10 Creative Ways to Make $600 Fast (2024 Ultimate Guide)

10 Creative Ways to Make $600 Fast (2024 Ultimate Guide)

10+ Creative Ways to Make $600 Fast (2024 Ultimate Guide)


Are you looking for some creative ways to make quick money?


We’ve all had those times when we need to make more money fast!  Whether you need $600 fast to pay for your expenses, settle a loan, or make a down payment – These creative ways to make money will get you the cash you need. 


In today’s post, I’ll be sharing how to make 600 dollars fast so you can stop worrying and find a solution. 


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Real Ways to Make 600 Dollars Fast


1. Selling on Facebook Marketplace 


If you need urgent ways to make money, selling or flipping items on Facebook Marketplace is one of my favorite and fastest ways to make money online. The catch is that you will need to look for something on Facebook Marketplace that’s in high demand but low competition and list it. In no time you’ll get hundreds of clicks and messages. 


Also, If you’re broke and need a side hustle that requires a little money to get started, this is an ideal way. 


Here is an example of an Item I posted that got over 600 clicks with lots of messages within the last 30 days. My first day posting this item got me over 50 clicks and multiple messages to buy the item. 

make 600 dollars fast

Some of the hot-selling products you can flip on Facebook Marketplaces are

iPhones and computer electronics 

Appliances and Cook ware 

Wigs and hair extensions 

There are plenty of items you can flip for a profit on Facebook or even on Craigslist. And as a matter of fact, you can sell your used items! I made my first sale from my used iPhone 11. If you want to maximize your earnings by flipping things, you’ll want to:

  • Use high-quality photos – This is what will sell your items. Be sure to use good lighting and a clean background.
  • Write great descriptions – In addition to taking quality photos, you’ll need to write compelling descriptions to get people interested in your items.
  • Give it the Best Price – You don’t want to price your items too high or too low. Do your research and ensure that your price is slightly lower than others. 

Selling on Facebook Marketplace is an excellent way to make $600 fast if you’re willing to put in the work.




2. Delivering Food with DoorDash

I have an entire blog post on how to make money delivering food with apps like Doordash. Working as a delivery driver in the gig economy space provides you with flexible working hours.  

So if you decide to get a second job, a side hustle, or want to work on the weekend; delivering food with Doordash can make you $600. I’ve written a complete guide on how much money you can make If you are wondering, how much DoorDash pays per hour

Doordash and other apps like Instacart, pay the best on the market so it won’t take too long to make $600. During the lockdown, many people depended on food delivery services and even now people are still wanting their food delivered to their offices and homes.  





3. Deliver Groceries as an Instacart Shopper 

If you enjoy picking up groceries, then you can make $600 quickly with Instacart. There are different factors that determine how much you can make with Instacart. However, according to a few shoppers I interviewed, the average Instacart pay this year is $18- $25 per hour depending on the city. 


There are two types of Instacart shoppers; full service shoppers and in-store shoppers. Full-service shoppers are responsible for picking up and then taking the groceries to the customer’s doorstep while in-store shoppers only shop for the items in the store without delivering them. . 


If you want to make more money, the full-service shopper option would be recommended. 


There are other delivery services and apps that you can try while simultaneously delivering groceries for Instacart. Working as an Instacart shopper is ideal for people looking for flexible ways to make money anytime. 


4. Do Virtual Assistant Jobs 


For years, I worked as a Virtual assistant after quitting my 9-5 job. It allowed me to make 3 times the amount I was earning at my corporate job and I never looked back. Being a Virtual Assistant offers the opportunity to work with multiple brands and learn new software. 


Now if you are new to what a VA does, simply put; a Virtual Assistant provides either general or specialized office services to entrepreneurs from a remote location. Some of the tasks of a general VA include –  creating social media pages, answering phone calls, copying and pasting, and administrative tasks. 


As for specialized VAs, they focus on something they have expertise in, such as Graphic Designing, Sales and Business Development, Logo Designing, SEO, Email Marketing, and more. 


The minimum hourly rate for VAs is $10 an hour. The average pay for Virtual Assistants with years of experience is $25-$50 per hour. 


