14 Ways To Make Money At Home With No Experience

14 Ways To Make Money At Home With No Experience

14 Ways To Make Money At Home With No Experience


If you’re a college student, teenager, or a stay-at-home parent who’s trying to figure out how to make money at home, I’m here to guide you. 


Welcome to the blog, I’m Kerry and I’ve been making money from home since 2017 so I know some ways you can find jobs online that are legit. 


The work-from-home jobs that I recommend in this post will be legitimate ways you can make money as a beginner with no money. 


Making money at home can be a simple process depending on how much you’d like to make from home.  


Best Ways to Make Money at Home with no Experience


1. Take Part in Surveys and Earn up to $200/month


Take part in online surveys and earn extra cash on the side. You can get rewards or redeem free PayPal cash to get paid. 


This is a good way to earn cash with no investment all you need is a few minutes per day to take these surveys. 


Teens that are looking for ways to work from home can voice their opinions on these websites and get paid instantly. 


You can make money from watching videos and playing games with Swagbuck, all you need to do is sign up with an email and password. 


There are other survey websites that will pay you from home to share your opinions such as: 



Earn money from home when you sign up with Prizereble. They will pay you for every survey you complete and you can receive free PayPal cash, amazon gift cards, or visa rewards. 


Earn extra cash with Surveyclub and make anywhere from 0.50 to $5 per survey. They have 16 million members and are offering surveys in 6 counties. This means you can sign up from anywhere in the world and make money fast.  You can earn up to $115 an hour when you take part in their Food studies focus group. 



If you’re looking for ways to save on food, clothes, or any items, this is a good cash-back site to join. According to Top cash, members can earn an average of up to $300 back on their purchases in a year. This is a nice way to get free PayPal cash backs, direct deposits, and gift cards. 



Get cash online for free when you join this survey site. You can get free PayPal cash just for taking part in behavioral surveys. 



The minimum payout on Paidviewpoints is $15 and you can earn your first 1 to 5 dollars when you sign up and complete your profile. 



This is a widely used platform with a lot of surveys. You can make extra cash by watching movies, listening to new songs, and testing products.  They will send you survey invites into your inbox and survey payments vary. 


2. Freelancing 


A lot of bloggers including myself started making money from home because of freelancing. This is one of the best ways to make money online with no experience. There are different types of freelancers with different earning capacities. 


Working as a freelancer means you can set your own hours, work with any client in any country, and travel while working. Freelancing allows you to make money at your home if you have young kids. There are many types of work-at-home jobs you can do as a freelancer.

You can make money with your skills when you join sites like Upwork or Fiverr.

These freelance websites are free to join if you’re living anywhere in the world.  You can also think about ways to make money from home with Guru.com, Peopleperhour, Freelancer, Toptal, or even 99 designs. 


3. Fiverr 


You can start selling your skills on Fiverr and make some extra money part-time or full-time. Fiverr is the largest freelance marketplace where you can sell just about anything and make money with no experience.


Download my Ebook, the 5k per Freelancer Guide where I go into details step by step how you can start a freelance business and make 5-10k a month


Fiverr is helping a lot of people around the world make 6 figure income. I even discussed how Alex Fasulo, the owner of the Freelance Fairy is making 350k a year writing on Fiverr. She is a true inspiration to a lot of people who want to start a freelancing business on Fiverr. 


Fiverr does have its rules in terms of communicating outside the platform but they are one of the most legitimate ways to make money online. 


If you are looking for a way to make money with Fiverr passively, check out my post on How to make $5000 a month on Fiverr 


You can also read this post on  how to start selling on Fiverr and make $100 a day from home 


Fiverr has over 200 categories of services you can offer and with the proper gig keywords, you can start making money easily. 


Join Fiverr today and start making money online! 


4. Upwork 


Upwork is a traditional freelance platform where you build out your resume.  You’ll create an account, write up your professional experience, and past work experience, and bid on jobs. 


In 2020 they’ve made changes to their platform to make it easier for freelancers to list their services. Upwork has plenty of work-at-home jobs to make money. You can join as a total beginner and make money on an hourly basis or through fixed rates. 


To win jobs on Upwork, you need to ensure that your proposals are well written and direct to the job you’re applying for. You also need to bid at an average rate so the client may consider working with you if you’re just starting out. 


There are a lot of techies and veterans making a lot of money working hourly basis on Upwork. Some freelancers charge up to $150 an hour in their field. 


5. Virtual Assistants


Business owners and companies hire virtual assistants to help them carry out their daily operations. The pay for virtual assistants ranges from $5- $60 an hour depending on the task and location. 


