Is Flash Rewards Legit or Scam? Here is the Truth
Is Flash Rewards Legit or Scam? Here is the Truth

Is Flash Rewards Legit or Scam?

If you’re having some doubts about whether or not Flash Rewards is legit or a scam,  today you’ll get some clarity on what the answer is.

There are also many questions about the $750 Shein gift card they offered on their website, and you might be unsure if Flash Rewards is legit. If you look at other gift cards from Amazon, Target, or Walmart, you’ll see they offer low $5 gift cards for signing up or cash back on purchases. 

I’ve seen a lot of comments about concerns regarding is flash rewards legit and some say it can’t be real. With so many scams going on online, I would be skeptical about something like this too, but I did a careful investigation to determine how safe flash rewards is. 

Let’s get into more details. 



What is Flash Rewards?

Flash Rewards is an online reward program where users complete tasks for gift cards they can redeem for purchases. The program offers deals to users and once completed, they offer rewards in the form of amazon gift cards. 

SmartWallet a website that provides information about ways to make money, they are the sister company to Flash Rewards. Now that still doesn’t tell us how legit flash rewards is. 

We still need to hear from multiple users on the platform. 

There are multiple ways to make money with flash rewards. The most popular one is playing games for cash. If you complete 5 deals, you can get a $100 visa gift card within a few days. Most users recommend contacting Flash rewards support to help claim prizes. 



How to get started?

Once you visit the flash rewards website page, you’ll see their about section that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to sign up. 

  • SIGN UP: Enter your basic information such as your name, email, and password. There is no signup fee, it’s 100% free
  • Take their SURVEY: participate in their survey so that you can get the best offers based on the information provided
  • Complete DEALS: Complete 5 Deals from 3 levels to claim a $100 Reward or fewer to claim lower value Rewards. 

Here is their level and deals chart of how much you can make with Flash rewards 

is flash rewards legit

  • GET PAID: After you’ve completed a certain number of deals, you can get paid within 5-7 business days. You’ll need to upload your ID for verification. Some users contact support and are able to receive payments within a few hours 

So, is flash rewards Legit? Yes, flash Rewards is a legitimate site that will pay you to complete deals and games for gift cards.

Why do they pay users to complete deals for rewards? 

A lot of companies want to get feedback on the UX (user experience) of apps that they’ve created. It takes thousands of dollars to create an app and so they need users to help them decide whether or not the app works okay. With more downloads and users on the app, they make more money. 

Popular rewards websites like inbox dollars, Swagbucks, and user interviews help companies with market research and pay users for their opinions and experience.  

Completing tasks is not instant, you’ll get 60 days for completion. The fun part about it is that you can actually make money without a job. 




How do Flash Regards work?


Once you’ve signed up, you’ll need to complete levels in the form of deals. 

Levels: Refers to a group of deals. Completing level 1 and 2 deals will earn you a $5 gift card. Completing levels 1-3 gives you a $100 gift card. 

Here’s a real review on Trust pilot from a user who completed tasks on Flash rewards 

flash rewards legit or scam

If it’s hard for you to read, here’s what she said 

I had a few doubts in the beginning since ive never participated in this type of program but I completed all of the deals for a $100 visa card. It was delivered quickly and I had no problems at all using it. I’ll do it again when my wait period is over!”

 $250 Reward requires completion of one Level 1, one Level 2, three level 3 Deals and five level 4 Deals.

You’ll also see that you can get $750 Shein gift card once you complete multiple levels. Here’s another legitimate review of flash rewards

is flash rewards real

Here is what they said: 

“Flash rewards was great I got my $750 easily by completing the offers. When there were small issues with the offers showing as completed the response time and the customer service team was always within hours and was corrected quickly every time. Once completing all the offers I chose the digital this Visa card and received it within an hour of verifying my identity. There is a one-year waiting period until it can be done again but I am looking forward to grabbing this extra cash next year if it’s still available. Excellent job flash rewards!”




Is Flash Rewards Legit Wrap up 

Keep in mind that flash rewards are a legit site that pays users to complete deals and games for gift cards. Please note that you should bookmark confirmation emails and screenshots of the games in progress/levels you’ve completed. 

You have up to 60 days to complete tasks. Contact flash rewards customer support if you need help redeeming your rewards. Flash rewards is only available in the USA. 

To redeem your gift cards, you must upload proof of identity, so it’s important that you put your correct name. You’ll also submit the screenshot of the levels you completed, and confirmation emails to their support email or in their website portal. 

Once your identity has been verified, they will send your rewards through an e-gift card via their vendor Tremendous, or via PayPal. 

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