This is a great high-paying side hustle that makes it easy to earn $600 fast. 


Download my guide on how to work as a Freelance Virtual assistant and make $5,000 per month. I shared all you need to know on how to become a freelancer working as a VA and how to land paying clients. 


5. Become a UGC content creator 


UGC stands for User Generated Content and many people are making $600 for just 1 ad that takes 1 hour to do. Yes, you read right, make $600 fast in 1 hour. You don’t need to be an influencer to start making money on social media. These days brands are looking for authentic product unboxing and reviews from regular people like you and me. All they ask is to review their products with honesty in a way that people would be motivated to buy the product. 


Now if you are wondering how you can get started, here are some tips to get you going:


  1. Research: Use TikTok to search for successful UGC creators, and direct message them. 
  2. Create your Tiktok and IG accounts 
  3. Start reviewing items in your home, it could be items from Amazon or Walmart 
  4. Be consistent in posting 
  5. Reach out to brands through their social media, emails and join UGC groups 
  6. Ensure you have a portfolio and contract 


6. Sell Gently Used Clothes and Items to Thrift Stores 

One of the easiest ways to make $600 fast is by selling your gently used brand-name clothing. These can be seasonal clothes, handbags, and shoes that are left in your closet. If you’re not sure what items you can sell, consider other items like toys, furniture, homeware, decor, appliances, books, movies, records, and souvenirs

If you need 600 dollars right now, look around your home for things you can Pawn. 


7. Rent Your Space 


If you have a spare furnished bedroom that’s not occupied, listing out your space for a short-term rental can allow you to make 600 dollars fast in a month. These days, the real estate market has huge potential because home prices have blown up more than ever. Rental supply is low and the demand is high. There are tiny apartments and single-family homes going for a minimum of $500 per month.  You can use sites like Airbnb, Zillow, and Redfin to list your property for rent. 


8. Rent Your Car 

If you’re broke and need to make extra money fast, then another way to make $600 is by renting out your car. Sites like Getaround, HyreCar, and Turo will allow you to rent your car daily. This is one of the best ways to make money quickly when you need it.


Depending on the city you’re in, you might be able to make up to $100 a day. Hence you can make 600 dollars in a week without doing any work. 


Keep in mind that in order to list your car on these sites they require newer year cars with less milages. 


9. Freelancing 


Freelancers are independent contractors that work their own hours and set their own rates. It’s quite similar to being a VA. Freelancers can take on multiple clients from anywhere and deliver tasks as discussed with their clients. 


Freelancing is one of the best side hustles for people looking for flexible work schedules and ways to make money fast. In my 5K/Mo Freelance E-book, I teach exactly how to start a Freelance business from anywhere, and anytime. 


There are a couple of dedicated freelance websites where you sign up and start selling your services. Most of the best-selling Freelance services are Writing, Graphic Designing, Translating, and Voiceovers. 


Here you’ll see that there are freelancers on Upwork charging $100+ an hour for doing Freelance Digital Marketing 

make $600 fast


10. Become a Tasker on Taskrabbit 


Taskrabbit is ideal for professional services, such as plumbing, carpet cleaning, power washing, lawn mowing, pet sitting, babysitting, and just about any help a homeowner might need. There are services on taskrabbit that start at $80 per hour. Depending on your area, you can take advantage of high-paying tasks. 


It’s pretty easy to get started as a tasker and make money quickly. One thing that is required, is a background check once you’ve signed up. This is to ensure that all taskers who enter into homes are cleared of criminal offenses. 


Learn more about how much you can make on Taskrabbit. 


How to Make $600 in One Day

If you need $600 in one day, here are some of the best options you can try:

  • Selling Furniture and items around your home 
  • Doing odd jobs for people in your area or using Taskrabbit 
  • Flipping things on Facebook Marketplace 
  • Do Freelance work on Fiverr or Upwork 

Final Thoughts on How to Make $600 Fast

I’ve listed some of the most legit options If you need to make $600 fast 

From selling used items, and flipping them for money, to freelancing, or completing odd jobs – there’s money to be made if you’re willing to work for it.

While it may not be super easy, it’s certainly possible!





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