65 Business Ideas to Start at Home in 2024 Without Investment

65 Business Ideas to Start at Home in 2024 Without Investment


65 Business Ideas to Start at Home in 2024 Without Investment

Looking for some great business ideas to do at home? 

There are many advantages to setting up an online business in 2024 and beyond. 

One of the best things about running your own successful business is that you’re in control, you can set your own hours and become wealthy.


Ways to think of the best small Business Ideas for 2024?

To choose the right business idea, you have to look at whether the idea will profitable, if you have any passion for it and if it’s something you see yourself doing long term. 


Can I work a full-time job and still work on my business idea?

Certainly! A lot of successful entrepreneurs started their own businesses while working their 9-5 job. For many people, the goal of starting a business is to become their own boss, become wealthy, or achieve a dream. 

This list of business ideas outlines some 65 great ideas to start even if you are new to starting a business. 

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65 Business Ideas To Start at Home


Now let’s explore these 65 side businesses to make money from your home. 


1. Voice Over Actor/Actress 

Voice-over Actor is responsible for using their unique tone to read a given script and record it. They do this for TV ads, radio ads, Phone systems, and IVRs, as well as for e-learning. 

Voice actors are very high-in-demand services and it’s a great side business to start from home. Voice-over services are charged based on the number of words on a script. A voice actor’s charges are as low as $150-200 per 200 words. 


2. SEO or Search Engine Optimization Services 

A lot of companies pay SEO agencies and experts to help rank their websites on the first page of google or to keep their sites optimized for online visitors.

SEO is one of the best marketing strategies to get your business in front of thousands and even millions of people. To start your SEO business, here are some of the best tools you can use from SEMrush. If you’re just getting started with online Digital marketing, the following courses  will help you become an expert: 


The Best Content Marketing Course 

SEO Fundamental Course 

Technical SEO Course 


3. Online Tutor 

great small business ideas

Remote teaching is a great business to start because you can set your own hours and there is no investment to get started. The pandemic increased many opportunities for online tutoring businesses. 

Some online tutoring websites allow you to teach without having experience or a PhD.in a specified subject. Here is a list of 18 Online teaching jobs for teachers. 


4. Sales Copywriting Services 

As a sales copywriter, you’ll need to write highly compelling sales copies for websites. This would also include writing email copies to send out to prospects.


Companies use sales copies to persuade the buying decisions of a product or service. To start a Sales copywriting business you can use Hubspot sales tools. Their CRM has everything you need to help create winning e-mails, track your sales pipeline, and keep up with your prospect. 



5. Fitness Coach 

online business ideas

An online trainer or fitness coach helps people lose weight or get in shape. Rather than going to the gym, a lot of people will hire personal trainers to help them get fit. 

You can start an online business as a Fitness Coach by creating a landing page where clients can schedule coaching sessions. 


6. Freelance Writing Services  

Freelance writing is an in-demand job that can be done anywhere. If your expertise is in writing, this is can be a very profitable venture that’s worth trying.

Thousands of businesses that have a website or blog will hire writers to create SEO content. Interested in starting a freelance writing business? Here are 25 best writing Job websites to try. 


7. Translator 

If you’re bilingual then an online business idea providing Translation service is a great side business idea. You can translate books, voice messages, or phone conversations. If translating is your expertise, browse through these lists of websites to find the best freelance Translation jobs. best great small business ideas


8. Virtual Assistant 

Virtual assistants provide a variety of niche services, such as Admin Support, Web design, Branding, Marketing services, etc. 


You can set up your Virtual Assistant business in 5 steps, see how you can get started today by following these steps below

  • Select a niche, for example, will you be a VA for Admin Support, Web design, Sales, Marketing, etc
  • Choose a good name for your business. You can go here to get your website domain free for 1 year
  • Once you’ve registered your domain name and hosting on Bluehost you can start building your website through WordPress. If you’re not a pro at building websites, you can hire an expert on Fiverr and get it within 3 days
  •  After creating your website with the services you’ll be offering it’s time to get organized with Virtual assistant tools for your business. You can use management systems like Asana, Trello, or Dusado. You’ll be able to find legal contracts, and invoices time management tools within any of these management systems.
  • Next, it’s time to start marketing your business.  You can join VA Facebook groups to find clients or you can create an SEO strategy to get clients to your business using SEMrush


9. Logo Design Services

Creating logos is a lucrative business model and you can start a home-based business creating logos. Logo makers help businesses with branding so people can identify a business.