As a virtual assistant, you are responsible for admin tasks, phone calls, branding, and more. Virtual Assistant is a wide niche and it covers anyone who is offering their professional services to companies from a remote location. 


You can start your own Virtual Assistant business and make between 5k to 10k a month! A lot of VAs look for clients through Facebook groups, on forums, and prospects through Linkedin connections. 


If you want to learn how you can set up your Virtual Assistant business and find clients, I’ve also included this step in my Ebook.


Check out the 25 places to find Virtual assistant jobs 


6. Transcription 


Make money at home with no experience by typing what you hear. Transcription jobs are popular and in-demand because people are creating audio or videos every day. This work-from-home job can be done in your free time and you can earn between $500-$2000 a month. 


Transcription jobs are categorized into 3 types, Medical, Legal, and General transcriptions. You will make more money with medical and legal transcription jobs as they need professional expertise to handle these audios. 


Although general transcription jobs pay little money, you can sign up today and start making money at home. You can learn how to transcribe efficiently by enrolling in the Transcribe Anywhere Course. There are people who do transcription full time and still make good money from home. 


7. Sell On Etsy 


Opening an Esty shop is a legitimate way to earn extra income even with no experience or money. You can sell your DIY artwork, digital printable, or handmade crafts and make an income on the side or passively while you work or travel. 


8. Start a Youtube Channel 


 You can create Youtube videos teaching other people what you know. A lot of people, even kids are making 6 figure income just by reviewing toys on their youtube channels. 


There are so many things you can create Youtube videos around and make money from it. 


Some people shy away from being in front of the camera and that’s fine because there are still a lot of introverts that are making money using Youtube. If you’re one of those people who want to earn extra money as an introvert, you can upload free stock videos and add sounds then upload them to Youtube. 


In order to start making money on Youtube, you must meet their requirement of 4000 hrs watch time and a minimum of 1000 subscribers within 12 months. 


Once you have met these requirements then you’ll submit your details to Adsense for monetization. 


9. Teach Online 


You can earn hourly when you teach kids English. You may need to have experience for some companies but there are also companies that will let you teach without experience. 


There are online tutoring jobs that pay up to $26 an hour and you can set your own schedule. You can make this a full-time job or something part-time to earn extra money. 


Read more this post on 18 teaching jobs


10. Make Money From Home Proofreading   


Like to read? Make money at your home by correcting errors in people’s books or on their blogs. Proofreaders can make up to $35 an hour or between $1000 to $4000 per month. Caitlin Pyle teaches people how to start a proofreading business that makes $43,000 a year in this Course


If you have a few hours in a day you can do proofreading on the side. Check out this post  20 Online proofreading jobs to make $4000 per month. 


11. Affiliate Marketing 


In 2021 and beyond, affiliate marketing is becoming more and more popular and it’s a legitimate way you can make money at home. Affiliate marketing is simply recommending others people’s products and you get a commission once someone makes a purchase. 


You can make money as an affiliate marketer by signing up for affiliate networks and start promoting the products that you like on your social media pages. 


Flexoffers is an affiliate network where you can sign up from anywhere and start promoting top brand products. 


12. Remote Jobs 


There are plenty of remote companies that hire work-at-home customer service reps, virtual office receptionists, product managers, and other professionals to work from home. You can find 21 remote companies that hire remote workers here.


Although some of these jobs require you to be committable to their shift, it’s still a great way to make good money from home.  If you are looking for a remote job as a customer service rep, I highly recommend you sign up on Ziprecruiter or even list some o your skills on Fiverr. 


13. Make Money Online with Your Voice


There are several ways to earn money at home using your voice. You can join websites like voices.com or voice bunny and do voiceovers for radio commercials and IVR phone greetings. Fiverr also has many voice actors that are making a bank. 


Another way to make money with your voice is by hosting a podcast. Instead of going in front of a camera to do Youtube videos, you can start a podcast that makes you money.


14. Start a Blog 


Blogs are a great way to make passive income from home. You will need to invest a few dollars to get started. It’s pretty easy to start a blog but you must have patience as running a blog business does take time to make money. When you start a blog, I’d recommend doing some side gigs until you start making money. 


You can sign up for your free domain and hosting with Bluehost for $2.99. Once you’ve installed WordPress, you can start writing optimized content that will help you rank on Google. Ensure that you add your website to the Google search console, site map, and also Google analytics. 


 Final Thoughts

There are several ways to make money at home. Remember to always research and never pay for work-from-home jobs. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter for other opportunities from home. 



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