Make $400 Fast in a Day or Week:10 Ways that ACTUALLY Works!

Make $400 Fast in a Day or Week:10 Ways that ACTUALLY Works!

Are you looking for the best ways to make $400 fast in a day or week?


Maybe you want to make 400 dollars because you need to settle a loan, car payment, pay your utilities, buy new clothes or pay for groceries. 


Although we’re in the middle of a world pandemic, people still need to go out to work so they can feed their families.


For some, they’re looking for another way to help with their current income.  If that sounds like you and you’re looking for extra ways to earn $400 in a day or month, you’ve come to the right place!


How to make  400 dollars fast is a question I often see asked on forums, and in Facebook groups.


 It’s very doable for people to make $400 fast but it does take some skills.




How to make $400 Fast:10 ways that ACTUALLY Works!

In this post, I will show you 10 ways EXACTLY how it’s possible for you to make 400 dollars fast. No gimmicks, only genuine ways you can ACTUALLY do this.


1. Make 400 dollars fast as a Virtual Assistant


There are many services you can offer as a Virtual Assistant and Make $400 quickly in a day or week. The fact is, there are Virtual Assistants that are making over 10k a month!


How can I work as a Virtual Assistant and make 400 dollars fast in a day?


First, you have to know what type of Virtual Assistant services you’d like to offer. Some Virtual Assistants that are making 400 dollars a day are offering Designing and Branding, Administrative Support, Social media marketing, Cold Calling, and helping people with their E-commerce business.


There are many ways to start a Virtual Assistant business. You can start by going to websites like Fiverr, Upwork, and Guru. Read my post on 25 places to find Virtual Assistant Jobs.


If you’re looking for business ideas, go to my post on 65 business ideas to start from home. 


2.Become a Proofreader and make $400 fast in a Week


make 400 dollars fast


Proofreading does require skills in order to make a passive income. With the Proofread Anywhere course by Caitlin Pyle, she will teach you how to start a profitable Proofreading business in less than 30 days. 


As a Proofreader, you can make $4,000 per month. Yes, you heard me correctly!

This is because people are constantly creating content every day.

Proofreading is ensuring that a document is error-free. That means, you’ll be reading A LOT, which means that you’ll be learning and getting paid for your work at the same time. That’s so flexible and one of the best ways to make 400 dollars fast.

If this is something that you want to do, go to the Proofread Anywhere Course and get started. You can also read my post on 20 Best Online Proofreading Jobs.



3.Facebook Leads Generation


Facebook Leads Generation is a great skill to have because you can make 400 dollars fast once you are doing it correctly. 

There are billions of people using Facebook every day and the best thing about it is that there are a lot of companies that are now using social media as a way to acquire new customers.


How can I use Facebook to make $400 fast? 


There are many ways to make money using Facebook. We’ll focus on how to use Facebook Lead generation to make 400 dollars fast. What you’ll be doing is to search for people who are looking for help with their business by inserting key phrases on Facebook.


In this example, I searched for posts on  “I’m looking for an Accountant”

facebook leads geneartion


You’ll see in the above screenshot that there are people that are actually looking for help with their business. This is a simple way of doing it. You can do these searches to make money for yourself or you can collect leads from Facebook for companies that offer these services. 

You can also run ads for companies or find leads to sell your services to. Join the Facebook Ads University to learn how to run effective ads that will generate leads. 


4. Make 400 dollars fast as a Dog Sitting


Rover is one of the best places to offer Dog sitting services because they already have clients that are looking for Dog sitters. You can make $400 fast offering onboarding or overnight dog care. 


Dog sitting is not for everyone but for those who love animals and enjoy spending time with them can easily make 400 dollars fast. 


To get started on Rover, you’ll have to pass their safety test and provide pass references. They also require you to do a background check. Rover is a safe platform where pet owners rely on for help with their dogs or cats while at work or on vacation. 



5. Make $400 fast in a day or week On Fiverr

how to make money on Fiverr

Fiverr is an amazing freelance website that allows you to create gigs (your services) and sell starting at $5. I have shown you throughout my blog how to make $100 per day on Fiverr as well as how you can make $5000 per month on Fiverr. 


With Fiverr, you can be located just about anywhere and earn from the skills you have. A lot of people are earning 6 figure income on Fiverr and like myself, some people are earning a few thousands of dollars each month.


Making $400 on Fiverr is very possible and as long as you are skilled, buyers will continue purchasing your gigs.


Here are some services you can offer on Fiverr: 

Logo design 

Leads Generation 

Social Media Marketing 



Video Editor 

Voice Over 

Website Design 

Mobile App Development 

Resume Writing 


Virtual Assistant 


Article and Blog Writing 

Search Engine Optimization 

Graphic Design 

See more services you can offer on Fiverr here



6.Start a Dropshipping Store and make 400 dollars Fast


Dropshipping has become a great way to earn a passive income from home. This business model has little to no risk at all. To get started, you can sign up for Shopify, use Spocket, and find suppliers and Ideas to increase your chances of being a successful Dropshipper.


How to make 400 dollars fast with a Dropshipping Store? 


There is no doubt that you can easily make $400 fast with an e-commerce store. In order to earn money as a Dropshipper you must have your marketing strategies in place so that your products will sell.


Some Dropshippers will ask influencers to promote their products and others will do paid or organic advertising on Instagram and Facebook.


If you have a marketing plan that is fully organic, it may take some time before you can start earning a passive or consistent income with your store. However, if you already have an audience or large followings on social media, then it will be much quicker for you to start earning. 

Learn how to run successful Facebook ads for your eCommerce store by enrolling in the Facebook Adds University. 



7.Teach English Online and make $400 a week

how to make $50 every day

If you know English very well then this is a great way for you to make 400 dollars fast. Magic Ears is one of the highest paying online teaching websites. You can earn up to $26/hr teaching Chinese Kids.


To get accepted, you must have:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher in any subject
  • Hold a 120-hour ESL Certification
  • ESL/teaching experience preferred 

To get ESL Certified, go here to complete their course for $20. 

8. Make $400 fast as Transcriptionist

There are a lot of people who will hire Transcribers to turn their audios into text. Keynote speakers, Voicemails from companies, Interviewers, and podcasters are often looking for transcribing services.

Check out my post on 20 Transcription companies hiring worldwide. If you’re looking for ways to create a profitable transcription business, you can enroll in the General Transcription Course



9. Make $400 fast delivering Food for DoorDash 

Making 400 dollars fast delivery food nowadays is definitely feasible. To get started on Doordash, you must be 18 years+, have a driver’s license, pass their background check, fill out their application online and download their app.

10. Freelance Writer 

Become a writer on websites like Verblio or The Freelance Writers Den . You can make 400 fast by offering content writing for blogs, websites, or even as a ghostwriter for books. Freelance writing is a profitable business model that can make you 6 figures. Check out my post on 25 best writing jobs.

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