The price of a logo varies based on the creator’s experience. Here is a top-rated logo designer that has made logos for 1000s of companies. As a professional logo designer, you can charge as little as $50 and up to $600 for a logo.  You can start a logo design business on Fiverr 


10. CMS Website Designer 

WordPress, Wix, Weebly, and Square space are some examples of a Content Management System (CMS).


A website designer is responsible for creating beautiful and eye-catching websites. A web designer’s fee varies, they normally charge based on the number of pages a website will have. Starting your own business in Web designing can be lucrative.

Web designers charge anywhere from $300 to $5000 to build a website. Some designers offer a package service to build, host, and optimize a client’s website. 


11. Sell Online Courses 

Another great business idea is to sell your knowledge. If you’re an expert at something that can help others. Selling your knowledge can be a profitable idea. You can create your courses using Teachable, they offer the best solution for creating courses online. 


12. Writing Resumes, Cover Letters, and LinkedIn Profiles

People are constantly looking for their dream job or seeking help to get shortlisted for an interview. Writing resumes, cover letters, and Linkedin profiles is a nice venture to start from home.  Click here to start a Resume writing Business at home. 


13. Cold Calling/ Telemarketing Services 

A Cold caller makes outbound calls to customers( b2c) or businesses (b2b) with the intention of providing information to sell a product or service.


Cold calling involves a phone call to an individual or company who has never conducted business with the person or company that’s making the call.


A cold calling business is a profitable side business because you can earn large commissions. Telemarketers’ pay varies and their fees are normally charged based on their experience. Click here to see the best telemarketing or cold calling service to get more sales and appointments in your business.  

14.  Social Media Manager

home based business ideas

Love spending time on Facebook, Tiktok, Twitter, Instagram, or Pinterest? You can get paid to post regular content on social media pages and interact with followers. Starting a home-based business as a Social media manager can be a win-win.


Thousands of businesses use social media to display their products or services. You can reach out to these businesses and offer to help post content on their social media pages. To start your at-home Social Media agency, you can use this Social media tool 


15. Podcast Host 

 Your podcast can be something that provides inspiration to people. Some examples of  podcast series can be “ dealing with low credit scores and steps to improve them,” “How to become a real estate investor, and steps to buying real estate with no money down.”


There are so many lucrative ideas for hosting a podcast. If you have an online audience, hosting a podcast is definitely worth trying. 


16. Start an Affiliate Marketing Business

An affiliate marketer promotes products from companies offering affiliate/referral programs in return for a commission once someone buys the product.


You can start an affiliate marketing business from home by creating a website/blog to host the products or using social media to promote your affiliate links.


There are a lot of companies offering affiliate programs. Join the Clickbank Marketing Online Classroom and learn how to create a passive income with affiliate marketing. 


17. Offer Call Center Customer Service 

A customer service representative helps customers resolve problems that result from a product or service being offered by a company.


Customer service is the backbone of every business and is a widely requested job. If you’re a problem solver and possess good attributes and attitude, then offering customer service support to businesses can be a wonderful way to start your business.

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The pay for customer service representatives varies based on the area and language. However, as a native English speaker, agents are paid anywhere from $13-25/per hour. 


18. Graphic Designer 

Starting a Graphic design business includes, creating business cards, flyers, posters, social media graphics, invitations, etc for clients.

Graphic designers can earn up to $100 an hour depending on their skills. Companies pay graphic designers to make their brands outstanding. Click here to see the best graphic design services. 

See my guide on 12 Places to Find graphic design work 


19. Real Estate Wholesaling or Investing

The real estate industry is very profitable. What exactly would you be offering?


A real estate wholesaler is an entrepreneur that looks for under-market valued properties then puts them under contract with the seller and then assigns that contract to an end buyer or cash buyer without spending his or her money. A wholesaler acts as a middleman or acquisition specialist.


How does this Business Idea make money? After the wholesaler and homeowner agree on a price, the real estate wholesaler then signs a contract with the seller for a lower value than what the property is really worth.


The wholesaler looks for investors or cash buyers that would be interested in purchasing the home. For example, the real estate wholesaler has the property under contract with a seller for 40k, he then assigns or double closes the contract with the investor for $60k, hence the real estate wholesaler makes 20k. 


20. Dropshipping 

Opening an eCommerce store is a profitable business to start. Dropshipping involves listing products on an eCommerce platform like Shopify and then promoting the product to an online audience.


