Online Jobs for Teens :13 Jobs for Teenagers To Get Paid from Home

Online Jobs for Teens :13 Jobs for Teenagers To Get Paid from Home

Online jobs for teens are some frequently asked questions. If you’re a teenager looking for ways to make money online, you’re in the right place! 

Today, I’ll share 13 online jobs for teens that are flexible and easy to do. 

I know for most teenagers, you want to have a side hustle that will allow you to buy items that are needed without going to their parents. 

If you are one of those teenagers that’s looking for a job to support your lifestyle or family needs, these online jobs for teens will also help you pay bills and buy groceries. 


How can teens make money online? 


There are a lot of ways teens can get paid by doing online jobs as graphic designer,  transcriber, freelancer, YouTuber, or taking online surveys. If you’re a teenager looking for ways to make money fast or perhaps you’re a 14 or 15-year-old teen who wants to make money then you can try these easy and flexible online jobs for teens that I’ll list in this post. 


What is the highest paying job for 13 and 14 year olds? 


These online jobs for teens also focus on high-paying gigs you can do as a teen so you can get paid like an adult. These high-paying jobs for teens are great for loan settlement, paying utility bills, tuition fees, and more. 


How can I make money at 13 without a job? 


You can make money at 13 or 14 without a job by doing easy tasks to help others and get paid as a teen. You can make money at 13 without a job by creating craft items and selling on Etsy or care for pets and get paid as a teen. 


How can teens accept payments? 


Since Paypal is against participants who are under the age of 18 years of age to join their platform, here is another solution. Copper banking is built for teens to get paid online. If you’re a teen or parent looking for a payment method then this app is rated 4.8 of over 3.4k on the app store. 


However, if you prefer to use PayPal as a method to receive payment as a teen, you can ask an adult or your parents to sign up an account for you. Paypal will ask for verification of identity and your PayPal account would have a limitation of $3000 per year once your identity is withheld. 


Jobs for Teenagers Online: 13 Jobs to get paid as a Teenager


Now that we’ve answered a few common questions that teens may have when trying to find an online job. Here is the list of 13 online jobs for teens to make money online. 


1. Jobs for Teens Online as a Freelancer On Fiverr:

online jobs for teen on Fiverr

Make money fast as a teenager by working as a freelancer. Fiverr is a great freelancing website where teens can find online jobs or do simple gigs for teens. 

If you’re a 13-year-old, you can start selling on Fiverr by creating simple gigs in researching, removing backgrounds for buyers, copy and pasting gigs, and data entry. 


On the other hand, if you’re looking for high-paying gigs as a teenager, you can create gigs in graphic design, writing, translation, illustration, video editing, and more. 


To get started, click here to sign up for Fiverr. It literally takes a few minutes to get started and create your first gig. 


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2. Online Jobs for Teens as a Dog Sitter:

online jobs for teen pet sitting

Teens can make money online fast working as a dog sitter for Rover. You can make between $600-$1000 per month as a dog sitter and this is an easy online job for teens. There are many dog care services you can offer as a teenager. 


You can do pet grooming, daycare sitting and dog walking. If you like to do early walks in the morning or you like dogs and cats, this is one of the best online jobs for teens. 


How to make $800 fast per week online


3. Online Jobs for Teens as a Call Reviewer for Humanatic 


This is a fun online job for teens and no experience is needed. Humanatic is a legit online job website that will hire teens to review their client’s phone calls. They provide instructions and teens who like customer service jobs will find this job easy to do. 


4. Online Jobs for Teens Selling Graphic on Tees 

Sell your funny artwork or create your own graphics on tees using print-on-demand websites like Redbubble, Teespring, Printify, or Printful. These websites are free to join. All that’s required is for you to create a design or place a nice image on their t-shirts, mugs, and other appeals. 


Using print-on-demand websites is fun and it is both an easy online job for teens with high paying results. It’s recommended that you research what’s selling, use the right tags, titles, and keywords to rank and also create a considerable amount of designs to get into their algorithm. 

5. Get paid as a Teenager by Joining Reward Sites


Teens can get paid for their opinions when they join the following reward sites. Keep in mind most of these websites will payout by PayPal or offer gift cards.  



Sign up today and get $5. Answer simple surveys and earn PayPal


money or Amazon gift cards. 


Earn up to $500 per month with Prizerebel. This survey site is great for teens who are looking for a plan to save money and complete easy online jobs for teens on the side. 


Earn extra cash with Surveyclub. Teens can make anywhere from 0.50 to $5 per survey. 


Great way to earn cashback on online purchases. 


This paid survey site allows you to cash out at a minimum of $1. 


Get paid $1.50 to $2 to complete a simple 2-minute survey on paid viewpoints. The minimum payout is $15. 


6. Earn money fast as a teenager with Slice the Pie


Teens can make money fast by listening to music and reviewing them on You can sign up once you are 13 years and up. This job requires you to listen to new artists’ songs and rate their music on a scale of 1-10.  


This job site is limited to certain locations so if you are not in the USA or Canada you will not be able to join. 


7. Online Jobs for Teens as a Transcriptionist 


For teens looking for online jobs that will build their resumes and can enroll them into the professional world, transcription jobs are also one of the ways to make money as a teen. 


There are many websites that offer worldwide transcription jobs for beginners with no experience. You can start working as a transcriber if you a 13-year-old or up looking for a remote job. 


8. Online Jobs for Teenagers as a Youtuber 

jobs for teens online

If you’re looking for a business idea as a teenager, starting a Youtube channel is a great way to make money as a teenager. There are so many teens that are making fast yet lots of money on youtube.


 Please keep in mind that you must meet youtube requirements of 1,000 subscribers, 4,000 watch time within 12 months to be able to monetize your channel. Starting a Youtube channel and making money from it takes time. It’s not a get rich scheme but it definitely takes time and commitment to get a lot of profits. 


Teens can have fun by creating videos that others will love and in no time you can monetize your channel. 


9. Online Jobs for Teens with Enroll


Get paid as a teenager by sharing your opinions with companies that are looking for feedback on their products and services. 

This website is available to join if you’re a 15-year-old or up looking for easy online jobs for teens. 


10. Become a Tutor on SameSpeak 


Samespeak will hire you at 16 years or up. You don’t need to have teaching experience and will be paid $10 for each half-hour session. This is great for teens and adults who speak native English and enjoy talking. The sessions are done through Skype and it’s definitely a great way teens can make money online. 


Here is a nice review of SameSpeak here 


11. Sell your Handmade Items 


Etsy is a great place where teens can sell their handmade crafts for sale. This is a great way teens can make money online fun and easy. 


12. Test Websites


Usertesting is one of the most popular websites that offer online jobs for teens to test websites for money. You can make $10 per website you review and it only takes a few minutes.  


13. Work as a Proofreader 


Do you like reading and correcting grammatical errors? Proofreading is a great online job for teens where they can earn a side or passive income. There are many platforms to find proofreading jobs where you can make up to $35 an hour. Check out these 20 best online proofreading jobs

Watch Out for online scams 

Now that I’ve outlined 13 ways teens can make money online, please also be aware that some people may abuse these sites and do scams. Always remember not to share persona information and never wire or transfer funds to acquire an online job. 


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