The Complete List of Tools for Virtual Assistants
The Complete List of Tools for Virtual Assistants

Are you looking for a list of tools for virtual assistants

I‘ve been providing Virtual Assistant tasks for over 5 years and some of these tools have helped my business become successful.

Some of these tools for virtual assistants helped me offer professional services, great communication and helped to keep my business organized. 


Must-Have Tools For Virtual Assistants

Are you ready to explore the complete list of tools for Virtual Assistants and implement them in your daily operations to increase your income and management of your business? Let’s get started: 


Design: This is my go-to website when I need any graphics done for my Pinterest or Instagram. It’s super easy to use and it’s FREE. Just about anyone can use Canva because it’s built with drag and drop features and a lot of people use because of the beautiful templates they have. 

Pixlr:  Great for resizing and editing photos 

Crello:  Also great to create graphics for your social media 

PickMoney: Offers a free version and it’s great for resizing and editing photos I love using this free tool. I use it to remove the background from images. So if you are into E-commerce, this is definitely recommended. 



Zoom: This is a great tool for online meetings, its very easy to set up and download 

Gotomeeting: Great meeting tool to share presentations and record session

Uberconference: Like Zoom, Gotomeeting, Skype or Hangouts, it has the same features along with recording sessions and very easy to set up.





These calendars are free and easy to use for appointment scheduling and can easily be integrated with your CRM

Google Calendar




CRM and Project Management 


Dubsado CRM for small businesses or team

Hubspot: I love this CRM, it can integrate with your calendar, great email templates, sales funnels, reports and it’s great for small and large companies. 

Zoho: Also like Hubspot, it has nearly the same features.




Email and Chat/ Communication




Google Voice 

Payment Gateway 

Paypal: This has been the most beneficial tool in my business. At the end of the month, who doesn’t like getting paid? I love using Paypal, it’s so easy to use, you can send invoices, request payment, receive payments and it links directly to your bank account

Payoneer: This has been a great asset to many people who are living in other countries, it provides a Global payment gateway for 200 + countries. Get $25 when you sign up with Payoneer here


Social Media 

Jukebox: I have experience using this scheduling software for 4 years. It allows you to post to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Buffer: A lot of Business owners uses Buffer to send out scheduled Facebook and Instagram post and can be used the same as Jukebox or Hootsuite. 

SEMrush Has over 4 million users and is one of my go-to social media marketing platform. It’s a great keyword analyzer and SEO tool. If you’re looking for 1 toolbox with a diverse advertising platform, I would recommend this SEMrush. Sign up for seven days free trial here

Tailwind: If you want to grow on Pinterest and drive thousands even millions of traffic to your website, then you’ve got to use Tailwind. 

Hootsuite : Great scheduler for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin 


Website Builders

Wix: Great templates with Drag and Drop features. Very easy to use, no experience with coding or developing needed, they have beautiful themes that you can use to make your website stunning.   

WordPress: About 34% of websites on the internet uses are made through WordPress

Squarespace: Great CMS to build small websites and shops 

Email Marketing: 





Time Tracker: 



This was The Complete list of Virtual Assistant Tools. If you liked this post, please comment below and let me know which tools you’re using in your Virtual Assistant business.


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