16 High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs to Promote in 2024
16 High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs to Promote in 2024

16 High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs to Promote

Affiliate marketing programs are one of the most dope ways to earn passive income without owning a product or service. Getting the best high-paying affiliate programs can help you become wealthy. 

Affiliate marketing is open to everyone and you can join as a total beginner or scale up as an experienced affiliate manager. 

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Today, I’ll show you some high-paying affiliate marketing programs you can join as a beginner. 

16 Best High Paying Affiliate Programs that are Easy to Join



Let’s start with some of the highest-paying affiliate programs ones you can join even as a beginning. In this post, I will cover some of their benefits so you can know which one is right for you to join. 

1. Fiverr  

Fiverr is the largest freelance marketplace with over 2.4 million freelancers and about 4 million active buyers on the platform.  As an affiliate marketer, there are many ways to promote your affiliate links through the Fiverr Affiliate program

If you create content around freelancing or how to get into the gig economy, you can sign up and start promoting some of the Fiverr affiliate services.  

high paying affiliate program

You can promote their CPA offer where you’ll be paid $15-$150 for every new buyer or their Hybrid affiliate links for $10 commission and a revenue of 10% share for the 12 months from every new buyer. 

Join Here  

2. Jungle Scout 

Jungle Scout is great for affiliate marketers who create content for their audience e-commerce or ways to sell on Amazon. This affiliate site has a 90-day cookie duration and as an affiliate marketer, the longer this is the better for you. If a customer decides to buy after 2 months through the same browsing session, you can still earn an affiliate commission. 

high paying affiliate programs

When you join the Jungle Scout partner program you can earn $150 for every signup and 100% commission on monthly subscriptions. Earn more affiliate commissions on their annual plans for their Freedom Builder Bootcamp Course of up $400. If you want to become an Amazon FBA seller you should definitely try Jungle Scout.


3. BlueHost 

best affiliate programs

Bluehost has one of the highest-paying affiliate marketing programs.  A lot of bloggers recommend Bluehost because it’s one of the cheapest ways to host your WordPress website.

Receive an affiliate payout of $65 per customer registration. You can host your WordPress Blog for only $2.95/mo and receive a free domain name for the year. 

Join here as a beginner blogger and make high affiliate commissions. 


best affiliate programs that pays well

This is literally one of the best ways to earn high affiliate commissions. As an affiliate manager, you can make 50% of every customer’s sale on their pro plans. Elementor is a drag-and-drop website tool that helps you create a beautifully designed WordPress site. 

You can join here as a complete beginner and recommend the premium plans to an audience who wants to create a blog or website easily. Promote your Elementor Affiliate links on your Youtube channel, and get paid a commission once someone upgrades to the premium plan.  

5. Hostgator 

With the Hostgator affiliate program, you can sign up through affiliate networks like flex offers or CJ affiliate formerly commission Junction. 

Enjoy high paid commission of $80+ per sale. This affiliate program is great for web design vloggers or affiliate marketing managers.

Click here to get started

6. SEMRush


To sign up for the SEMrush Affiliate program you’ll need to go to Berush.com or app.impact.com. SEMrush is a tool that helps with your website’s SEO performance. This tool provides keyword auditing to help you increase your online presence. 

You can expect your affiliate commissions via Paypal every 10th and 25th of each month, once you accumulate $50 or more. 

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn $200 for every new affiliate sale or $10 for every new trial. 

Join their partner program 

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs that are easy to Join

 When you join an affiliate program that has a recurring affiliate payout, it means you’ll be paid a commission every month for life as long as that customer continues their subscription.  That’s so amazing, right? That’s a very dope way to make passive revenue without lifting a finger. 

7. Aweber

The Aweber affiliate marketing program pays a recurring commission of 30%. Aweber is an email marketing tool that’s great for your newsletters or to set up email automation. As an affiliate manager, you can promote your affiliate links with their free or paid email marketing tools or their podcast. 

Join Aweber and start making recurring affiliate revenues.

