivalent to up to $3 per survey. You can cash out once you accumulate $5 worth of points, making it one of the faster-paying survey companies. In 2023, Branded Surveys introduced a new mobile app for added convenience.

Read more about Branded Survey Review 

Surveys typically take between 5 to 30 minutes, and you can participate from either your phone or laptop.

Given that not every survey on these platforms will be a match for you—surveys often target specific demographic requirements for market data—we suggest signing up for multiple survey sites. This increases your chances of qualifying for more surveys, translating to more money in your pocket.


3. Freelancing 

how to make $1,000 fast

Take a moment to reflect on the skills and services you already have. Whether you are good at writing, have creativity as a graphic designer, possess bookkeeping expertise, or have a background in administrative assistance, your talents can serve as the foundation for a freelancing career.

The freelancing industry has witnessed rapid growth, with major corporations increasingly opting to hire freelancers. Small business owners, recognizing the cost-effectiveness of freelancers over full-time employees, have embraced this trend for years.

Compensation for freelancers varies based on skills and services, but it’s a realistic goal to  quickly start making $1,000+ per month..

Consider the following freelance career paths to delve deeper into this rewarding realm:

  • Digital Marketing: Assist business owners in expanding their businesses by running Facebook and Instagram ads. Digital marketers typically earn $1,000 to $2,000 per month per client. 



  • Graphic Design: Leverage your artistic skills and computer proficiency in the growing field of graphic design. Design flyers, logos, invitations, posters, web graphics, Etsy printables, and more. Here are 12 Places to find Graphic Design work 


  • Virtual Assistance: Take on behind-the-scenes responsibilities crucial for business operations. A virtual assistant requires exceptional organizational and communication skills. Explore opportunities with actively hiring virtual assistant positions. Use the AIApply to create the best resume and cover letter for your dream jb. 


  • Bookkeeping: Similar to accounting but without the need for a degree, bookkeepers manage payroll, invoicing, and track a business’s finances. Learn the basics to get started in this role.


  • Web Development: Enter a high-income career field that doesn’t demand a college degree. Many web developers kickstart their journey through months-long boot camps.


  • Proofreading: Earn by correcting grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors. Discover the essentials to begin a career in proofreading. Learn how to leverage the skills to become a proofreader by taking this course 

Platforms like FlexJobs, Upwork, and Fiverr provide spaces to showcase your services or discover opportunities. Alternatively, create a personal website to share within your network—a longer route but feasible while pursuing other opportunities.


4. Dog Walking and Pet Sitting 

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Dog walkers can quickly earn $15 to $25 per walk. This presents an enjoyable and easy  avenue for earning money, particularly if you have a fondness for pets—an essential prerequisite.

Pet owners often seek caregivers when they travel or are occupied with work commitments. There are multiple ways to land these types of tasks through  social media, the NextDoor app, or informing neighbors can be effective, However Rover would be highly recommended.

Rover simplifies the process of connecting with pet owners in your vicinity. To get started, there’s a one-time fee of $35 to join and create a profile on the app. Rover empowers you to establish your rates, specify your availability, and outline the range of services you’re willing to provide.


5. Rent Out Your Unused Space 

make money renting

Is your garage nearly empty, or do you have available space in your basement or attic? Neighbor provides a platform where you can list your vacant areas and lease them to individuals within your community—an innovative alternative to conventional storage solutions.

Think of it as an Airbnb for storage, where you share your space with people’s belongings rather than with the individuals themselves.

For instance, you can offer your driveway on Neighbor to someone seeking parking for their car, boat, or RV. Alternatively, you might rent out basement space to a college student in transition between dorm living and their first apartment. The rental rates vary depending on your location, allowing you to set competitive rates. Renting a portion of your attic, for example, could fetch $20 per month, while your driveway might go for $100 per month.

This could be a good opportunity if you want to know how to  make $1,000 fast but keep in mind that you can combine other ideas to get to 1000 dollars even quicker. 


6. Rent Out Your Car


Instead of letting your car idle in the driveway all day, consider turning it into an additional source of income. By listing your car on HyreCar, a peer-to-peer rental marketplace, you can earn approximately $35 per day. This option proves advantageous, especially if you find yourself working from home and not using your car as frequently, or if you’re looking to offset your car payment.

HyreCar is designed specifically for renting your car to rideshare and food delivery drivers. The platform also provides up to $1,000,000 in liability coverage in case of any unforeseen incidents.

What makes renting out your car appealing is its relatively passive nature. While your car is being rented, you can simultaneously explore other income-generating opportunities, such as selling items or engaging in pet sitting, making it a versatile way to boost your earnings.


