How Much do Youtubers Make? (Here’s How to Start a YouTube Channel Fast)

How Much do Youtubers Make? (Here’s How to Start a YouTube Channel Fast)

Would you like to know how much you can make as a YouTuber?


 As a YouTuber, you can make money with display ads, views, sponsorships, and affiliate links, among others.  In this post, we’ll look at how much YouTubers make. 


I’ve heard a lot of mixed views about making money on Youtube and I personally think Youtube is a great way to generate passive wealth. 

Being a Youtuber doesn’t mean posting a couple of videos and hoping that they’ll go viral but it’s about being consistent and delivering videos that are helpful, entertaining, and educational. 

Do you want to know how much Youtubers make

I’m sure there’s a good chance you might see a few YouTubers posting prank videos and you might be wondering why? Most people like to be entertained or even have a good laugh. 


Youtube is not only for “how to do” videos but it’s also for people who want to create channels fill with jokes and also short inspirational story clips to impact lives. 


Dhar Mann is an example of one of those Youtube channels that creates inspirational videos for families and he gets millions of views on most of his videos. In a short time, he was able to create his mobile app and built 2 studios! That’s how lucrative a Youtube channel can be.

How much money do Youtubers make on average and how can you get started? 


How Much do YouTubers Make 


According to Influencer Marketing Hub, the average pay per view is about $0.18 per video ad view and  $3-5 per 1,000 video views. 


The more people watch or click on the ads placed in your video, the more money you can make as a Youtuber.  Top-performing Youtubers recommend that making videos that are 10 minutes or more performs better. 


Ultimately, how much you can make as a Youtuber will depend on the number of views, length of your video,  CPM, location, and opportunities that your channel creates.  


Starting a Youtube channel can come with the need of finding the best cameras, content planning, and researching the best ways to rank your Youtube videos. As I said, consistency is key if you want to make it as a Youtuber. 

how much do youtubers make

Getting your first 1000 subscribers can be a challenge when you’re just starting out. But once you upload videos regularly and give your audience great takeaways, then subscribers will start increasing fast. 


Below we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of how much Youtube pays YouTubers and exactly how you can make more money as a Youtuber. I’ll share real feedback from a top YouTuber with 1 million subscribers.  


How much does youtube pay for 1 million views?


A year ago, I watched a video by Shelby Church, a popular YouTuber and she interviewed a few people with the question “how much do they think a youtube video with 1 million views make?”  

Shelby also gave an insight on what youtube pays her for 1,000,000 views on her Youtube channel. 


There were some factors that determined how much money Youtube pays per 1 million views. Those factors described by Shelby were the length of the video, the age of the viewers, and most importantly the location and CPM. YouTubers that have mostly US-based viewers generated a lot more money per view. 

According to Shelby, Youtubers can make between $2000- 4000 with Adsense alone from this amount of views on their video. However, they can make more money even with a lower view count. This is because how much money you can make as a Youtuber will depend on your CPM and viewer’s location. 


For example, you can have 400,000  views on a video with a $17 CPM and make approximately $4624 just from AdSense. 


So you see, how much YouTubers make really depends on the length of their video, location, and CPM. 


How to start a Youtube Channel?


Creating a Youtube channel is a great way to make money online from your home. 


To start a Youtube channel, you’ll need to create your  Channel through your Gmail account. Give your channel a name, upload your profile photo and add a description. 


It’s great to use tools that will help make your Youtube videos look great. Loom is a great video recording tool that allows you to add a background, share your screen, edit your videos and upload them easily to Youtube. 


They offer a 14-day free trial for you to test them out or you can record up to 25 videos on their free plan. 


Depending on the videos you’re making, tools may vary. Let’s say you want to create a Youtube channel that talks about lifestyle and beauty, you’ll need a ring light with a tripod or this amazing camera with all 4k features. 

how to start a youtube channel

You can also record videos using your smartphone and upload them to Youtube.  The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is one of my top picks for recording videos. 


Uploading videos to your Youtube channel is just one part of getting started as a Youtuber. You’ll need to ensure that your video Titles and descriptions contain keywords so your videos can be found easily. The Youtube algorithm works best with videos that are optimized and have good watch time. 


Keyword Everywhere is my top recommendation.  It helps you find the best keywords and volume. This tool provides premium data although it’s free that’s why I highly recommend it. 


How much does Youtube pay FAQ 


To qualify for the Youtube Partner program, you’ll need to meet the following: 


Have an  Adsense account 

At least 1000 subscribers on your channel

4,000 watch times within the past 12 months 

Sign and agree to the terms and services


 It may seem hard to meet this goal at first.  But if you upload videos consistently, perhaps 2-3 times a week, you can get to 1000 youtube subscribers really quickly. Here are some questions about making money from youtube


How much do Youtubers make for 1,000 views?


  Youtube pays per 1,000 views and gives you 68% of the ad revenue. YouTubers can make between $3- 5 per 1000 views depending on the CPM. To truly earn money on Youtube, you’ll need to hit AT LEAST 10,000 views on each of your videos. The threshold is $100 and you can get paid via direct deposit or check. 


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