With dropshipping, you don’t handle the storage or fulfillment of the product, you’re responsible for marketing and customer service of your store. Spocket, a dropshipping supplier marketplace can assist with inventory or importing the products to your Shopify Store. 


21. Create Whiteboard or Animation Videos for Companies 

Companies use different marketing techniques to persuade buying decisions. Creating Whiteboard or Animation videos is another small business idea. Whiteboard or Animation videos explain a product or service offered by a company.


A whiteboard creator makes good money, and prices vary depending on their skills. A professional whiteboard animator may charge $600 for 60 seconds of explainer video, which includes voice-over, script, and background music.


22. Proofreading and Editing 

proofreading business

Proofreading involves reading a document, article, or web content word for word to make certain that there are no grammatical errors or misspelled words.


A good proofreader makes certain that the document is error-free, all punctuations are correctly used and there are no typos. Online Proofreading jobs are in demand and a great way to make a full-time or part-time income. 


Proofreading does require skills in order to be successful and make a full-time income online. You can get started by taking the Proofreading anywhere online courses where you can leverage the skills you need.

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23. Start a Youtube Channel

best small business ideas to start

Starting a Youtube channel is a good way you can make money online. Over time your Youtube channel will become a good investment and can create passive income.


Youtube requires that you hit 4000 watch time and 1000 subscribers before you start making money. However, if you put out interesting and educational videos, growing your Youtube channel can be easy and you’ll make money faster. 


24. WordPress Website Consultant 

Approximate 34% of websites online are created using WordPress. There is no doubt that a WordPress website consultant is a great way to make money. 


WordPress websites have a lot of advantages and this is why I also use WordPress and  Bluehost. As a WordPress Website Consultant, you’ll be responsible for updating plugins, fixing WordPress errors, php, WordPress theme errors, website speed, CSS, and more.  


25. Create Designs and Sell On T-shirts 

Print on Demand has become one of the best ways people are making money online anywhere in the world. There are a lot of sites that will allow you to upload your artwork on T-shirts, mugs, stickers, books, etc, and sell it on their marketplace.


The advantages of using Print on demand websites are that you will not be handling the printing, packaging, or shipping of the product. There are many print-on-demand websites to join, such as; Redbubble.com, Printful.com, Society6, Teespring, and Teepublic. 


26. Online News Editor 

An online news editor for overseas publications that are on a website. Your job as an online news editor also involves marketing, SEO, and proofreading, and editing the content.

An online news editor must understand how online content works, and have great writing and journalism skills. 


27. Transcription


If you can type fast and accurately, then starting a paid transcriptionist business would be a nice way to earn a living. A transcriptionist takes an audio file and turns it into text.


There are different categories of transcription jobs, Medical, General, and Legal transcription. Being a transcriber does require skills if you’re planning on making a full-time income. You can take the General Transcription Course that will help you leverage the skills you need.


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28. Start a Real Estate Virtual Assistant Business 

A Real estate virtual assistant business can be a very profitable business to start. There are a lot of real estate virtual assistants that are making between 2k-5k per month.


The task includes helping agents with listings on the MLS, creating agent’s bio, creating brochures, and keeping them organized. A  Virtual assistant also helps investors with finding discounted properties, Skip tracing, cold calling, and texting.


29. Medical Billing Business 

If accounting is your expertise, starting a medical billing business would be a great small business idea. Medical billers provide accounting services to doctors’ offices or help with filing claims.


30. Offer Cyber Security and Network protection 

Are you tech-savvy? Offering Cyber Security and Network protection to companies is another profitable side business to start from home. You’ll be responsible for data protection, performing penetration testing on web applications, finding and fixing the vulnerability, scanning and cleaning for malware, and more.


There are many companies that work remotely and hire Cybersecurity or IT specialists. Check out these lists of remote companies that hire techies.   


31. Start a Blog and Monetize it 


what are the best business ideas

One of the best long-term business ideas this year is starting your own blog. Some bloggers make 40k+ per month writing about the things they enjoy doing. While making money from your blog takes time, it can create passive income. 

There are many ways to make money from your blog; you can create and sell your own products or services, do affiliate marketing, and set up ads, just to name a few. 


The first thing you need to do is identify what you enjoy writing about or select a niche, then select your domain name, click here to get your free domain for 12 months. After you’ve completed your plan on Bluehost, then it’s time to install WordPress. 