7. Earn Money When You Buy Gas With UpSide App


Upside app can alleviate the financial burden but also put some extra cash in your pocket. Formerly known as GetUpside, this app is a free and user-friendly cash back platform that offers attractive rewards when you make purchases at over 50,000 locations nationwide, particularly for gas and groceries. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how you can make the most of this app:

  • Download the Free Upside App: Begin by downloading the Upside app, which is available for free on various platforms.


  • Explore Local Offers: Utilize the app’s map feature to identify lucrative offers in your vicinity. These offers will specify the cash back amount you can earn at each participating gas station.


  • Fuel Up as Usual: Carry on with your routine by filling up your gas tank or purchasing groceries from one of the featured locations.


  • Check In or Upload Receipt: Ensure you maximize your cash back by checking in through the app while filling up or by uploading your receipt after the purchase.
  • Cash Out with Ease: Once your earnings accumulate to a minimum of $15, you can cash out without incurring any additional fees.

If you incorporate Upside into your daily routine you can  receive an impressive $6.07 cash back on a $67.21 tank of gas. This demonstrates the tangible benefits of using Upside as a practical solution to counteract the challenges posed by rising gas prices.


8. Sell Your Gently Used Items 

how to make 1000 dollars fast

If you really want to learn how to make $1,000 fast, try pawning items worth $500 or more. Take a comprehensive approach by scouring your home, from closets to the garage, attic, and basement, to uncover items that you can sell. Whether it’s a surplus sander from a completed home renovation project, unused electronics, old cell phones, clothing, shoes, instruments, or books, there’s likely an assortment of valuable possessions waiting to be monetized.

To guide you through the process, here are tailored recommendations for selling different types of items:

  • Used Electronics: Decluttr specializes in the purchase of used electronics, including phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, video games, and even LEGO sets.
  • Furniture and Home Decor: Utilize the Chairish app to sell furniture and home decor items, ensuring a hassle-free transaction.
  • Clothing, Shoes, and Accessories: Platforms such as Poshmark and ThredUp cater specifically to the resale of fashion items. Additionally, consignment stores like Plato’s Closet focus on gently used, on-trend clothing.
  • Sporting Equipment and Workout Gear: Play It Again Sports is an excellent option for selling used sporting equipment and workout gear, encompassing items such as soccer cleats, treadmills, tennis rackets, basketballs, hockey sticks, and weights.
  • General Items: Leverage the popularity of Facebook Marketplace, a versatile platform allowing the listing of various items, with the exception of prohibited items like illegal drugs, weapons, animals, and medicine.

Considering more traditional avenues, yard sales remain effective, potentially yielding several hundred dollars in a single day, albeit requiring some organizational effort. Explore the expansive reach of online platforms like Craigslist and eBay, keeping an eye on associated fees and payout speed.

Regardless of what you may initially think, there’s likely something of value that can be sold for extra income when you need to make $1,000 now


9. Baby Sitting 


If you have a genuine affinity for working with children, babysitting emerges as a reliable and expeditious method to boost your income. The flexibility of this venture allows you to either provide childcare in your own home, visit families at their residences, or even step into the role of a nanny. While word-of-mouth recommendations can be a valuable starting point, expanding your clientele becomes more accessible when you harness the power of online platforms like A Hub for Babysitting Opportunities serves as an expansive platform connecting caregivers with families seeking reliable childcare services. By joining, you unlock the potential to reach a broader audience of families actively searching for trustworthy and experienced babysitters or nannies.

Steps to Kickstart Your Babysitting Journey on

  • Create a Profile: Begin by setting up a comprehensive profile on Highlight your experience, qualifications, and any relevant certifications. This will serve as a snapshot of your childcare expertise for potential families.
  • List Your Services: Clearly articulate the range of babysitting services you offer. Whether it’s occasional babysitting, part-time childcare, or becoming a full-fledged nanny, make sure your profile accurately reflects your availability and willingness to accommodate different schedules.
  • Highlight Your Experience: Take advantage of the platform to elaborate on your experience in working with children. Share any relevant details about your approach, skills, and the age groups you are most comfortable caring for.
  • Utilize Recommendations: Encourage families you’ve worked with to leave positive recommendations on your profile. Positive reviews act as powerful endorsements, instilling confidence in potential clients.
  • Set Your Rates: allows you to set your own rates, ensuring that your compensation aligns with your experience and the services you provide. Be transparent about your pricing structure to attract families within your preferred pay range.

Maximizing Opportunities with

By actively engaging with the platform, you position yourself to discover a plethora of babysitting opportunities. The platform’s user-friendly interface and extensive reach empower you to connect with families seeking reliable childcare services. Whether you’re embarking on a babysitting career or expanding your existing clientele, serves as a valuable tool to efficiently match caregivers with families in need. Join today to embark on your journey to making money fast through the rewarding avenue of babysitting.


