Get Paid to Read Emails: 5 Ways to Earn Cash for Reading Emails

Get Paid to Read Emails: 5 Ways to Earn Cash for Reading  Emails

Can you really make money reading emails?

Yes! I have found some great websites that will actually pay you daily to read emails. 


I can bet a lot of you read or check your emails daily, whether it is a social media notification or a newsletter alert.

If you’re looking for some easy ways to make money, this is one of the ways to get paid for reading emails. 


Now, let me just say that these websites will not make you a lot of money nor will they make you rich. 


Want to learn how you can make passive income online? Check out my other post on how to make $800 fast in a week. 


 You can rest assured that this website only provides valuable ways how to make money online as there are a lot of them that will promise you ways to get paid for reading emails. 


I’m sure you are excited to learn how you can get paid to read emails, right? 


I will be sharing with you, 5 ways to earn cash for reading emails or how to get paid for reading emails. 


Get Paid to Read Emails with these 5 Websites 

get paid to read emails

Why would someone get paid to read emails?

Companies are always curious to know what customers’ opinions are on a product, brand, or service. 

They ask for customers’ opinions through surveys which are sent to a participant’s email. 

These websites will send you emails daily and provide a payout for completing the questions. Ultimately you will be reading their emails sent to you daily and giving your feedback. 


Here are 5 websites that will pay you cash to read emails: 



This website will pay you 0.50 to read an email. You can sign up and earn a $3 bonus today. 

There are 4 ways to earn with paid-to-read-email. You can earn easy cash by taking part in their Surveys, Earn points or rewards, make money by reading emails and earn easy money with their free offers. 

Earn $1 per completed survey. If you want to earn quick and easy cash by just checking your inbox daily, sign up for paid -to-read-email


2. Get Paid to Read Emails With Sendy


Sendy will pay you to read emails from newsletters you love.

Sign up for Sendy and subscribe to the newsletters you want to read. You’ll get paid points for each email you read.

Earn up to 100 points per email and redeem gift cards with your accumulated points. 


3.  Swagbucks


Swagbucks is one of the most popular survey websites where you can earn or save money easily. Sign up for Swagbucks and get paid to read emails, take part in surveys and free offers. 

Swagbucks is open worldwide and you can also use your phone to make money reading emails, watching videos, and taking part in contests. 

You can redeem SB points into Paypal cash or gift cards. Sign up and get $5 today 


4. Inbox Dollars 


Inbox Dollars will pay you to read emails, complete surveys, watch videos, and shop. This is also one of the best ways to earn free and easy money in your free time. You can use your smartphone, PC, or tablet to earn money on their site. 

Sign up to receive a $5 bonus. 


5.  Inboxpay


The thing I like about these websites that will pay you to read email is that you can use your smartphone to make money. 

You can refer friends, get paid to read emails, and complete surveys with Inboxpay. Get paid every 1st and 15th of each month.



get paid to read emails


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