You can design your blog or hire an expert on Fiverr to prepare it for you. After you’ve designed your blog it’s time to create consistent SEO content. Creating consistent SEO content helps you get approved for AdSense so you can monetize your blog. The next step is to grow your blog audience, this can be done by creating SEO content to rank in search engines and sharing your posts on social media networks. 

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32. Consulting Business 

Do you have tons of knowledge in economics, entrepreneurship, and business sustainability?  Can you apply solutions to solve a problem (s) that a business is facing? A consultant is like a physician for your business; they probe, lay out possible causes, and come up with a solution to resolve the problem. 


33. Start a Lead Generation business

Companies that offer products or services are always looking for new customers. Lead generation can be in the form of providing a list of prospects that a business can market to or in the form of running ads to acquire leads online.


There are many websites where businesses look for prospects, one common platform would be LinkedIn.com. You can start your lead generation Business using the tools at Leadpages.


34. Baking Business 

People are constantly searching for cake ideas and recipes on search engines like Google, Facebook, and Pinterest. You can sell your cake ideas and recipes and create baking tutorials. 


35. Online Event Planner 

Event planners are responsible for organizing weddings, photoshoots, summits, corporate events, and parties. They are also responsible for RSVPs and making sure everything is in place for the event. If you’re organized and love throwing parties, then starting an event planning business would be a great idea. 


36. Pet Grooming or Pet Daycare business


great business ideas to start

Are you an animal lover? You can start a pet sitting business from home easily. You can set your own hours, your own fees, and also charge for add-on services. A pet sitting business can be profitable, for example, you can charge $30 per day for one pet.


If you get 5 pets, that’s $150 per day. For ad-on services, you can charge $100 for overnight pet sitting. You can also charge a weekly rate per pet. 


37. Legal Writing Services 

You can offer companies or websites legal writing services. As a legal writer, you’ll write terms and conditions, privacy policies, GDPR, contracts, letters, and other legal documentation. If you’ve studied in the field of law, apply for remote jobs requesting legal writing services. 


38. Landscaping Designs or 3D Architectural Drawings 

I recently hired someone on Fiverr that creates 2d and 3d Architectural designs. There is a lot of software you can use to help do 2d and 3d designs, such as SketchUp, structure studio, and SmartDraw. You can offer Landscaping designs or architectural drawings to companies in the construction industry.


39. Book Publicist

Becoming a Publicist is a good home business to start. If you have great marketing skills and huge followers on social media, you can offer authors an opportunity to promote their e-book or books. You can use websites like 1618words.com, to promote books. 


40. Creating Banner Ads 

You can start a home-based business creating banner ads for companies. You’ll be responsible for creating GIF banners ads, HTML5 banners, and google ad banners. 


41. Music Production 

Can you play musical instruments like the piano, guitar, or xylophone? You can start a Music Production business from home and make money from it. A Music Producer may write songs, lyrics, and provide a studio for artists to do recording time. 


42. Become a Pinterest Marketing Strategist

Do you love pinning stuff on Pinterest?  You can start a virtual business by becoming a Pinterest Marketing Strategist. You’ll be responsible for creating Pinterest Boards and Pins. As a Pinterest Manager, you’ll also optimize each pin and board so they can rank high in searches. Ultimately, your goal as a Pinterest marketing Strategist is to drive traffic to a website.


One best tool for Pinterest Marketing is Tailwind, you can schedule all the pins with just 1 click and never worry about pinning daily which is very time-consuming. Get started with Tailwind for only $15/mo. 


43. Selling  your Crafts On Etsy 

If you are great with hand-made crafts like making necklaces, jewelry, or any other items, you can open a store on Etsy. Etsy sells a lot of homemade items as well as digital products.


There are a lot of advantages to starting a side business on Etsy. Although they charge 0.20 per product listing, if you provide vetted items that stand out, this can be a profitable business opportunity.  On the upside, Etsy has millions of visitors per month to their website looking for hand-made products. 


44. Develop and Sell Software 

Software engineers and coders can offer to develop and sell apps. You can charge users a monthly subscription for the app or offer them to download the app on the computer. 


45. Start a Photography Business

Nowadays photographers can offer their services online by creating photo collections. You can get started with your website by going to Bluehost and then creating your website on WordPress. You can offer to do services like, shooting professional photographs for Amazon products, lifestyle photography, and more. 