8. Leadpages

Earn up to 50% recurring commission through Leadpages affiliate program.  This is a nice tool for lead generation experts because it helps them capture customers’ data.  If you’re a beginner affiliate marketer, you can still join the Leadpages partner program 

9. Spocket 

Spocket is an e-commerce app that helps you find the right suppliers you can do business with for your e-commerce store. Affiliate marketers can make 20% recurring commissions for life. With E-commerce being a growing industry, affiliate marketers can enjoy a lot of affiliate revenues through Spocket

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10. PWOR App 

This is an app for small businesses that need to build up their google reviews, collect payments online, and do invoicing. You will be paid a 30% recurring affiliate lifetime commission for every customer who remains with them. Click here to join. 

High Paying Affiliate Programs for Personal Finance Bloggers 

If you’re a finance blogger who is looking for ways to do affiliate marketing promotion with high affiliate commissions, I’ve got you covered.

If you visit blogs like Nerdwallet, Dollarsprot.com, or Bankrate.com you’ll see they offer some of the best credit card recommendations. Most of these credit card companies offer partner programs that these blogs promote and they’re making 6 figure income per month through their affiliate links. 

Here are some great affiliate offers for personal finance bloggers. 

11. Aspiration 

This financial platform offers an insured bank deposit program that helps you save money. They also offer credit card programs that cater to a green and safe environment. The Aspiration Affiliate Program pays $48 per approved client. 

12. Axos 

Axos is a leading digital and financial technology-driven online banking app. They offer savings, checking, and investment bank accounts. You’ll pretty much find all you need to save and plan financially. Enjoy low rates and zero lenders fee with their Mortgage loans.

Below is a table showing the affiliate pay once a customer enrolls in one of their financial accounts.

The Customer’s Plan  Affiliate Payout 
Each Invest Trust $16
Personal Loans $160
UFB Savings $60
Axos Checking and Savings Accounts $80
Axos Nationwide Savings $120

Join the Axos affiliate program through Flex Offers 

13. CIT Bank 

As a personal financial blogger, you know that money-saving tips are a vital part of your community. The CIT Bank partner program allows you to share the best line of credits; E-checking and saving options. CIT Bank was awarded the best online banking system of 2021 by My Banking Tracker

You can join their affiliate program through flexoffers and make $20-$80 per approved client. 

High-Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs for Fashion Bloggers 

This section will focus on affiliate networks you can join to promote shoes, clothes, and fashion accessories. As an affiliate marketer in the fashion niche, you want to recommend some of the most elegant but cost-efficient fashion sites with your affiliate links. 

14. PatPat 

Patpat is one of my favorite stores to shop for kids’ clothes.  If you’re a fashionista looking for one of the cheapest fashion stores, Patpat is a good place to start. You can sign up for their partner program and get paid 11.2% of each sale. To get started, you can use an affiliate network like Flexoffers

15. JustFab 

Promote shoes and luxury handbags from JustFab through the Flexoffers affiliate Network. You’ll be paid a commission of $12 when someone buys a product. JustFab is similar to Fashion Nova and you should definitely consider a partner program with them. 

16. ChicMe 

You can sign up for affiliate links through affiliate networks like Flex Offers, CJ Affiliates, or Share A Sale. Earn 8% commission on every purchase. ChicMe is a nice place to find some of the best female dresses and shoes. If you’re a fashion blogger that needs to promote high-quality and attractive clothing, sign up for this affiliate program.

Affiliate Programs FAQs

What are the best High Paying affiliate marketing programs for beginners? 

Depending on your interest, this will work better if you know what you want to consistently promote. There are different types of affiliate categories to promote: 

  1. Business and Financial 
  2. Gaming  & Entertainment 
  3. Health and Lifestyle  Affiliate Niche
  4.  Real Estate 
  5. Home and Garden Affiliate Products 
  6. Insurance 
  7. Travel Services 

To get started as a beginner affiliate marketer, click here 

What is an Affiliate Marketer & how do Affiliate marketers get paid? 

An affiliate marketer is responsible for promoting a product for a company that is participating in an affiliate program. Once someone makes a purchase through their affiliate link, they receive a commission. 

You can receive payments through direct deposits, PayPal, Stripe, or via check. 

Now that we’ve discussed the 16 Best affiliate marketing programs that are easy to join… what’s next?

Use this Affiliate guide to help you make more money as an affiliate marketer. 

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