10. Online Tutoring 


Were you aware that ACT and SAT prep tutors have the potential to earn between $45 and $100 per hour? Similarly, providing subject-specific tutoring in areas like math, chemistry, or foreign languages can yield an hourly rate ranging from $30 to $60.

While there are no stringent requirements for becoming a tutor, most individuals in this role possess at least one of the following qualifications: prior experience working with children, educational expertise in a particular subject, a bachelor’s degree, or a background as a teacher.

To kickstart your tutoring venture, consider exploring sites like Wyzant or Kaplan which covers most subject areas. If you’re looking for something beginner friendly check out these 18 websites for teaching jobs.


11. Offer Yard Work 

Making $1,000 fast  is possible by offering your services for outdoor tasks such as mowing lawns, weeding, trimming bushes, raking, planting, shoveling snow, cleaning gutters, and power-washing sidewalks—chores that some individuals may find less than appealing. To tap into this opportunity, consider canvassing your neighborhood and identifying potential clients in need of your services.

You can adopt various strategies to market your skills, including going door-to-door, distributing flyers, leveraging community platforms like NextDoor, or utilizing your social media networks. Additionally, Taskrabbit, a platform that connects individuals with local taskers for various jobs, is another excellent avenue to promote your outdoor task services.


12. Flip Furniture 

You might have noticed furniture left on the curb during large trash collection days. Interestingly, much of this furniture is still in decent condition and may just require a bit of tender loving care (TLC). It appears that people are often reluctant to invest the time needed to refurbish or sell these items.

In addition to discovering potential furniture flips on the curb, you can explore opportunities at garage sales, thrift stores, and perhaps even within your own basement. After revitalizing the furniture, you can market your refurbished pieces on platforms such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist for resale.


13. Create UGC content brands 


In the digital age, creating User-Generated Content (UGC) for brands has become a dynamic avenue not only for engagement but also for earning a quick and substantial income. UGC involves individuals producing content that showcases and interacts with a brand’s products or services. Here’s a concise guide on how you can leverage UGC creation to make $1000 fast.

Identify UGC Opportunities:

Start by identifying brands that actively encourage and value user-generated content. Look for companies with a robust online presence and a history of featuring content from their customers.

Engage with the Brand:

Interact with the brand through social media, participate in their campaigns, and share your experiences with their products or services. Brands often appreciate enthusiastic and authentic engagement.

Create Quality Content:

Craft visually appealing and engaging content showcasing the brand. This can include photos, videos, reviews, or testimonials. Ensure that your content aligns with the brand’s image and values.

Utilize Social Media Platforms:

Share your UGC on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok. Use relevant hashtags, tag the brand, and take advantage of features like Instagram Stories or Reels to maximize visibility.

Participate in Brand Challenges:

Many brands launch challenges or contests encouraging users to create content. Participate actively, and if your submission stands out, it could lead to additional recognition and rewards.

Explore Influencer Marketing Platforms:

Consider joining influencer marketing platforms that connect brands with content creators. Platforms like BrandsMeetCreators, Billo, AspireIQ, Traackr, or can provide opportunities to collaborate with brands seeking UGC.

  • Negotiate Compensation:

As your UGC gains traction, brands may be open to compensating you for your efforts. Negotiate fair compensation, whether in the form of monetary payment, gift cards, or free products.

  • Connect with Local Businesses:

Explore opportunities with local businesses or startups that may be eager for UGC. Small businesses often appreciate the authentic touch of user-generated content and may offer compensation.

  • Maintain Consistency:

Consistency is key in the world of UGC. Regularly create and share content for the brands you engage with. The more consistent and quality content you produce, the more likely brands will recognize and reward your efforts.

By strategically immersing yourself in the realm of user-generated content, you can not only enhance your digital presence but also turn your creativity into a lucrative source of income. Keep in mind that authenticity, enthusiasm, and regular engagement with brands are the pillars for success in this endeavor.


The Final Word on How to Make $1000 Fast

You just learned about 13 different ways to make money fast, and the most efficient route to make $1,000 fast often involves combining multiple strategies. For instance, concurrently engaging in tasks such as delivering for Doordash, participating in online surveys through Branded Surveys, and selling your items online can expedite the accumulation of funds far beyond what a single approach could achieve.

Consider blending passive income sources, like renting out your car on Hyrecar, with more active endeavors to enhance your earnings at an accelerated pace.

While acquiring knowledge on how to generate quick income proves valuable in navigating current challenges, the ongoing pursuit of additional revenue streams is crucial for future financial preparedness. The ability to continue making money will not only aid in overcoming immediate difficulties but also fortify your resilience for unforeseen circumstances down the road.


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