46. Sell Planners and Printables 

Canva is one of the best tools to use for any graphic design or for creating digital products. You can create a website for solely digital products or sell them on your blog. You can also sell printable products on websites like Fiverr.com, Etsy, Behance, Designhill, and much more.  


47. Sell Lesson Plans 

A lot of people are homeschooling their children these days; so you can use this opportunity to create lesson plans.  You can create these lessons for Kindergarten students, Elementary, Middle, or College students.


You can do this by creating your own website, or you can apply for teaching jobs. If you’re a certified teacher, Browse through these lists of online teaching jobs for teachers


48. Email Marketing Services 

Companies, bloggers, and many people keep up to date with their subscribers by sending them daily or weekly newsletters. Email Marketing services can be either writing email copies or creating email templates to send out via email campaigns.


You can start your Email marketing services using GetResponse, they have everything you need to run an effective email campaign. You can sign up and receive 30 days trial where you’ll be able to import a list of 1000 contacts, send bulk emails using their templates and track the results in real-time. 


49. Buy and Sell Domain 

Flipping Domains can be a profitable side business idea. Think of great domain names, purchase them on Bluehost or Godday then build up their Authority and resell them. A lot of people like to purchase domains with high authority.


This type of domain is good because it has been ranked and you can easily gain more exposure rather than a new domain. 


50. Become a Market Researcher 

Companies will pay you to conduct surveys or feasibility studies so they can know if their business would be worthwhile. It can also include analysis, reports on competitors, and product research.


51. Speech Writing Services 

Making speeches for presentations can pay off as a profitable business idea. You’d be responsible for writing a Proposal, Wedding vow, Anniversary, or Keynote speech for your client. 


52. Social Media Marketing 

While Social media Management focuses on the use of the accounts and making sure content is added continuously, social media marketing focuses on running ads to generate leads. This also includes creating lead pages for Facebook and websites. 


53. Business Citation Manager 

As a Business Citation Manager, you’ll be responsible for getting a business of different directory websites.  Companies are paying professionals to get them found online. You’ll be posting to business directories like yelp.com, clickblue.us, nextport.com, find-us-here.com, yellow pages, etc.


54. Google Paid Ad Manager 

If you’ve been awarded certification in Google AdWords, you can start running paid advertisements for companies. A lot of companies are paying people who are knowledgeable in Google ads to run PPC campaigns for them. If this is your area of expertise then this can be some great business ideas to start at home. 


55. Product Reviewer 

A product reviewer writes a detailed testimonial on a product or service. Third-party companies hire reviewers to write on products from affiliate marketplaces like Amazon. There are also private brands that will pay you to write positive reviews on their products.


56. Social Media Influencer 

An influencer has thousands, even millions of followers. As an influencer, you can easily sell your products to your followers or get paid to introduce other people’s products on your page.


57. Grant Writing 


side business

Grant writers are paid to write proposals for students to receive a scholarship or for nonprofit organizations to get funds.


58. Cleaning  Services

Starting a cleaning business is a profitable business idea you can start from home. You can offer to clean offices in your area or large apartment buildings with a team of cleaners. You can also specify the type of cleaning services you offer, for example, window cleaning services or carpet cleaning.


59. Business Plan Writer

A business plan is a very important document every business should consider having. The business plan helps strategically plan for the success of a business and oversees what the short-term and long-term goals are.


60. Baby Sitting Services or Daycare 

This service has been a very convenient way for working moms and dads to get help with their children. You can start a home-based business providing daycare services and make a good income where you can also hire other people.


61. Create 3D Virtual Tours for Realtors 

3D tours are used to help realtors introduce a property to a potential buyer. This saves time and money for all parties.


62. Home Contractor 

If your expertise includes building homes, then starting a home contracting business would be a great business idea to start. You can offer your services to homeowners, real estate investors, or companies in your local area.


63. Make-up Artist 

To start a make-up artist business, you can create videos showing people that you are good at it. Invite people to book your services by distributing flyers or through social media.


64. Become a Keynote Speaker or Motivational Speaker

You can create motivational videos that will help inspire people to do their best daily.  You can also offer to speak at summits or planned events by the organization.

A  Keynote speaker prepares slides and makes topics that he’ll be focusing on during his speaking sessions. If you like to talk and interact with a large audience then a Keynote speaking business idea would be ideal for you.


65. Dance Instructor 

If you have a studio at home and are passionate about dancing, you can invite people to join your dance classes per week.



What’s Next?

Comment below which of these business ideas you’d be interested in trying out this year. 


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