22 Legit ways on How to make $50 a Day : Make $50 fast in a Day

22 Legit ways on How to make $50 a Day : Make $50 fast in a Day

22 Legit ways How to make $50 a Day: Make $50 fast in a Day

Making some extra money is what almost anybody would like to do today. But that is easier said than done.

Fortunately, there are some great platforms to use for making some extra earnings. When it comes to the best ways to make $50 every day, here are 22 methods to try. 

22 Best Ways to Earn $50 Today Flexible and Easy

Here are the  22 best ways on how to make $50 every day. You can sign up for these websites easily and start making money every day. 


1. Join Freelance Writers Den and Make $50 a Day

make $50 per day

A freelance writer can easily make $50 every day quickly. There are many websites offering blogs, articles, or content writing to their clients.  Click here to sign up for writing jobs where you can make $50 and more every day





2. Teach on Magic Ears and Make 50 dollars fast

how to make $50 every day

With Magic Ears, you can teach English online to children in China in the 4 – 12 Age Group. All you need to sign up is an e-mail and password, Click here to get started. Every class happens to have a 25-minute schedule and 5 minutes for the evaluation of students. This is definitely a great way to make $50 fast in a day.

Teaching materials would be offered to you. Every hour, you will be able to make $18 to $26. With a couple of hours of teaching, you can have $50.




3. Make $50 a day on Swagbuck


This is an amazing survey website that lets you make $50 quickly in free hours. You have to take part in surveys that are fun but offer top payment. You may even get paid for watching TV and playing games. 



4. Get Paid $50 in a day using InboxDollars


With this website, you can get paid for watching short video clips on the web. Just watch some videos and respond to some questions afterward.

You can get cash straight away. There are no payments through gift cards or points. Already, it has paid users as much as 59 million dollars. This is a very legit app.



5. Make $50 in a day as a Dog Sitter on Rover

make $50 every day

If you’re a lover of animals, Rover would be the best place to start earning up to $1000 per month. You can make $50 in a day quickly when you offer pet sitting.  You can offer overnight pet care in your home which pays the highest; $28/night.

There are other options for doggy daycare, dog walking, and grooming.  To get started, you’ll need to fill our their easy application form on their website by going here



6. Make 50 dollars from Paribus


With Paribus, you can get cash from email receipts in the inbox. After you register free of cost for Paribus, the drop in prices will be tracked on all things that you purchase from now on. In case of a price reduction, a price adjustment claim will be filed for you. You can make $40 or more quickly.



7. Make $50 in a Day Proofreading


online jobs proofreading


A proofreader can make up to $40/hr correcting and checking for errors on a client’s blog posts, website, or books. When you Sign up for the Proofread Anywhere Workshop they’ll train you on how to become an expert in proofreading. Caitlin Pyle teaches hundreds of stay-at-home moms how they can make upwards of $4000 per month as a proofreader. 

8. Earn $50 in a day using Ibotta

save money on groceries

You can receive cash straight away for your everyday purchases. The app has a very easy interface and you can find the amount that you earned on the dashboard top. You can get a $20 signup bonus and make as much as $50 in a day, or even more.



9. Take surveys with Survey Junkie and Make $50 today


A free survey app, it pays you money to take part in online surveys, try new products, and participate in focus groups. You can join it free of cost and it does not charge anything for you to become a member. You can get cash sent to you through PayPal.



10. Solitaire Cube


You can actually get money when you play Solitaire and take part in cash tournaments. There are head-to-head competitions and tournaments with actual cash prizes sent through PayPal. This is available only on the Apple Store, however. 



11. Earn 50 dollars with Rakuten

cash back make $50

It is a cashback website that pays a $10 bonus upon signing up, and it can be redeemed to get a Walmart gift card or transferred to your PayPal account. It makes payments in 3 varied ways. For shopping, you can obtain cashback.



12. Chime


This is a free banking app that you can sign up for free. You can get cash loans free of cost, and simply get $100 sent to your account. It is a legit bank account and you can register for an account in just a couple of minutes. You can free money to buy a beer etc anytime that you like, by doing nothing more than signing up.




13. Aspiration


Just register for this free banking app and you can receive free cash. Only to open up a new debit card, you can get $150. It is a legit bank account and you can register for an account in just two minutes. There is a comprehensive list of activities to participate in, to make some additional money.




14. Mistplay


You can earn money on your phone just by playing games. This is a legit app that actually makes payment to play new games, and you can receive cash rewards. This is an Android-only app, which can be downloaded for free. 



15. Earn $50 in a day on YSense

ysense make money

Ysense, formerly Clcksense, is a widely used platform with a lot of offers. You can receive work from sites like Appen through this site. They will send you survey invites into your inbox and survey payments vary.




16. MyPoints


You will be welcomed with a $10 bonus. This cashback website also has a daily rewards program, and it works just like Rakuten.



17. Make $50 in a day on Fiverr

how to make money on Fiverr virtualbossmindset.com

This is an amazing place where you can earn with freelancing. It is a reputed online marketplace and offers gigs starting at $5. You can easily make $50 in a day on Fiverr. Check out my posts on how to make $100 per day on Fiverr and even $5000 per month on Fiverr



18. TaskRabbit


You can use it to earn money by offering some basic services around your locality. There are many categories and you can choose from tasks matching your preferences and knowledge, such as general handyman services, heavy lifting, home improvement, furniture assembly, moving, mounting and installation, etc.



19. Panda Research


This is a great way to earn money by taking part in surveys and completing them. It is possible to make cash earnings and be able to have $50 payments for each survey that you complete. You can earn more money by reading emails.



20. Vindale Research

take survey for cash

This again is another wonderful app that lets you make money through participation in and completion of surveys online. You can make $50 every day with the surveys and other tasks that you complete. For each referral, you make $5.



21. OpinionCity


These have high-paying surveys, and you can earn as much as $500 per week with these.


22. TimeBucks

On your first day itself, you can earn as much as $50. It is possible to earn money as you watch videos, install apps, play games, take surveys, refer friends, post on TikTok, etc.

make $50 per day

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